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spaceout London - A travel report by VK
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London,  United Kingdom - flag United Kingdom
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London travelogue picture
London started on a swamp and was infested by mosquitoes, yet these few hundred years ago, who would have thought that this trading post would become one of the major cities in the world. London is the heart of where one can experience the begining of Europeen civilisations. Art, culture and different etnics are very present too.

Favourite spots:
London travelogue picture
The parks are magnificent. Over the years Royalty has built gardens which are now available to the general public. Who would not be awed in front of Queen Mary's Gardens; where over 20000 roses bushes greets one with its perfume. Or lazing in a canoe on the Regent's park Canal and feeding the swans and other assorted birds who accompany one throughout the ride. Also Golders Green Park, where roman baths and castle like buildings hide in a thick forest where the princes and kings used to hunt. London is surely owner of fairy tales parks, garden and history.

What's really great:
London travelogue picture
CamdenTown, situated in the North of London is where the 'hip' people are, aside from Soho. Of course Soho is a well known area to find anything one could desire, yet Camden isn't as seedy and the huge market attracts many. The night life in Camden isn't as exciting, although you will find velvet sofas pubs, and you'll be able to attend famous plays like Cats, at the local theater.

London travelogue picture
London is rich in artifacts and architecture. Sadly enough the British, not unlike other Europeen countries, has robbed many tombs and artifacts from the rest of the world, which makes it's history more interesting even. The British museum is so big it took me over a week to do all the rooms, and most rooms I didn't take a look at all the relics and paintings. The architecture of the building itself is worth a visit.

Other recommendations:
London travelogue picture
Harringuay is the Turkish area of London. Once it was seedy without it being too dodgy, now with the world events of today, it is not a recommended area. They did have the best pizza in Europe though, if you're thinking of visiting anyway.

Published on Monday March 10th, 2003

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Tue, Nov 25 2003 - 01:17 PM rating by marianne

I like your pictures. Where were they taken, looks a bit like Euston or Marlybone Road, and Regent's Park.
Leeds seems to be quite fashionable these days. We can get weekend breaks to do some shopping. I'm now going to read Tonbridge. I know the place quite well. I used to live in Reigate for some time, which is on the Tonbridge line.

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