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delfster Maumere - A travel report by Delfster
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Maumere,  Indonesia - flag Indonesia -  Nusa Tenggara Timur
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when the heat is on

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The wave, and the blue.
Mother maria is watching from the top of Nilo.
Take me inside the ghost of the dance.
Let my prayer goes like the smoke into the sky.
I am in Flores. I am in Maumere.

the sea
the sea
The place looked brownish-grey, the color of heat I might say. Heat, in the middle of grand disorganization. I roamed the city center for some times, and I still can't figure out what this place is really looked like. Oh well, I thought my sense of direction had drained down the north sea of Flores Island. Or, I'm just in a city with such poor landscaper. Which one's correct... well, for politeness sake, I think it was just me being overheated... haha.

Yet, once I landed on the shore of the beach, I know that I have found the cure from the dusty road of Maumere.

You can go to the top of the mountains, or just a glimpse from the small plane window... the green and blue blended like a magnificent stroke of brush by a great painter. It dissolves like great music compilation if you go on a cruise. Even after the great quake and tsunami in 1992, the beach and the world underneath still worth every steps of the travel.

So, this is Maumere. The biggest city of Flores -- the island of flower; just like the Portuguese sailor claimed long ago in 1511. It might be dusty, with confusing corner and aisle. Yet, whenever you get lost... you can always go to the beach... and find yourself once again.

Favourite spots:
getting around
getting around
- The harbour just before sunset. people moving, talking, and laughing. somewhere whispered by the wind, someone is cooking sea food. Soon, when the darkness takes it's crown... this place is the culinary siesta of Maumere.

- Nilo and Maria on the hill. The mother of the people looking down to the shoreline of Maumere. Every steps of crucifixion, ended at the feet of Maria on top of Nilo. Yet, in Januari 2006 the mother landed on the ground. The crazy wind of the mountain proven to be more powerful than the icon of faith... or maybe just a bad construction made by some dishonest person (some claimed that there's some mistakes in the construction, which doesn't correspond to the actual design).

- The islands off the shores, and cruising the water in between.

- The public transportation, the people and the loud music it presents.

What's really great:
little flo girl
little flo girl
- the smile of the people. it's almost a guarantee. just give them a glimpse of your teeth, and there you go. the heat... washed out.

- take a boat trip off the shore of maumere. have lunch in one of the deserted island. the white sands... and some fresh fruit :) on the way around, you can meet some seaweed farmer and watch how they work.

- the dances. get inside of a GAWI dance. it's a communal dance, with men and women in each side. one and another with their aggressive intrusion - forwarding and letting go. the stomping of the earth and the sing song. Gawi is the dance of the people of Sikka, which reside around Maumere area.

- Flores is one of the island in Indonesia that has intense catholic taste to it. Churches built almost side by side to another... and Maumere most likely being the entrance gate to it all if you're planning to come by airplane. Just to watch the people, and how they do the daily ritual is an experience itself.

Sandang Bui Harbour
Sandang Bui Harbour
- the sea by the Sandang Bui harbour. Just watch the people rushing doing their thing. Women, men, children, transporting through the ferry boat to the island offshore... and sometimes to another island in the province. And, just near sunset... everything dissolves into slow motion and almost a tender calmness.

- If you think you've got enough... well, you might consider the underworld. Even after the great quake of 1992, the coral reefs and the underwater specimens are back in shape. There are plenty of diving operator around Maumere. You can go to Sea World, or Sao Wisata Diving Resort. That's just some of it.

by the sea
by the sea
The tourism industry in Flores was once the most flourishing business. Yet, after the quake of 1992, most of the industry got harshly wounded, especially the underwater industry. Yet, until now some rises back... some even comes in comfort.

1. Flores Sao Wisata: Almost everyone in the area knows this place, almost on the top of their mind. Maybe because it's one of the oldest, and the biggest. Situated in Waiara Beach, white sands with diving facilities.
Contact: +62-382-21555

2. Ankermi Egon Cottage: Small cottages, white sands and open air shower. Situated in Wairterang Beach.

3. Permata Sari Hotel: Exactly the first hotel you will find as you get out of the airport. By the beach, clean rooms, and budget.
Contact: +62-382- 821171 , 821249

4. Hotel Bogor: City center, easy access to public transportation. Budget.

it's not really club, but if you define anything that sells alcohol with loud music as one: there shall be some place here. yet, don't take this as a recommendation of hipness... since there'll be some gals coming on to you -- Bintang and Steffany - they even have karaoke booth.

the harbour people
the harbour people
Food - food... in every place you go, never neglect your tummy. Sea food is a guarantee in Flores. Yet once I got disappointed with such small shrimps in a restaurant by the sea :) But if you have the chance, ask for the papaya flower dish... it's, well... it's something. Yet, if you are planning to eat the traditional dish, maybe they're not as easy to find. Since most restaurants in Maumere usually serve East Javanese food, or West Sumatranese food (the invasion of the immigrants).

To eat:
1. Restaurant Sarinah: at city center... delicious chinese food.
2. Soto Bangkalan Resto: Serve traditional Soup of East Javanese island Madura. Spicy.
3. Restaurants at the harbour. They serve plenty of seafood dish.

Other recommendations:
the flag of vatican in maumere.
the flag of vatican in maumere.
Maumere has the largest seminary in the island. It claimed to produces the biggest catholic priest in the area - even the world. The place called Ledalero. It's situated in the hill of Ledalero... on the way to Nita. It has a museum called Museum Bikon Blewut, that holds plenty of collection about the area since the megalith era. Else than that, it's a big school.

Published on Thursday March 23th, 2006

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Thu, Feb 12 2009 - 06:06 AM rating by vrgultom

Hi Delvi,
I plan to come Maumere at the end of this year
Thanks for the Info

Veronika R Gultom

Fri, Mar 31 2006 - 01:24 PM rating by alfonsovasco

Poesia and helpful informative report. 5 *

Tue, Mar 28 2006 - 04:06 PM rating by mistybleu

Excellent report


Sat, Mar 25 2006 - 05:49 AM rating by isaacmolina

lovely reading!

Fri, Mar 24 2006 - 06:47 AM rating by marianne

This is an excellent report and well-written. It also brought back many memories of our stay in Maumere (we were here twice) and we stayed in Soa Wisata. At our first visit it was a run down place and besides ourselves there was one other couple. We stayed for a few days and no other guests came. The year after that it was still empty , no hotel guests, but the swimming pool had been filled with water (the only swimmingpool in Flores). I just wonder what does the hotel look these days. (I think it was owned by the minister of tourism (not quite sure) but it was a highly placed person. Would love to know more about it.


Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 09:43 PM rating by jesusferro

this is very beautiful report

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 08:35 PM rating by rangutan

One of the best reports recently. Your very own brilliant stile of writing starting from the usual poetry intro is brilliant. The body of the report very informative too. The pictures (with a difference) make the reader curious too and enhance the whole. I wish more reports would be written FORGETTING the travel-guide and be as fresh and descriptive as this. Very well done again.
[Members please see Delvi's other reports if you haven't yet!]

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 02:11 PM rating by davidx

Few of us are able to combine literary and photographic excellence in one report like this. Many thanks.

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 12:33 PM rating by bear495

I like the interesting poetry. Your report is very informative.

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 11:52 AM rating by eirekay

Very Poetic! I like the way you captured the feel of this place!

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 11:09 AM rating by jorgesanchez

beautiful report! Thanks. I love the whole country of Indonesia

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 09:45 AM rating by gloriajames

hiya delvi
thanks for the nice report.

Thu, Mar 23 2006 - 02:25 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi


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