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susanne Santiago - A travel report by Susanne
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Santiago,  Chile - flag Chile -  Región Metropolitana
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Santiago is the capital of Chile. It's a huge city with more than 5 million inhabitants. It is surrounded by the Cordillera and the Andes of the ocean. That's why they have a big problem with air pollution. The buses don't have filters for their exhausts and there are too many cars on the street. It is the noisiest city I have ever stayed at!! But even though it's big and polluted there are very beautiful spots everywhere - you just have to search for them!

Favourite spots:
The museum Solidaridad Salvador Allende in the district called Brasil is amazing. I also liked the area around the French Institute. There is a cafe in a yard right next to the Museum of Visual Arts (also very beautiful!!)

What's really great:
I stayed in Santiago for three weeks and lived in an apartment with three other people from Chile. That was great because I got to know lots of people and I learned Spanish in no time!

There are two hills that are of interest: right in the centre Cerro Santa Lucia with parks and gardens and lots of fountains. The other one is called Cerro San Cristóbal and you can take the funicular up to the top or walk. On Sundays there is not so much smog and it's possible to see the far-strechted city.

There are a lot of youth hostels and backpackers in the city. The cheapest one is supposed to be Hotel Roja in the district Brasil. When staying longer its nice to share a flat with people from Chile!

Published on Thursday June 6th, 2002

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