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Sao Paulo - A travel report by Christina
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Sao Paulo,  Brazil - flag Brazil
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sao paulo, meu sao paulo sao paulino...

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i neve knew there existed a sao paulo in angola. either way, what i can say about the city is that it has the air of life. yes, the city is poluted, be it socially or environmentally. but it is still a town to visit once in a life time. at night, the lights light up, the bars open, and it's time to eat. never in your life will you eat more than there. food in sao paulo is as my dear dj friend would say, FORKING GOOD!!! and speaking of djs, hey, did you know brasil is home to mr. amon tobin?! Danm right you are! So okay. the home of amon tobin, suba, and so many others. Should I say more? I don't think so!!!

Favourite spots:
parque do ibirapuera. that's a place where you just sit, relax, and watch all the health full individuals run. ah... it's a nice park. greater even is the masp, where you'll most likely get to see a fine exhibit. if you're not impressed with the exhibit, look at the building closely, and try to find out how it stays up. that'll keep your mind busy!

What's really great:
special is all the people you'll meet there. special is all the things you'll see. the poor and the unpoor. the beautiful one per floor with swimming pools on each floor apartments and the cardboard shanty towns. special is the happiness and the unhappiness you'll see stamped in the faces of all paulistas. when brasilians feel... it's hard to describe...

the sheraton
the maksoud plaza

just go anywhere. anywhere is good


Published on Wednesday October 30th, 2002

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Sun, Jan 08 2006 - 11:28 PM rating by njg123

There wasn't much detail on good places to go, like museums, neighborhoods, streets, etc.

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