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daniserralta Tabatinga - A travel report by Dani
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Tabatinga,  Brazil - flag Brazil -  Amazonas
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daniserralta's travel reports

Amazons last frontier.

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Tabatinga is a little city that becomes the border between Colombia,Brasil and Peru. Leticia and Tabatinga are realy just one city divided in twoo sides, the Colombian and the Brasilian. You can cross it by walking. That's the place for the contraband, ilegal bussiness and local mafias, and that's why is so interesting and exciting. Is not that bad, there are also friendly people and places to have fun, that's the starting place to a more real amazon jungle experience. Out of the tourist crowds you will feel here as the only foreigner and the jungle expeditions are more excepcional from here.

Favourite spots:
There's nothing really interesting in the city. If you want to have fun you have to stay at the Brasilian side, Tabatinga, but the cheapest place to stay is the Colombian side, Leticia. There is a Zoological park to see some of the animal species of the area. (They have the biggest Anaconda that i ever seen!!) Is also interesting see the people at the little harbour negotiating the prices for the fishes that they bring from the Amazones river.

What's really great:
What i found really special was the surroundings of Leticia/Tabatinga. There is an island near named Isla de los Micos (Monkey Island) were you can see crowds of monkeys everywhere inside an island in the middle od the incredible amazones river. Or the best is visit the little ethnic groups like the Ticunas or the Yaguas, going inside other rivers as the loretoyacu. Also interesting is go to fish the Piranhas or looking the Pink dolphins at the Tarapoto lake.

I was at the Residencias Fernando in the 9th street (Leticia side).
It was a nice place, clean and safe with aircon or fan for arround 25.000 Pesos (12 usd$)
Try to get a room far from the reception cause the use the TV till late and sometimes is hard to sleep.
I stayed also at the Residencia del Divino NiƱo North of the city.
It was cheaper, 15.000 Pesos, but far from the city center and in a not really safe area.
If you can spend 40 usd$ a night try the Anaconda Hotel at the Central plaza where you have a great room and you can use the swiming pool.

If you are looking for clubs or pubs to have fun the best is go to the Brasilian side.
Near the center there are some specially with samba music or latin and the brasiliasn dance really good. (I felt frustrated!!!)

The best side to find restaurants is the Colombian.
There are more and cheaper.
Fish dishes with rice or soups are good.
you can eat there for 2usd each meal.
Find good restaurants near the central plaza of Leticia and going north by the street that goes up from the left side.

Published on Thursday July 17th, 2003

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Tue, Nov 18 2003 - 03:02 PM rating by whereisliz

Thanks for sharing your experiences in this unusual place! Great, practical details, would love to see some photos, too!

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