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nedkelly Rio de Janeiro - A travel report by Matt
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Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil - flag Brazil
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Arraial do Cabo is somewhere near Rio !!

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As Ive mentioned in previouse articles Im not much of a city fella. This place was Ideal. Arraial do Cabo its two hours drive/ bus ride out of Rio, which makes it close enough to comute and far enough away not to be able to see. Heaven.

I was there in August and it was very quiet which was lucky apparently, in there summer this place becomes a richie trap again. There are many perfect beaches to choose from white sand blue water and Penguines!!!! Aparently they get swept up in the current out of antartica and loose there way and cant swim back and so die here. Not a bad place to begin your permanent vacation if you ask me !! Nutrient rich waters offering many many different varieties of fish and a tropicle climate. Im stoked for the penguines. Aparently the place is world renound for fishing and diving. Id not heard of the place until I got here though and was enjoying discovering a fantastic new place for me. I think the best way of finding your perfect beach is from the water. I went to the harbour and enquired how much to hire the boat for a day and found many boat owners already did day trips for tourists. So it wasnt that hard in getting a day cruise cheking out variouse Praias and Grutas.

Favourite spots:
Praia Brava was without doubt my find of the whole Brazilian trip, this beach is a 2 hour walk over cliffs and sketchy decents to get to, but when you are there its so worth it the set up is a dream for surfers. In off the rocks surf in to shore walk round again sweeet!! Its very isolated though and there are some mean rips to watch out for I was on my own as usual but for a change I wouldnt have minded sharing the lineup just this time. All the shark stories came flooding back to my head and as I started seing dark shadows around me, this session was over. I went back every morning while we were there though after all ....its a gem. Again if your travelling with your girlfriend/boyfriend-/friends mom!!!! Praia Grande is your best bet there are many boutiques, cafes and surfshops.

What's really great:
My first morning session as Id finnished an hours session at perfect head high Praia Brava, the sun was up as I walked past the bakery deeeply inhaling the freshly baked goodnes I couldnt help whistling the theme tune to Last Of The Summer Wine and thinking, heres a yorkshire lad thousands of miles away from home just had the surf of my life smelling freshly baked bread and its still only 7:30 in the morning. Ive not been to work for 2 months and I still have 2 months left to travel round doesnt get much better than this!! Isnt travelling AWESOME.

Take a boat trip , its not so expensive , its a great way to see the places you want to spend the rest of your stay at. Great snorkeling as well. And Free Oysters and Cashasa.

Marina dos Anjos, situated just off Av.da Liberdade on Praia dos Anjos is one of the best Hostels I stayed in in Brazil , reasonably priced with breakfast thrown in. There are more things to hire from this place than you can shake a stick at. Canoes,bikes ,fishing rods snorkel stuff you name it they got it ..and if they dont have it they can get it.

Not much of a clubbing fella when Im travelling, tend to use them as a way of escaping reality when Im at home in Terrible Wakefield England.. However Im sure there are many here somewere and if that sort of thing is what shakes your tree If you ask at the hostel Im sure they could direct you.

Again Im sure there are loads, Go find em!!

Right, there are many restaurants here catering to every taste ( They do there food well here in Brazil.) We headed for a place whos name I forget but there was The best Mural of Asterix and Obelix ive ever seen so we called it Astrix's place. The food was divine kind of pricy for backpackers but it was well worth it . There is a Mr Pizza over the road so you can top up on a Pizza to fill the gap If you so desire. I did..... well with all the watersports on offer round here a fella gets an appetite.

Other recommendations:
Carbo Frio is the closest big town/ city with all the shops you/ your partner will ever need and Bank access.

Published on Friday August 13th, 2004

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Tue, Sep 12 2006 - 05:36 PM rating by mrscanada

I bet you spent all your time looking at the girls on the beach!!!!

Mon, Nov 07 2005 - 09:20 AM rating by krista

Very nice written, like a real travel guide. Only is missing tips about accommodations and prices and some pictures. I rate it with four stars because of that.
Best regards,

Mon, Oct 31 2005 - 10:51 AM rating by etelka610

This place sounds like heaven, i'd definitley have to check it out when i get to Brazil.

Fri, Sep 17 2004 - 12:17 PM rating by rangutan

Great experience similar to that which I had, describes the place aswell as the feeling of Rio. Sorry the critic, but try write like the newspapers do and not like one talks in a pub - I do the same somestimes!

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