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Tampere - A travel report by Willem
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Tampere,  Finland - flag Finland -  Lansi-Suomen Laani
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Tampere and south.

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I've visited Finland a lot and toured around mainly because I happen to have relatives there as well as it is in the case of Sweden. First time was in the 1980's and the latest time in 2011.

Tampere is 'the working man's city of Finland'. It's got a cosy small city feeling even though it is bigger than it feels like and one of the biggest cities in Finland. The area has lakes, old factory buildings and quite much nature around so I might even dare call it a romantic destination in some quirky way. During summer of course. The area is easy to grasp since the central places are downtown and the amusement park a bit off. Helsinki is visited as well (and I guess it's the first place where most foreigners end up in the country) but it's not as nice as Tampere even though it has a bit more to see and do. I've also visited several other places e.g. Kauniainen where you can see how the rich people of Finland live (villa's and such). You can see more in my Traveler Willem blog if you wish.

Favourite spots:
In Tampere, the downtown area. In Helsinki 'the old Helsinki area' which has a bit better nature and even some wooden houses and something you'd not necessarily expect.

What's really great:
In Tampere, the general feeling and attitude of the place. It's definitely one of the best places in Finland. In Helsinki, the 'old Helsinki' and Suomenlinna is quite all right (have to take ferry) but only open during summer as I understand.

In Tampere: downtown, Koskikeskus, Särkänniemi, the lakes (take a cruise during summer to Hämeenlinna). In Helsinki: the museums, downtown, 'old Helsinki', Suomenlinna, Korkeasaari zoo.

Make friends, have relatives, try couchsurfing or prepare to pay a lot of accommodation. around 100 euro per night in 3* hotels. Of course many bigger places have hostels and you can try camping in the smaller one's. You should be able to (and can legally) put your camp in all forests not specified as private.

Chinese restaurants are usually decent and Rax is all-you-can-eat. Prices are generally cheaper in the places where you can see not-native-Finns.

Published on Monday January 10th, 2011

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