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Matt's Guest Book

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Hey there, pull up a chair and make youreself welcome. Drop me a line if you wanna share some tips on trips the world over .

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Joined: Jan 05
Points: 265

Hey Matt

Posted: 2011-03-13 01:05 PM   
Missed you a lot....Alain is okay, he almost finish middle school, and excited to start high school!! Imagine how grow up is he!!!

Take care and it´s great to heard about u!!

Send greetings for your family and friends :)



Joined: Sep 08
Points: 203

hello Matt

Posted: 2009-08-13 07:09 AM   
hi Matt! thanks for your friend request :)


Joined: Jan 05
Points: 265

Hello Matt

Posted: 2008-01-29 05:57 PM   
I want to send you tender greetings, I haven't had news from you, I pretty sure you are having good moments in your life and I am so glad about it

Your friend forever :)



Joined: Aug 04
Points: 1195

Hello Matt!

Posted: 2007-10-06 01:19 PM   
Thx for the emails and messages, I just had no time to replay...As I see you are in Europe again! Hope to see you soon online..



Joined: Oct 07
Points: 59


Posted: 2007-10-04 04:13 AM   
Hey Matt,

Comment cava, je ne sais pas si tu parle francais, mais tu souvient que on a travaillé la un fois.

great to hear from ya.
Sounds like you finally return to SA as well, as you love this country also. Yes hope to see some pictures of you and your girl.

Me and Eric we are well in France, it's really great here. He is teacher technique you know. hahha My english starts to go down.
We live close to the sea now, we do kite surf en we have bought a mountainboard for when it's cold in the winter. Last winter we lived in the Pyreneen so we did many ski!!!And in spring we went camping and surfing Hossegor next to Biaritz.
To see photos of me look on:
Your in Ossett? Say hello to them.

Take care
ps you can email also on my old hotmail adres..


Joined: Oct 07
Points: 59

a message from France

Posted: 2007-10-02 11:35 PM   
Hey Matt,

i hope you are well.

Where abouts in Australia are you? You live here now? I am happy you finally got there as it was your dream.
Here in France it is beautiful and peacefull.
Although this weekend we play against the blacks in england..
I hope soon to be able to drop some pictures onmy website. But for the moment they are to big.
Ski, surf, kite. anyway got to go.
take care


Joined: Sep 07
Points: 142

hello back

Posted: 2007-10-01 07:47 PM   
hey sorry i was in rush didnt have time , i m on lunch break now so i have to go soon as well


Joined: Sep 07
Points: 142

hello back

Posted: 2007-10-01 07:47 PM   
hey sorry i was in rush didnt have time , i m on lunch break now so i have to go soon as well


Joined: Jun 07
Points: 57

Hi :)

Posted: 2007-09-15 05:11 PM   
hello Matt,
thanks for signing my guestbook. i see that you speak both Dutch and German. where are you originally from?

xxx Nanie


Joined: Nov 05
Points: 333

A Tarzan that's about to get a cold!

Posted: 2007-06-22 05:04 AM   
Hey mr Tarzan!
My name is not Jane but I remember seing you hanging from a building, or was it a rock,or maybe....Haha!
When I decide to start rock climbing be sure that I will ask for your advice.You know,I live at one of the mountains that surround Athens and there is a rock close to my house where they bring the people who want to start rock climbing for lessons! Last year I almost started it myself!
The last place I visited abroad was Ghent in Belgium and of course,my second homeland, Holland.
Unfortunately,my camera is destroyed so, I can't take pictures and I have a heavy study programme for some exams I have to give next May,so I won't have much time to travel.
However, I'm planning to go to Skopelos and Santorini, both my favourite Greek islands, in August!
From the places I've been so far I loved Granada in Spain, Provence in France and the route next to the sea from Napoli to Amalfi (it faces Capri) in Italy!

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