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daniserralta Arequipa - A travel report by Dani
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Arequipa,  Peru - flag Peru -  Arequipa
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The White city between the volcanoes.

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Arequipa travelogue picture
This little city is located at 2.300 meters of altitud and in the middle of an important volcanoes area. Surrounding the city there are three big ones, the Misti, the Chachani and the Pichupichu volcanoes that made all the area become really fertile. The volcanoes makes that the rocks have a peculiar white colour, that rocks were used since long time ago to build the churches and all buildings of the city so thats why the city was named the White city. Arequipa is a classical colonial city plenty of churches, colonial houses, monasteries and old governamental buildings. Is a fscinaiting city cause it seems to be out of Peru ... is not the cultural area of Cusco, a big city as Lima, a jungle like Iquitos, etc... is in the middle. Some volcanoes, the biggest Canyon (The Colca) and an interesting and quite city to stay for some days.

Favourite spots:
Arequipa travelogue picture
The Colca canyon is the main atraction of the area. It must be done in a 2 days excursion or more. Thats one of the deepest canyons in the world and a great chance to see wild condors. I'm not religious but is also nice to see some ofe the city monasteries as the Santa Catalina one that is special cause is a little closed citadelle with all the facilities inside. The Cathedral at the Plaza de armas is also beautiful and some visits to a colonial houses like Casa de los Mendiburos, Casa del Moral or Goyeneche Palace.

What's really great:
What I liked much there is the Volcanoes Valley that can be done in 2 or 3 days. You can have a great views of the Misti, Ampato or Chanchani Volcanoes and all are also accesible to go up there in a hard treking cause all are around 6.000 meters of altitud. I did not!! ;) Not after the 4 days treking of the Inca trail to Machupicchu!!!!!!

I found the best accomodation going up from the Plaza de armas by the Jerusalem street.
There are some cheap and good options.
The best that I found is:
La Casona de Jerusalem - Jerusalem, 36
10$ breakfast included.
But there are several others on the same budget.

I had not to much time to have un in Arequipa but the only night that I went out I found some good locals at San Francisco street, north of the Plaza de armas.
I can't remmember the names.

Is easy to find everywhere some little street restaurants clean enough, to eat something good enough, and cheap.
I found it really good. Remmember that as much near to the Plaza de armas much expensive the restaurant is.
One good is La Quinta at Jerusalem, 522 great peruvian cuisine but a little bit overpriced.

Other recommendations:
Arequipa travelogue picture
The best secret tht Arequipa keeps is the Toro Muerto arqueological site.
There you can find more than 6.000 petroglifs all in a 5000m2 area.
All in the floor creating some animal and geometrical shapes.
Nobody knows who made it and when it was done but is an amazing thing to see.
Too mysterious!!! right?

Published on Friday January 30th, 2004

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Fri, Jan 07 2005 - 03:43 PM rating by davidx

This report and the last comment are very informative

Fri, Jun 25 2004 - 09:46 AM rating by danilbruce

Arequipa is a very beautiful city, but I was robbed while here, snatch and run. Crime against tourists seems to be an epidemic here, because I have met many others also robbed while in Arequipa. The police, place your favorite explicative here, even charged me money to file a report, 'denunciar', on the theft. So be very careful if go here!

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