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emsr2d2 Bratislava - A travel report by Emma
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Bratislava,  Slovakia - flag Slovakia
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New Year in Bratislava

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What a fantastic place to spend New Year. I'd seen on the net that there is a real party atmosphere there at New Year, with about 30,000 people coming in from all over Europe. I wasn't disappointed.

Pretty house with painted windows
Pretty house with painted windows
Bratislava in winter is beautiful. The day before we arrived about 3 feet of snow had dumped itself on the city, so it looked fantastic, with pristine white snow everywhere. Luckily, we hadn't chosen to fly in the day before as most of the flights were cancelled! So we arrived at 9.30am, had a bit of a nightmare getting a cab from the airport but eventually shared one with some other people. Wandered around the old town, stopping off for hot choc and cake for breakfast! We checked into our lovely hotel (Chez David) at about 12 and went out for more sightseeing. The cathedral looked lovely under snow and the old streets are very picturesque. We walked up to the castle that overlooks the city and played in the deep snow (and got stuck up a snowy hill)! Had a kip in the afternoon, having got up at 3am to get to the airport we really needed it. Headed out at about 6 and wandered around. Enjoyed some of the live music in the town square, tested the mulled wine on sale at the little stalls. Then went for dinner at the Butterfly - a lovely little place which inexplicably had tables left on New Years Eve. Bizarrely we were followed to our table by a TV cameraman, who filmed us and a British couple for a few minutes then went away! Had a great meal, then headed back out onto the streets which were filling up fast. We danced on the artificial ice rink in front of the stage with the disco DJ who was playing some great 80s and 90s tunes, as well as some Slovakian music. Then just before midnight, there was a surge of people heading for the riverbank for the fireworks. We were swept up in the mass of people and eventually ground to a halt with a great view of one of the best firework displays I've seen! Much wishing of Happy New Year, popping of champagne corks and hugging went on at midnight, then it was back to the dance floor/ice rink! Next day passed in torrential rain and the trip home. A very short trip but well worth it for the experience.

Favourite spots:
Best mate Cathy at Cafe Mayer
Best mate Cathy at Cafe Mayer
Cafe Mayer - great place for hot chocolate and cake. A great escape from the cold. Any one of the little alleyways of the main streets, which have cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops.

What's really great:
The funny little bronze statues dotted around the streets - a man emerging from a manhole cover, a photographer poking his lens around a street corner. The fact that it is so compact and you can cover most of the city in just a few hours, not in detail but enough to get a great idea of the place.

Chez David - Jewish pension and cafe/restaurant under the castle. Lovely little place with just 7 rooms. Thought it is a Jewish hotel it is very welcoming to everyone - the only signs are the clock in reception which shows the time in Tel Aviv and the very delicious Kosher food.

Minerva - down an flight of stairs in one of the many alleyways. Great menu - delicious fried cheese, Greek salad and roasted potatoes especially.
Only down side was the very loud techno music being piped through the speakers, but it was New Years Day and maybe they were trying to keep everyone awake after their late night.

Other recommendations:
There is an observation cafe at the top of one of the span bridges over the Danube. It wasn't open at New Year but we heard from others that it has a great view over the city.

Published on Wednesday January 4th, 2006

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Thu, Aug 31 2006 - 01:34 AM rating by marianne

Your report gives me some idea what to expect in Bratislava. It maybe slightly different because there will be no snow. I wish you had more photos.

Wed, Jan 04 2006 - 01:52 PM rating by rangutan

Not really far from Munich, your report encourages me to visit that capital city. Thanks!

Wed, Jan 04 2006 - 12:52 PM rating by davidx

Especially given the short time you spent here, you manage to put in a lot.

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