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emsr2d2 Paris - A travel report by Emma
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Paris,  France - flag France -  Ile-de-France
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Trudging, tennis and tunes

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One mad day in Paris followed by 3 chilled days. We arrived in Paris early in the morning, headed straight for Roland Garros for a day's top-class tennis, then off to The Zenith for an amazing Duran Duran gig. Tiring but fantastic.

Robredo in action
Robredo in action
I really must learn to pace myself. It seemed like a good idea at the time!! Having got up at an unearthly hour of the day to make it to Ashford for the first Eurostar of the day, we arrived in Paris at 10am. Dumped our luggage with a very helfpul friend at the station and headed straight off to Roland Garros. Having been trying to get in to the French Open for the best part of 5 years we were thrilled to have actually managed to get tickets in advance this year. It's a great place, absolutely huge but very easy to navigate and get around. Almost as soon as we arrived play started on the outside courts, so an hour of that passed and we were off to Centre Court. I mentioned bad planning - in the 5th set of the last game we had to leave in order to head for The Zenith (on the other side of Paris) for our eagerly anticipated Duran Duran gig. Due to a cock up with ticketing we had sitting tickets (wanted standing) and 2 of our mates had standing (wanted sitting). So the obvious swap took place when we arrived and we managed to wriggle our way right to the front of the crowd. Spent the next 2 hours singing, clapping, yelling and dancing and generally having a fantastic time. It was a really intimate venue so my view of John Taylor was just incredible!! Spent the other 2 days on an adrenalin high just walking the streets of Paris, eating, shopping, general sightseeing. I used to work in Paris regularly and hated it then. But now I've gone back as a proper tourist I really like it.

Favourite spots:
Isle St Louis - great area full of independent little shops selling foodstuffs, clothes and crafts. Pompidou Centre - not the actual building or the art gallery, but the streets around it, with little shops and eating places.

What's really great:
Wandering the back streets, not really knowing where we were going and stumbling across lovely little cafes.

Bass god!
Bass god!
Stayed with a friend who has an apartment out there - I have never actually stayed in paying accom there!

Any of the Moroccan places in St Michel. Or pizzas. Anything really. No shortage of places to eat everywhere you go - from grabbing a falafel on the street, to a 7 course dinner at huge cost!!

Published on Saturday July 2th, 2005

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