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davidx Foyers - A travel report by David
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Foyers,  United Kingdom - flag United Kingdom
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Loch Ness – {the wrong [?]}Foyers side

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What’s Loch Ness most noted for? A monster – Nessie. We stayed on the side of Loch Ness where the monster doesn’t feature; nor does the main road run there. If that makes Foyers on the wrong side, so be it.

Near Inverfarigaig
Near Inverfarigaig
Loch Ness is the largest inland loch in Scotland and far bigger than any stretch of inland water in England and Wales. It is also on the route of the Caledonian Canal, the only straight line water link between west and east coasts in Great Britain. It enjoys superb wildlife. Yet its claim to fame is none of these but that confounded monster. I know some claim to have seen it – and photographed it, though I haven’t seen a photo of it that would earn a high grade on this site! On the northwest side of the loch, where the main road takes its heavy traffic and where the Monster Centres [yes – plural] are located, the hills rise very steeply on your left as you head for Inverness – giving you little view beyond the immediate. The other side looks [and is] lower. However, when you go there, and particularly if you stay a while, you appreciate the charm of the lesser hills and the scattered small lochs and your view to the busy side enables you to get a better perspective on the higher hills there. Towards the southern end of the loch is Foyers, perhaps best known as the erstwhile residence of a man high in the ranks of black magic but in fact immensely picturesque with lovely waterfalls through the woods. I’m not wanting to knock the busy side too hard. There are some great walks, if you look for them, and a magical play farm for children. I’m simply saying that, in my view, the quiet side is massively underrated. Again I know that to many people all forest walks are the same. Perhaps some might change to a more accurate view after surveying Loch Ness from the rocky forest viewpoints near Inverfarigaig. Urquart castle shows to great advantage across the loch. Red or roe deer are quite likely to be spotted on walks in this forest and, if you are really lucky, you may see the now rare red squirrel.

Favourite spots:
Foyers - between villages
Foyers - between villages
Favourite has to be Foyers. The classified B road roughly parallel to Loch Ness has a Post Office, toilets and a small parking space. Slightly away from the road are a few house The main village is on a [very!] unclassified road well below. Between them are steep footpaths with smashing views of the rocky falls. ‘Undiscovered Scotland’ is one of my favourite sites generally and the coverage of Foyers is excellent – no gaps in the url: http://www.undisco k/foyers/foyers/

What's really great:
Foyers travelogue picture
Some of the settings of the small, scattered lochs and lochans of the area are of outstanding beauty, not spectacular in the way of some in the Torridon Highlands, with massive peaks reflected in them but remarkable for their peaceful locations among natural pine and silver birch. The surrounding hills have most pleasing contours, although again their actual height is nothing to shout about in Scotland. There’s not a 3,000 footer anywhere about – but then they also lack the erosion caused by ‘Munroe baggers’ elsewhere. [Munroe did tables of all the 3,000 ft or above peaks of Scotland and hence they enjoy his name to describe this feature of their height. Unfortunately – to my mind – there are many walkers who set out to ‘bag’ the lot i.e. reach their summits.

The falls, Foyers
The falls, Foyers
Here is my concession to the majority as I do admit there are things worth seeing on the other side of the Loch. For those keen on Nessie, THE place to go is Drumnadrochit, where you can find the exhibitions. If you want something else to do, you can visit the phenomenally situated Urquart castle [] or take one of the walks recommended at the TIC. Young children will love Drum farm at the centre of the village and can use quite a lot of time there – at least my grandson did when he was four [].
I haven’t been to Abriachan Gardens and Nursery, further north, but they are said to be worth seeing. []
At the far south of the loch, Fort Augustus provides boat trips and you can see the lochs by which the Caledonian Canal enters Loch Ness

Other recommendations:
Foyers travelogue picture
Just north-east of Loch Ness is the City of Inverness, whose attractions can be discovered from http://www.inverness-scot
Only a short distance east is Culloden, where the last battle against the supporters of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ was fought. [ b/site/home/vis it/places/ Property.asp?
Further east again Cawdor Castle provides a most interesting and enjoyable visit, without interminable references to a one time Thane of Cawdor. [Shakespeare’s Macbeth]

Published on Tuesday February 15th, 2005

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Thu, Nov 12 2009 - 06:24 PM rating by catzy2309

Very interesting ....

Thu, Feb 17 2005 - 03:09 AM rating by picasso

Wonderfu lplace to visit for Nature lovers,interesting writing and great images as well. *****+


Wed, Feb 16 2005 - 03:14 PM rating by jelloo

Wow this places seems very lovely. Enjoyed your report!

Wed, Feb 16 2005 - 05:18 AM rating by britman

Great report

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