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andreas Hamburg - A travel report by Walter Andreas
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Hamburg,  Germany - flag Germany -  Hamburg
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Hamburg - Germans most beautiful city

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Hamburg travelogue picture
Far up north in Germany the city of Hamburg lays like an emerald surrounded by hundreds of waters in the middle of Europe. Most people do think that Venice in Italy is the city with the most bridges, but it's not - it's Hamburg! There is water wherever you look at. Small cute canals run like veins inside the city centre. Some people complain about the amount of rain the city gets during the year, but you see this is also the beauty of the city. There is soooo much green, everywhere! Parks, gardens and nature preserve areas. In Hamburg you will notice at once that this is not a typical 3 million city like any other on the world. Particulary the skyscrapers are missing. You will have a hard time finding a building higher than 10 floors. So whenever you take a strol in the city centre you will never have the feeling of beeing just in the middle of a pulsing huge metropol. Read on to learn more about the secret spots and where the locals hang out!

Favourite spots:
The river
The river "Binnenalster" in the middle of Hamburg downtown.
Well, despite the fact that almost every tourist guide book on this planet covers Hamburg you will never see the real beauty of it if you follow the tourist tracks! Go where the locals go. Do yourself a favour and skip the Kietz (Reeperbahn). In my opinion it is more a dirty tourist trap than anything else. Go and experience the night scene in Ottensen where you can have your beer outside of the bars (if it does not rain :-) surrounded of tens of other bars and thousands of nice people hanging around. This is really special and even for Germany verry unique. You have to see the Binnenalster Its a river which turns into a kind of huge lake in the middle of the city centre. During summer time there are hundreds of sailing boats out there and you can strol arround the lake on a beautiful path. Do not miss Landungsbrücken and of course not Wittenbergen (this is one of the secret tips!). Wittenbergen is on the outer west corner of Hamburg and you one of the verry specials!

What's really great:
Hamburg travelogue picture
Hard to say, because there are so many special things. I love the Alster, the Stadt Park and of course the river Elbe. During Summer... skip the club scene and grab some picknick gear, head out for Oevegoene this is a peace of sand strip on the elbe. Bring your barbeque grill or just some stuff to grill and make yourself commfy on the sandy beach. You will see huuuuuge container ships passing by and at night you will get a bit of this so called industrial romantic because you will have a straight look not only on the nature, but also on Germanies most bussiest harbour on the opposite site - at night a definatelly do not miss point. Don't forget some wood for your fire!

Have a look on Blankenese. Cute little houses next to the river Elbe and great villas surrounded by beautiful nature. Don't miss a ride on a boat to the other site!

Hamburg travelogue picture
For hostel accomodation head for Landungsbrücken, get up the stairs and you will be looking at the stiftfang YHA. This is trully a great place. Cheap, in the heart of Hamburg, you look directly on the river Elbe and the Fischmarkt and the subway station is just a few meters away.

Hamburg travelogue picture
Nothing special. If you have found a good one, tell me I am desperatelly searching for one :-(
Mojo has closed down - a pitty. You might want to try Mandaley which is on Sternschanze.

Tonnnnnns!! Head out for Sternschanze or Ottensen and you will find one next to the other. Go pub hopping its great fun and you can even carry your beers on the street.

Sternschanze is the place to go for cheap and great food. Personally I love the asian food served there. Unlike to any other city in Germany you will be able to find food from allmost any corner of this world in Hamburg. If you are not after a high priced restaurant, but after a good indian, italian or Thai meal this is the place to go!

Other recommendations:
Hamburg travelogue picture
I definatelly recommend that you by yourself a HVV dayticket. Its really cheap (about 4.30 Euro) and 7 Euro for a group of 5! You can ride around the whole city in whatever public vehicle you can imagine. Get a ride to Klein Flottbeck, hit the ferry to the other side of the Elbe and get a connection to Landungsbrücken This way you will have a nice daytime trip with great scenary on the new Hafenstadt and Landungsbrücken from the waters for just 4.30 Euro, plus you can keep your ticket it for your trip to the bars at night:-)

Enjoy your time in Hamburg and post your own article on by the time you are back from the most beautiful city of the world!

Published on Sunday July 20th, 2003

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Tue, Jan 16 2007 - 02:37 PM rating by yeti

I live just 20 km north of Hamburg. I like to paddle crisscross trough the town in summertime. This is a very special way to see Hamburg. Canoes are for hire at some places. Its a good idea to take a map with you. ;-)

Wed, May 11 2005 - 05:01 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi


Mon, Jan 17 2005 - 01:07 PM rating by davidx

I was there in 1957 during national service! It's still recognisably the same place. Very well done.

Fri, Jan 07 2005 - 07:56 PM rating by magsalex

Passing through Hamburg on my way to Bremen. Sounds like i should stay to look around!

Fri, Aug 06 2004 - 10:53 AM rating by nedkelly

well it looks like Ill be heading over to see Hamburg, good site buddy great photos Im all over it.

Sun, Mar 21 2004 - 01:09 PM rating by marianne

I was in hamburg only once and that was 30 years ago. It is time for another visit. Thisreport is well written. Why don't you use it as an examle for new GLOBOS so that they can see how to write a quality report.

Sun, Jul 20 2003 - 11:45 PM rating by downundergal

What a great report. I wish that I had of detoured to time and I will definately call in to say hi!

Sun, Jul 20 2003 - 06:14 AM rating by karmapd

Very good reports with very good pictures! Well done :D

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