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deedles Hoi An - A travel report by Deedles
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Hoi An,  Vietnam - flag Vietnam
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deedles's travel reports

Hoi An in Vietnam

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Hoi An to me was one of the nicest Town's in Vietnam. Admittedly, I wasn't here in the wet season when it floods, My views may have been much different then! report of the month contest
Mar 2011

Hoi An
Hoi An
Hoi An, and this Town was to be my destination for a few days.
To reach Hoi An from Hue, I caught the open tour bus. The Bus was full of back packers, with lots of them sleeping throughout the journey. A shame, as on the way there was some beautiful scenery to see, especially from the Hai Van pass. I had views of the sea, Danang, mountains and valleys, and we passed through the longest tunnel in Vietnam which was 12kms long.

On arrival in Hoi An, we were just dropped off infront of a Hotel and not a proper Bus Station. This made it awkward for me to find my Hotel, but after finding some people who could understand English, I eventually made my way there with my luggage in a Cyclo!

Hoi An is easy to walk around and this is by far the best way to see it.

There are many Tailors here, of course Hoi An is famous for them, with most people having something made during their stay here. I must have been one of a minority not to have anything made! I believe you do have to be careful, as I have heard there are good and bad Tailors!

Favourite spots:
My Son Holy Land
My Son Holy Land
My Son Holy Land was a day trip that I enjoyed. I went on a Bus Tour there which passed by many fields of Rice and nice scenery of distant Mountain's. Once at My Son, our guide told ourt group about the history of the place, then we were left to ourselves to enjoy!
It's a large complex of religious relics of what was once an Imperial city during the Cham dynasty, between the 4th and 12th centuries. It is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, set amongst dense vegetation.
There are temples and towers that connect to each other with complicated red brick designs. The main component of the Cham architectural design is the tower, built to reflect the divinity of the king.
According to records, the prime foundation of the ancient My Son complex was a wooden temple.
For many centuries, the Cham built Lip, a mutually linked architectural complex, with baked bricks and sandstone.
Do not wander off the tracks, there are still unexploded mines in the area

What's really great:
Piglet's at the Hoi An Animal Market
Piglet's at the Hoi An Animal Market
The Markets.......

By the river bridge that crosses over to Can Am Island is the animal market.

The Market is located just around the corner in Bach Dang street. You walk into the market area from the river bridge road, where the Tin smiths workshops are. Just a short way in, and hidden, are the animal markets where you will see the chickens, ducks, pigeons and pigs for sale. There is plenty of wheeling and dealing going on by the buyers and sellers. Nobody seemed to mind me having a look and taking photo's.

I was the only Westerner here, everybody walked past the entrance, so I thought it was quite an interesting find!

It is on the side located nearest the river.

Location Bach Dang Street, Hoi An

Inside Tan Ky Ancient House Hoi An
Inside Tan Ky Ancient House Hoi An

TAN KY ANCIENT HOUSE, was built nearly 200 years ago. The owner of the house has preserved its interior design and old furniture, as well as many relics of the prospering trade and cultural exchanges among the Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese in the late 17 century.

The person who built the house was a Minh Huong (a Chinese native) who came to Vietnam to do business in the 17th century. Seven generations of owners have successively lived here. The house was built from traditional materials, influenced by Chinese and Japanese styles. I found it a very elegant house!

The front hall used to be a shop selling cinnamon, tea, silk, wood and medicines obtained from rare animals' bones.

The second compartment is the centre of the house. It is bigger than the first one, and it used to be a guest room, but today its used for worshipping as well as receiving guest's.

Pho Hoi Riverside Resort Hoi An
Pho Hoi Riverside Resort Hoi An
Pho Hoi Riverside Resort.....

This Hotel is situated across the bridge from the main side of the town, don't worry about that, as its only a few minutes walk to get to town.

It was clean, except for a filthy shower curtain, and the bathmat needed to be thrown out.

The mattress was just a foam one, not innerspring. The power point was loose and dangerous, and you could only have the fridge or the television on, not both!!!!! In the bathroom, there was a hole with something dangling out of it, also a hole in the main room. Fresh fruit was left in the room each morning, I really liked this idea.

The best part were the lovely gardens and the outdoor setting, very nice. There is also a pool.

Breakfast was a buffet, which was nice. How lovely to sit outside and watch the goings on, on the River.

Riverside Hoi An
Riverside Hoi An
Along the River front is a great place to Hangout! There are many cafes located along here, and most have outdoor seating. I sat with a drink and watched the every day activities of the people of Hoi An.

I also was up early one morning to see the market at its busiest. I was on the other side of the river, and could easily here the "hum" of people bargaining and buying. I was glad I made the effort!

My favorite Hoi An Restaurant
My favorite Hoi An Restaurant

Feeling hungry?......One thing there is no shortage of here, is finding somewhere to eat.

I only wish I could remember the name of the nice Restaurant where I dined on several occassions, it was, good, cheap, and the staff were lovely and friendly.

There are absolutely dozens and dozens of places to eat, plenty of them with nice outdoor areas, and most of them were very reasonably priced.

You won't go hungry!

Other recommendations:
Hoi An travelogue picture

I had a look in the different religious buildings in Hoi An. The Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall, is an historical building in Hoi An, built by Chinese / Cantonese merchants in 1885. The Assembly Hall has a fountain that features a dragon, and there are Cantonese statues a spread around.

Another Assembly Hall I saw was of the Hainan Chinese Congregation, a memorial to 107 merchants from Hainan Island who were mistaken for pirates and killed in Quang Nam province during the reign of Emperor Tu Duc. The elaborate dais contains plaques to their memorY, and infront of the central altar is a fine gilded woodcarving of Chinese court life. These Chinese served the community and organised Hainan religious activities.

Published on Sunday April 10th, 2011

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