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mrscanada Regina - A travel report by Lyla
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Regina,  Canada - flag Canada -  Saskatchewan
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The Capital City Of The Province With A Funny Name

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Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan. It is the second largest city in the Province. If you have seen any of Leslie Nelson's movies or TV appearance you might like to know he was born here.

First Nations Gallery
First Nations Gallery
When I was 16 I came to a convention that was held over our Christmas holidays. I t was so cold I thought icicles would form where my nose kept dripping so I bought a scarf and wrapped it around my face. With my toque on my head and my coat collar up all you could see was my eyes.

I had a friend who's family had moved to Regina to be the head of the R.C.M.P. They had invited me to their house on the base for dinner. When I arrived they could only see my green eyes! We had a lot to talk about and so I went back to where I was billeted a about 12:30 p.m.
When I got to the house they forgot to tell me that they had a parrot that they let out of his cage at midnight. When I came home it attacked me!

The last time I was there the population was about 240,000 people. It's about half an hour’s drive from the United States border.

Favourite spots:
Clapboard/Wood House
Clapboard/Wood House
The best place to shop is downtown. I buy books at Smiths Bookstore, Le Chateau & Roots for cloths and Payless for shoes.

My husband likes to go to the sales at The Bay and Sears Department Stores.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (the RCMP). I am sure you have seen pictures of them in their bright scarlet red jackets but they only wear them at official ceremonies, (they wear brown ones all the other times), or when they are transferring prisoners from another Province or country.

We once owned a business here so we drop in and see the new owners. I wish we owned a lot of copper now because we could retire in Seoul!

What's really great:
RCMP Poster
RCMP Poster
At their Centennial Museum you will see artifacts, learn about their history and their traditions. They train 1000 new recruits each year and if you are lucky you might see a Sikh trainee because he will be wearing a red turban instead of a hat.

The Feather Child Gallery show the original art created by Saskatchewan's First Nation and Metis artists. Metis are half First Nation and, (mostly), white.

More than half of the population is the First Nations people. Because of that, there is a lot of crime, here. The live in wooden houses, (claptraps).

Postcard Of Painting At The Gallery
Postcard Of Painting At The Gallery
The first time I was here the buildings down town were only 3 floors. The accommodations are cheaper here than in most capital city.

Now there are people who live in high rise condo’s and apartments.

There are Malls and stores in every part of the city.

If you have a large family Cosco's great because they sell discounted food, books, cloths, records, items for your house, a bakery and drug store.

You can eat your way around the store because there are so many people asking you to taste food. I always buy their skinless pickled herring. You can eat lunch for under $2.00 because they have a Polish Sausage or Kosher Hot Dogs and a stall.

From Regina to Saskatoon you will see the small farms that made up the Rothschild settlements. He paid for them so that Jews fleeing the pogroms in Russia would have some where to go. Now they are ghost villages.

You'll see a small town called Bigger. Their welcoming sign says "New York is big but Bigger is bigger."

Pilate Strech
Pilate Strech
One of the reasons we stay at the Radisson Plaza Hotel is because my husband gets his shoes shined there every morning.

I like to stay there because they have a Gym where I can do my Pilates every morning. The picture was taken with my cell phone.

The rooms are very nice and you can decide if you want a nonsmoking room. The features in every room are a phone with voice mail, a coffee maker, a plug for your computer, a safe, a hair drier and a newspaper slid under our door every morning.

We find Atrium Restaurant makes a great breakfast. I don't have to ask for brown sugar when I order hot oatmeal.

Fibber Magee's Pub is a great place to have a pint and plays some darts and the Mulligans Lounge is in the lobby and we wait there for our family to pick us up to go out with them.

New Snow Birds Getting A Lesson
New Snow Birds Getting A Lesson
At night we go to a concert or see a play at the Globe Theater or go try our luck at the Casino.

If you here in the late summer to November you might want go see the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, (who are in the Canadian Football League), play.

Every since the Women's Curling Team won the Olympics the curling rinks operate night and day. It's nice to go to see a game or two.

Medicine Hat is 164 km east of Lethbridge and is 350 km west of Regina Saskatchewan. There are 73000 people live here. It is Alberta's 3rd largest city. 56 km northwest of Medicine Hat is the Canadian Forces Base in Suffield, Alberta. At one time the Americans and Canadians made gases that killed people here. Today the armed forces from Great Britian etc. come to practice war

The famous people who were born in Medicine Hat are Senator Tommy Banks, (who still has a big band), Terri Clark, (a singer) and Richard Edward Taylor, (a recipient of the 1990 Nobel Prize for Physics).

Our Family In Moose Jaw
Our Family In Moose Jaw
In the summer we love to go to the Farmer’s Market to buy some fresh fruit, flowers and candy. I always keep them in our hotel room to make it feel 'homey'.

If you are visiting here you might like to see the University of Saskatchewan.

The legislature buildings are regal. When you look at them you might think you are in England. Our aunt's senior citizens home was near here.

Bales Of Hay
Bales Of Hay
The best places to eat are the Wasabi Restaurant, (for Japanese food).

We go Smitty's for pancakes. They have a children and seniors menu so sometimes we go for dinner.

The Peiking House makes great Chinese food, we like their we like their dim sung, (where they bring small straw bowls to your table and you only pay for what to take). The shrimp toast and the fried dumplings are the best.

Golf's Steak House, makes great steaks a Greek Food.

At the botaniCa Restaurant they make home made Italian food).

The Western's makes the best pizza. You can watch them throw the crust.

We go to the Second Cup for coffee and home made buns.

Other recommendations:
A Prairie Sky
A Prairie Sky
Moose Jaw is about a 20 minute drive from Regina alone the Trans Canada Highway.

We came to visit our cousin who was in the Snow Birds Acrobatic team, (the team has moved to Vancouver Island now). The picture was take with my cell phone.

Al Capone & Dave Letterman Have Something In Common! The two men were once in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

They found a network of tunnels below the city that the Chinese who were building the railroad made. There is a rumor that the famous mobster, Al Capone, hid out when things got too hot for him in Chicago. They do offer tours through the tunnels.

Dave Letterman made this city famous when he discovered a garage owner to interview.

The best place to eat is the Pizza Hut. We like their pizza buffet. There is even a few dessert pizzas.

In the summer you can take a Captain Jacks River Boat Tour down the Moose Jaw River & Thunder Creek.

If you want to go to the Temple Spa you can also go to the Casino because it's in the same building.

Published on Wednesday October 11th, 2006

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Fri, Dec 29 2006 - 06:55 AM rating by davidx

I like reports to have a personal flavour like this.

Fri, Oct 13 2006 - 11:32 PM rating by st.vincent

Nice report, I think it is always interesting to visit places you remember from years before.

Thu, Oct 12 2006 - 03:11 AM rating by marianne

Nice read.

Wed, Oct 11 2006 - 04:49 PM rating by eirekay

Lyla, You provide some great information! the First Nations Gallery sounds terrific!

Wed, Oct 11 2006 - 10:24 AM rating by rangutan

... funny pics!

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