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mrscanada Saskatoon - A travel report by Lyla
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Saskatoon,  Canada - flag Canada -  Saskatchewan
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I Love Saskatoon Berries!

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There were some famous people born in Saskatoon. Brent Butt, (a comedian), Dave King coached the men's hockey team at the Olymic Games and is still coaching the Calgary Flames of the NHL and Allan Sapp is a famous painter.

South Saskatchewan River
South Saskatchewan River
Saskatoon is a beautiful city with the South Saskatchewan River running through the middle of the city. I have been coming here for over 50 years.

We have cousins who live here and we come to many of their parties, bat or bar mitzah, weddings and funerals.

Our oldest daughter went to the University in Saskatoon. This is the largest city in the Province.

The last time I was here was two years ago and I believe the population was about 250,000 residents.

Favourite spots:
The University is the only one that offers a Veterinarian degree, (my cousin fail in his first year so he became a doctor), a teaching hospital and 5 health science colleges.

My cousin was dying of Lupus at the Hospital and they took such good care of her because the students stayed with her around the clock. This city has a lot of parks and each one is worth seeing.

I like Wanuskewin Heritage Park because I can see 60,000 years of different trees, flowers and bushes. When we see a tree that has fallen we stop and count the rings inside.

Then we know how old it is. The attraction I like best is the Children's Zoo. The first time we took our son here and he saw a pig he thought it was Porky the Pig!

What's really great:
Having fun in the river
Having fun in the river
At the Pacific Gallery you can buy Canadian artists jewelry, blown glass and pottery. The Fine Art Café is here so you might like to have lunch or dessert while you are here.

Bernard Callebaut Chocolates are the best chocolate chain in Canada.

The Market is inside and is open all year. I like to shop here for hand made things.

The Scotia Center is down town. The store I like the best is the Fashion Chronicle that has cloths for women that want to look like women!

If you are here in the winter there is a man-made ski hill close by.

The Jewish Cemetery has a lot of graves of our family. When it was created the city wouldn't let them put down cement walks.

The first funeral I went to was after it had been raining for days. We had to walk on wooden planks that were put over the mud.

Since then it has been paved.

Rowing Down The River
Rowing Down The River
We have stayed at the Park Hotel, the Radisson and the Ramada.

The hotel we like best is the Hilton Garden Inn, (at the corner of 1st Avenue and 22nd Street). It's downtown and we can walk to any where from there.

The have a lounge named after Conrad Hilton's,(the matriarch of the first hotel chain), first hotel called Mobey's Lounge.

It's nice to get into a king sized bed, because my husband can't kick me when I snore.

The rooms are decorated in gold and black like the lobby. There are 2 phones with voice mail.

I like the iron and ironing board to give a quick touch up to our cloths. There is a nice sized refrigerator, internet access and a TV.

If we don't have an event to go to at night we go to Joe Dog's to have a drink and play pool. They also have TV screens that show a lot of sports that are happening around the Word.

We go to LARP to see actors of a game and improvisational theater. It's sort of like playing Role Play at home.

There are Casinos, places to play Bingo, bowl or go skating.

My husband has a buisness here so we are there a lot.

During our free time we visit with family and friends or go visit cousin's in Prince Albert.

Prince Albert is north of Saskatoon and over 40,000 people live here. The main industry is logging because it is surrounded by forests.

Canada's 13th Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, (from 1957 to 1963), lived here. In 1961 while he was Prime Minister he built across the North Saskachewan River that went from the city to no where!

Tommy Douglas was the longest serving Premier of Saskachewan, ( from 1944 to 1961), and brought "Medicare" to Canada. He's dead now but I'm sure he's rolling around in his grave because of what has happened to free medicine and free medical services across Canada. His daughter Shirley married actor Donald Sutherland. They are the parents of the actor Kiefer Sutherland who plays the lead in the TV series "24"

Praire Rose
Praire Rose
I have no idea why the Fast Food Chains decided that they would test their newest products here. There are fast foods available that you don't see anywhere else in Canada.

I like to eat at Mr Rizo's because they make great roast beef & steaks.

The Berry Barn makes home cooked meals and a Saskatoon Berry pie to die for. Saskatoon berries look like a big blue berry but are bigger and sweeter.

I only like the coffee at Second Cup, (yes they have a Starbucks here), because we sit on soft sofas or cuddly chairs and the coffee is dark and rich.

Tony Roma's makes the best ribs. I like the big bar-b-que beef ribs served with a double baked potato. We always share a loaf on onion rings because if one person orders it they can't eat their meal.

Other recommendations:
Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
North Battleford is half-hour drive west of Saskatoon is the city of North Battleford. It is famous for my family because my husband was born there.

It is famous to me because I husband was born here. Once the Insane Asylum, (there words not mine), was the only attraction.

Allan Sapp's gallery includes the collection of Sapp all of his art.

Mendelson’s Art Gallery is very special. Mr. Mendelson came from Poland and brought his collection with him. He built the building and gave it and his collection to the city.

Now you can go across to their twin city, Battleford, and see a play, shop and see the new homes and galleries.

This was the home base of the RCMP Northwest division before the western Provinces became provinces, they were part of an area called the Northwest Territories. The Mounties were the police of the territories.

The city was once very active but it is slowly dying as stores close and the younger people want to live in larger cities.

Published on Saturday October 14th, 2006

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