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mrscanada Victoria - A travel report by Lyla
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Victoria,  Canada - flag Canada -  British Columbia
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In Victoria We Celebrate The People Who Live Here

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It seems that people from aroung the world have immigrated here. We celebrate it in food, cloths and festivals. For example I like the Dragon Boat Festival.

My Pink Braclet
My Pink Braclet
The Friday before the Dragon Boat Races, the Taoist priests “awaken the spirit of the dragon” in an ancient and colorful rite that blesses the dragon boats. The races take place on Saturday and Sunday. Each boat must have 16 rowers, 8 of the rowers must be women. The maximum number of rowers in a boat is 20, 8 of the rowers must be women. Junior Racers,,(13-18 years old), know the of risks and their parents must sign a waiver that they no that they cannot use travel to and from racing site, the improper use of equipment, that there may be abrupt weather changes on an Island and be physically activity before the race. To qualify in round 1 & 2, the semi-finals and the finals. All teams will race in four races 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. To the best of their ability the race organizers will seed and randomly place teams in Round 1.

Favourite spots:
One Of The Boads
One Of The Boads
To advancement into the Series Semi-Final round will be based on the total points accumulated in the first two races. All teams are guaranteed a final race. The final race a team participates in is based on the team’s finishing position in the Series Semi-final round. 1st place, (10 points), 2nd place, (7 points), 3rd place, (5 points), 4th place , (3 points) and 5th place, (1 point). It didn’t happen but in the event that two or more teams finish the qualifying heats with the same number of points, the total cumulative race times of the tying teams will determine placement in the next round. The winners receive metals of different color that is tie to a ribbon, (the winners is gold hanging from a pint ribbon. Over the last three years the people that send in donations to help a team, bought a pink bracelet or ribbon pin, the dragon boat paddlers & Fairway Market have helped raise more than $2,500,000.OO for the greater Victoria Hospital Cancer Research Foundation.

What's really great:
Buchart Gardens
Buchart Gardens
Both days the children can enjoy the many activities at the Kids’ Tent – including face painting, spending time with Tickles the Clown, and making lots of terrific Asian arts and crafts. They hope that the children will enjoy Tickles and Yowza the Clown. They do magic tricks, sing and dance. Members of Victoria Chen Style Tai Chi will demonstrate their style of the Chinese martial art, known for its lower stances, “silk reeling”, and bursts of power. If any child wants to try to learn the basic moves a member will help them. We went to see Korea's martial arts demonstration. I missed my son as we watched it, because I know he does the spinning, jumping, and spectacular kicking for exercise. The children must have thought they had a nutty lady sitting with them. They were right!!! The best place to view the races is from the bleachers arranged along Ships Point.

The Oldest Chinatown In Canada
The Oldest Chinatown In Canada
The children's zoo in Beacon Hill Park. On the corner of the park is mile 0, of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Behind it is a bronze statue of Terry Fox. He only had one leg, (and a metal one replaced the one he lost), who tried to run across Canada. He started in Newfoundland and made it to Edmonton, Alberta.

Across from the Ferry Terminal is a place that you can take a horse and buggy ride. You’ll go through James Bay and Olde Town.

Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance
Swans Hotelis in Old Towne a few minutes walk from the Inner Harbor.

This is a boutique hotel offers a number of 29 different suites. It is perfect for travelers. The suites are also ideal for families. Many suites feature two story lofts and will accommodate up to six adults. Each suite offers spacious and comfortable living areas with fully equipped kitchens (an average suite is approximately 500 sq ft).

There are open beams and skylights add character and accentuate the charm of a heritage building. All suites have fully equipped separate kitchens with all the necessities.

Parliment Buildings at night.
Parliment Buildings at night.
We have a lot of Cultural events like plays at the Belfry or MacPherson or Royal to mention a few, and the Victoria Opera, Victoria Symphony Orchestra and music events like Jazzfest.

You can dine on French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, Philippine, Korean or fast food outlets.

Disco, Jive or Tango because any thing goes here.

The South Side Of the Field
The South Side Of the Field
The Great Canadian Beer Festival started on September 8th and ends on the 9th. It takes place at Royal Athletic Park. All profits will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

We each paid $20.00 per day and Beer tokens are $1.25 each. There were 40 breweries and 130 beers under 40 tents, and I will be telling you about a few tents.

Under the other tents was food from local restaurants & caterers, and busker entertainment.

You'll have a change to taste beers from the Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon Territories, Oregon State, Washington State and from places in British Columbia. In front of each beer they tell you what it is basically made of so if you are allergic to something in it you won't try it.

This event took place on the grass of the athletic field. Each company had there own tent/tents.

The Royal Athletic Park is at 1014 Caledonia Street. You don't have to pay for parking.

There were food tents and live entertainment.

Drinking Beer
Drinking Beer
The Keg for Steaks, the Oyster Bar for seafood, and at the festavil the best of Asian food is served here. We go to thoes places.

We eat Japanese Food at Azuma Sushi, Chinese food at Ho-Ting, we drank bubble tea at Panacea, (never order the peach flavor here) and ate Korean ribs at the Korean Garden.

The cafe above the dive shop makes the biggest cinnamon buns that two people can share one. They serve them warm with melted cream cheese dripping over them. Then you add the pat of butter!!!

Other recommendations:
The Plaque at the field
The Plaque at the field
Buchart Gardens started with a few plants and now is so large it takes a day to visit it. The flowers and plants change with every season.

Most people will suggest you have 'high tea' and the Empress Hotel. It’s not great and it costs a lot. We have ‘high tea’, (or lunch), here because the food is delicious and is 1/4 of the price at the Empress.

Published on Friday August 25th, 2006

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Tue, Aug 29 2006 - 02:39 AM rating by marianne

excellent read, good information and great photos

Sat, Aug 26 2006 - 01:16 PM rating by jorgesanchez

Excellent and beautiful pictures

Sat, Aug 26 2006 - 09:41 AM rating by st.vincent

Interesting to read about the Dragon Boat races

Sat, Aug 26 2006 - 06:42 AM rating by rangutan

Fresh info on a very multicultural city, I like it, and the report too :-)

Sat, Aug 26 2006 - 03:13 AM rating by davidx

Very good interesting report - don't be afraid to use photos in the accommodation etc sections that are not of the accommodation, provided they are relevant to the place.

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