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mrscanada Vancouver - A travel report by Lyla
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Vancouver,  Canada - flag Canada -  British Columbia
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Vancouver Is A Great City

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I live in Victoria but I love to visit Vancouver. The city is to big for me to live here. The traffic is terrible and there is a lot of 'road rage'. Still it lures me back again and again.

Totem Pole
Totem Pole
Every day we went to a place we liked or spent time with family or friends. I still can't sit for a very long time so most afternoons we went to the pool so I could do my Pilate & other water exercises.

Then we sat under an umbrella on a lounge and relaxed We started the day my going to visit our G-d child. She has had cancer for a long time. She was living in Toronto, Ontario, but her parents brought her home to die. It was difficult to see that a bubbly young lady was laying on a sofa too weak to speak.

We spent part of the day in China Town at the Chinese open market. The Chinese have a long history of living in Canada. The men were brought here to build the cross Canada railroad. When they were finished, (1885), they were allowed to stay in Canada but had to pay a head tax to bring their wives, children and other relatives. It's Canada's shame...that they were only refunded what they paid this year, (2006),...but only if they were alive!!! It is still a shame.

A mammoth tooth was found near Victoria. It is covered with minerals and enamel and looks like a piece of slate. During their life mamoths have 6 sets of two upper and two lower set of teeth.

The tooth has been sent to a Lab in Vancouver to be tested.

Favourite spots:
Granyard in Whistler
Granyard in Whistler
In 1886 Vancouver's first City Council made a decision to ask the Federal Government to lease 1,000 acres of a land on a peninsula for park and recreation purposes.

The park was named after Lord Stanley who was Governor General of Canada. The Canadian Government only leased the land to Vancouver because there was a fortress built there in case the Americans invaded Canada.

If you are planning to visit Stanley Park I suggest that you wait. There have been torrential rains, snow, hurricane winds, an earthquake yesterday and today it is snowing again.

Most on the park has been closed to visitors because of falling trees. Yesterday the oldest tree in the park was standing while the younger trees fell and a bus on teenagers from Australia were caught between the trees.

If you plan on coming to Canada and go skiing at Whistler the best place is to land in Vancouver and drive or take a train.

It is hard to find a place to stay during the season. I suggest you stay in Vancouver

What's really great:
Vancouver Court House
Vancouver Court House
Tree Top Adventure in Capilano district. The trees have never been cut here so you can see an uncut forest. The suspension bridge's is the attractions and there is nothing like it in North America. The trees are as high as 30m, (100 feet), from where you enter. You go from one attraction to another on a series of elevated suspension bridges. The bridges are 230 feet in the air, 450 feet long, and six feet wide. They sway when you are walking so you'll be holding

There are guided tours and the kids rainforest explorer program. Each guide is from the Vancouver ethnic community. Our's was from Korea and I was so excited about that. You can pose with the Tramps, (early adventurers who made the long tramp in 1889 to the bridges), before they begin their walk through the Story Center. The Trading Post Gift Shop is a great place to buy gifts and fudge.

All of Canada will we focused on the Vancouver court house. Where Robert Pickton goes on trial for murder

Mamoth Tooth at the Lab
Mamoth Tooth at the Lab
Stanley Park was a wonderful place. There are so many paths that lead you to some place wonderful. Half of Stanley Park was distroyed this winter. They have been raising money to fix it. Yesterday they found an old rock garden under some huge trees that had fallen over it. When they removed the trees they removed the top soil and that's how they found the rock garden.

As I was walking along the sea wall we say Snows Bird Air Show.Our cousin is the Sqandran Leader. Each year they fly to raise money for a charity.

This year it was for Crones Disease, (my oldest daughter has been sick with this since she was 18). These birds are named after the Canadian geese that is our Nation Bird.

If you are on a ship going to Alaska Vancouver Island, (it's as long as a Province), will be on one side. On the other side watch out for the white Spirit Bear, (the new National symbol of Canada). These aren't Polar Bears they are Black Bears that aren't black. This is the only place that yo

Trees in Stanely Park
Trees in Stanely Park
We stayed at the Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown. It within walking distance from Robson St., (a fabulous shopping area), Canada Place and if you can walk a mile you'll be a Stanley Park.

The hotel has 434 rooms. In our room we had air-conditioning, cable TV, weekday newspaper delivery, complimentary in-room coffee, irons and ironing boards, high-speed Internet access, work desks, voice mail, data ports and we had the Vancouver Sun delivered to our room each day.
The bathroom had a toilet, bathtub/shower and next to the sink near the mirror. there was a hair dryer.

The best thing about staying here was the queen sized bed. The mattress was made of 'memory foam' and I could jump up and down while my husband was asleep. He didn't even feel me get out of the bed.

Show Case Restaurant and Bar features the finest in Pacific Northwest cuisine and the best from local British Columbia fish, seafood and wines. It is open 24 hours and we had breakfast there each morning.

Sprit Bear
Sprit Bear
I like to have a drink and see a show at Au Bar on Seymour St.

The Casino and the shows are great at the River Rock Resort.

Studio 58, the Shadbolt, Jericho Arts Center, the Stanley, (all have great plays or musicals).

Denman Street, in the downtown core, is seven blocks long. There are more than 50 restaurants in those seven blocks.

There are over 200 specialty restaurants in the 52 blocks along Broadway Avenue between Alma Street on the West Side and Commercial Drive on the East Side, in what's nicknamed 'uptown' Vancouver.

Robson Street, which runs at right angles through the downtown core from Denman to Burrard, also has a seven-block cluster. In them, there are more than 40 restaurants, ranging from the CinCin Ristorante to Japanese noodle houses.

If you want a great burger the White House makes the best.

My Father's Scrap Yard
My Father's Scrap Yard
I love hockey so I go and see a NHL game especially if Edmonton is playing. Go Oilers Go!!

I go and see a CFL if the Edmonton Eskimoes are playing football.

I'm not a fan of soccer but if you are there is a minor League team that plays in Vancouver.

They have a basket ball team and a baseball team so if you enjoy watching sports you have a lot of choices.

If you like to participate you can bowl, lawn bowl, go fishing, play golf and go deep sea diving.

My father once owned horses and he raced them in L.A. and at the Hasting Race Track. I always go to the club house for a meal.

One side of the Inner Harbour
One side of the Inner Harbour
We ate at the Patough Café, (Mediterranean food) that serves stuffed eggplant, five types of dolmeh & vert large kebabs. Sushi Robo is the place to go if you like Sushi and Guu with Garlic is a Japanese izakaya, (bar).

Their avocado special is to die for!!! We go to the Bagel Deli with Hungarian smoked salmon and pastrami sandwiches.

Valentino's is the best place to eat pasta. My husband likes the Cornish hen, but I won't eat any small bird. My favorite is the osso buco, (lamb shanks), served with garlic mashed potatoes. They served great martinis. I had a chocolate one and because my husband can't drink he had some orange chinotto, (Italian soda pop). I don't like it because it taste like medicine.

Other recommendations:
Railroad In Vancouver
Railroad In Vancouver
The PNE is fair that has rides and food from countries around the world. I like to eat the perogies, (a dumpling filled with potatoes and onions), and then fried. The is some sour cream on top. They sever it with Polish sausage, sauerkraut and hot mustard. The Race Track here.

The park I like best is the Japanese Park.

Richmond is where most of the Chinese live. When they came to Canada they thought this area was called Rich Man. There is a great shopping center there.

Published on Wednesday August 23th, 2006

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Wed, Feb 14 2007 - 06:36 PM rating by travler

Wow that tooth is something else!

Sat, Jan 27 2007 - 09:29 AM rating by whereisliz

You covered a lot of ground in this report! Thanks for adding pictures, they really make this report shine.

Sat, Aug 26 2006 - 09:32 AM rating by st.vincent

Very enjoyable to read, thanks

Fri, Aug 25 2006 - 05:19 AM rating by gloriajames

Dear Lyla
Great effort for a 1st report. How about adding some pics?

Thu, Aug 24 2006 - 05:23 AM rating by leillli

Hi mrs.canada;)thank you as a middleage woman tobe active here,i like your report as the first one,dont forget to put some pics here:)

Thu, Aug 24 2006 - 05:12 AM rating by davidx

It would be nice to see pictures - but it's still well worth writing a report like this f you haven't got any. It's not just good for a first report. It's good...

Thu, Aug 24 2006 - 04:48 AM rating by eirekay

I am so going there - for the suspension bridges! They sound spectacular! Great first report!

Thu, Aug 24 2006 - 04:00 AM rating by mistybleu


Nice first attempt. A very enjoyable read, but as always I miss seeing the pictures.

Take care

Thu, Aug 24 2006 - 03:14 AM rating by marianne

This was a good read, a good mix of personal experience and general information. It was have been nice if there had been some photos, but your description is strong enough without them.

Wed, Aug 23 2006 - 10:52 PM rating by andreas

Hello Lyla. What a nice first report! I was in Vancouver during my internship 4 years ago. I love BC is so layed back. I visited Victoria on Canadian Day. That was nice a bit to quite for me. Could you write your second report maybe on Victoria, maybe with some pictures in it? That would be great! Makes me remember the good old times :-)

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