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Walter Andreas's Guest Book

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Welcome, Willkommen!

Thank you for visiting my travel page on GLOBO. Please sign my guestbook and leave some greeting lines.

Thanx! Andy

PS: Keep in mind that this is my private guest book. No company related posts please.

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Joined: Dec 04
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Thanks - -

Posted: 2005-01-11 04:09 PM   
- - for your message.
I shall be doing one more each on Norway and Portugal, some on Spain, at least one on Belgium and a few on Italy but then my photos run out unless I can persuade a friend to let me do some slides on his machine. I'm thinking of doing a few on the UK and France but they will be largely without photos - for the time at least.
Cheers, David


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Thanks - -

Posted: 2004-12-30 08:04 AM   
--- for your kind message. I have been putting stuff on other boards for a bit [I did say which but I got a snotty red ink message for 'advertising' other sites] but I have only recently found this one! Shame on me!
I am looking forward to some good reading here, including yours, and to doing a few more myself.
Cheers, David



Joined: Apr 04
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Hopefully all is well!

Posted: 2004-12-27 07:45 AM   
Hi Andy,

I am in the UK and safe. the property is on the east coast is well insured and hopefully unaffected. It appears the tsunami has hit the west coast of Thailand

I do know several people travelling and living in coastal S.E. Asia, India and Sri Lanka and my heart goes out to them all. I worry in particular about all the wonderful Sri Lankan coastal people that I met and photographed including the fishermen, that was just over a month ago.
One of our own members, Willow lives in Male on the Maldives - I pray that she is OK.

Time will tell us of the enormity of this devastion of human life! Property is replaceable - Life isn't.

My deepest sympathies to all those affected in any way.



Joined: Sep 04
Points: 16785

hiya andreas!

Posted: 2004-12-03 03:50 AM   
firstly, thank u for choosing me!
wont let globo down and shall contribute more here.
btw... i just wanted to say that i love the christmassy globo sign! really cute!!


Joined: Jun 02
Points: 12936

Thanks for the invite re discussion

Posted: 2004-11-12 06:34 AM   
Hi Andy,
Thanks I will have a look at the link & try to give some input.
Lately I have been so busy redesigning our brochure & website that I have just been checking the forum & logging off.
I personally have found parts of the forum so in depth and so much info to read & absorb that I don't get the chance to be involved as much as I would like but it's great for you to see that there are so many enthusiastic members on Globo that can devote their time.
Hope all is going well for you.


Joined: Oct 04
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Posted: 2004-10-05 04:50 AM   
I am coming from Belgrade, Serbia. I'll be in Rostock in October and November. Maybe we'll see each other on the streets of Rostock.


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 10057

Hi Andy

Posted: 2004-09-16 02:57 AM   
Great images,exelent photography
How skinny this Dingo dog is on Frazer ISLAND, you can see ribs through its skin; -very sad.

Best wishes


Joined: Apr 04
Points: 575

also Germany!

Posted: 2004-06-10 11:39 AM   
hi Andy!

I also live in germany, and i thought you could tell me when you come down to south germany, like to heidelberg or mannheim!


Joined: May 04
Points: 1236

Einfach ein hello

Posted: 2004-06-01 04:20 AM   
Ich habe mir deine Bilder angeschaut und wow, da sind echt Prachtexemplare darunter. Danke ich hatte viel Spass dabei.
Gruesse Maya


Joined: May 04
Points: 206

Well Hello,

Posted: 2004-05-25 07:00 AM   
Thanks for the contact. I'm not acually from Qatar, i'm from Scotland but living in Qatar with my job. Must confess tho' the weather is much better here than in Scotland.

Sorry i couldn't speak the other day I was rushing out the door , just as i am now. Take care and hope to catch up soon.


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