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Joined: May 05
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Georgia (but not Republic of Abkhazia)

Posted: 2007-12-10 10:32 AM   
Yes Marianne, of course, you have buses even from Istanbul direct to Tbilisi, Georgia capital.
The best is taking a bus in historical Trabzon (Trebisonda in the past), to Batumi in Georgia.

But if you plan to visit the Republic of Abkhazia, forget getting there from Turkey or from Georgia. From Georgia is impossible, the roads are locked and protected by Georgian and Russians soldiers, and from Turkey the only way is getting first to Sochi in Russia, by boat (twice a week, and only costs about 30 US Dollars for a 12 hours navigation), and then trying to get a visa to Republic of Abkhazia.
In the near future I am sure that Abkhazia will be open for everybody, but presently it is complicated to get there, and you need a visa from the Republic of Abkhazia representative in Moscow, but it is hardly issued.

I heard that once Kosovo will get full independence, Abkhazia will be recognized in the United Nations. It is all a game played by the powerful countries, it all depends on them. Like in the school: you give me this toy and I will let you play with my chess game, or I borrow your doll and I will give you half of my chocolate sandwich.


Joined: Sep 04
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Accuracy in literature

Posted: 2007-12-09 10:44 AM   
Through the wonders of the web I have found the precise quote in "The Clicking of Cuthbert" - The Russian celebrity was Vladimir Brusiloff and his presice phrase was "I spit me of zem all"

By the way the picture theft is very interesting and indeed compliments on having art-work of merit to attract thieves.


Joined: May 05
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Posted: 2007-12-09 09:55 AM   
His books are translated into Spanish, so no need to read them in English. We all love his personages Bertie Wooster and Jeeves.


Joined: Sep 04
Points: 11274

Yes indeed PG Woodhouse was a great feature of my Youth

Posted: 2007-12-08 08:45 PM   
My favourite memory is his dialogue featuring a visiting Russian author who sums up his view of European literature " I spits me of all these writer: Tolystoy and PG wodehouse not bad. Not good but not bad. The rest I spits me of them all!"


Joined: Jul 06
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Marianne, Sabine, Hugh - Let's plan ourexplore Ireland

Posted: 2007-12-08 07:18 PM   
And let's see if anybody else will be interested. Do you set up a forum meeting?

That would be great if the Globosapiens invaded Ireland!


Joined: May 05
Points: 41625

PG Wodehouse

Posted: 2007-12-08 04:49 PM   
Marianne, I think that your message about PG Wodehouse was addressed to Hugh.
Anyway, I know about him and respect him and like very much his English humour.


Joined: Oct 02
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Thank you Marianne...

Posted: 2007-12-08 01:52 PM   
... for being such a attentive member!! Unfortunately I've not been travelling - I'm just very busy (job-related + private). But, strictly speaking, I had 3 days off last week and spend it helping my cousin in Düsseldorf who has a market stand (flowers) on the 'Carlsplatz'.

I hope you are doing well and I wish you a nice Advent season.



Joined: Jun 05
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Re:coloured powder

Posted: 2007-12-08 10:36 AM   
Hello Marianne,

If you were in India around Holi(Feb/March), these would mean dry colours for the festival- applied on friends for celebration.

Otherwise..1) The red powder is typically sindoor, applied on the forehead. Yellow is turmeric used by women for its medicinal value.

2)Most other coloured powder as used for rangolis (coloured designs made in homes at the doorstep or the prayer room) -just decoration.

and congrats for AoM.
Best regards,


Joined: Dec 05
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Posted: 2007-12-07 11:51 AM   

I just watched your Tunisia album. Is amazing, you showed Tunisia not only as a tourist destin, also as a normal country.
You deserved for AoM



Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2007-12-06 05:59 PM   

Your slideshow of Tunisia is really wonderful, I'm glady you got AOM.

All the best


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