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Joined: Jun 07
Points: 11080

Congrats on AoM!

Posted: 2007-12-16 12:59 PM   
Hi Marianne,

I'm sorry for my belated congrats, but as you know I'm just back from Tenerife and I'm exploring what happened on Globo when I was in journey. It's great to see that your exquisite album became and AoM - fully deserved.
I remember a few weeks ago you asked me for a photo of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. I haven't taken a picture for you yet as the weather is horrible these days and I would like to wait a bit longer for a better sky if you don't mind.



Joined: Oct 04
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hi there marianne....

Posted: 2007-12-16 08:37 AM   
hey marianne,
nice to hear from you.
i am semi-busy. hahaha. i just haven't got the focus to write any reports or posting photo.
i saw your new photo album. they are splendid.
don't you love the new layout for globo? it's really nice :)

cheers marianne,


Joined: Mar 06
Points: 6237

thanks marianne

Posted: 2007-12-15 06:04 PM   
Hi Marianne.
I am very glad that you liked the is a long time i want to upload them but since my study has became harder being long hours in hospital (i am medical student), i could hardly find a free time.yes,in iran we also had it but not now,you will find them in old buildings,as you know ,some parts of iran have terribly hot wether .
you are very welcomed to Iran.hope we see you here.
best regards


Joined: Dec 05
Points: 26139

Hi Marianne

Posted: 2007-12-15 01:42 PM   
Thanks for noticing my new profole pictue, I took it whilst I was in Jamaica, I even when swimming with my horse. We were in the sea and my horse was swimming, it was really amazing!, shame that it was rainning on that day!
New pic!

Take care


Joined: Dec 05
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Hi Marianne

Posted: 2007-12-15 12:38 PM   
Specially for You I posted some pphotos from Sandomierz. More soon. Hope you will enjoy.

Cheers Rafal


Joined: Jun 07
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Posted: 2007-12-13 07:15 PM   
Hi Marianne,

I have just arrived from Tenerife. My friends and me had a great time there with spotless weather. We managed to do some trekking there including climbing Mt Teide (over 3700 meters high). It's an excellent place to travel from Europe in winter. It's relatively close and the weather is bound to be good.
Unfortunately my camera was stolen (not without my fault, I guess) at the baggage claim at the airport. There was a lot of mess then and I think that was the moment when it's gone. Hopefully we had another 2 cameras to take pictures and I hope you will like them. I'll try to upload them as soon as possible. When I have a bit more time I'll also spend some time on writing a report to show Tenerife is not only about beaches and partying but also offers great opportunities for other activities.



Joined: Dec 05
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Posted: 2007-12-12 09:20 AM   
This is the city in central/southern Poland, very pretty and pictoresque. I will write a report and post the photos soon. (Yesterday I posted some photos from United States and Chile ) so I dont have to many uploads in December. We are calling Sandomierz very often "little Cracow", is located on seven hills, with Old Town untouched by the wars, etc. You will see on the photos.

Bydgoszcz is located in central/northern part of Poland between Warsaw and Gdańsk. It is the capital of Cujavia region. Quite pretty. But the biggest advantage is that the city is not far from Torun (city of Copernic - one of the highlights in Poland).

How we pronounce "szcz" - "sz" is sch in German language and cz is "tch" in English. It is the easiest way to explain.

Tke care


Joined: Dec 05
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Pargue travel tips

Posted: 2007-12-12 08:33 AM   
Hi Marianne

You are the master in posing travel tips. Those from Prague are excellent. Now in my travel i will put more attention on such thing, to be abel to put them after on Globosapiens site.
I just put one of the nicest place that i slept this year. Close to Sandomierz in Poland.

Take care


Joined: Sep 04
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Thank you for the chicken thief

Posted: 2007-12-10 02:56 PM   
Hi Marianne,
This is perfect and I did not know the legend before.


Joined: May 05
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Posted: 2007-12-10 11:10 AM   
That was in old USSR times. Now the border is open and Europeans do not need visa.
Georgia is a very pleasant country to discover. Go at the same time to Armenia and Azerbaijan, you will enjoy them. Life is very cheap compared to Western Europe.

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