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cootha Hervey Bay - A travel report by Catherine
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Hervey Bay,  Australia - flag Australia -  Queensland
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Fraser Island, Queensland

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Hervey Bay travelogue picture
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is located at the southern-most end of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is famous for its long beaches, four wheel driving, camping on the beach, whale watching, fishing, rainforests, and beautiful lakes.

Favourite spots:
Hervey Bay travelogue picture
The whole island is beautiful - it has freshwater lakes, moving sand dunes, rain forests, camping areas and 4WD only. The Eastern coastline is one big long beach and the western coastal area is famous for whale watching.

What's really great:
Hervey Bay travelogue picture
Lots of whales off the eastern coast playing around in the ocean on the horizon. Lots of dingoes walking along the beach. Camping on the beach and watching the sunrise. Lake Mackenzie (in the centre of the island) is beautiful - perfectly clear water and white sand. The big eroded sand hills at the northern end of the island.

Hervey Bay travelogue picture
Long beaches, whale watching, dingoes, clear lakes, rainforests, sand dunes, and millions of other things.

Hervey Bay travelogue picture
Camping on the beach. There are accomodation facilites in a little town in the centre of the island.




Other recommendations:
You'll have to go there yourself!

Published on Monday March 31th, 2003

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