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Kumarakom - A travel report by Kiran
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Kumarakom,  India - flag India -  Kerala
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Kumarakom, nature's precious gift

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Where were these smiles before?! I enjoyed this question through the week in Kumarakom, the nature's precious gift, that brought all those smiles back that I forgot for quite sometime

Through villages around the backwaters
Through villages around the backwaters
Life, that is what I liked most around the lakes around Kumarakom. These are the backwater lakes whose splendor we often hear or read about. Once I read an English translation of Bertolt Brecht, that goes something like 'there is a house near the lake, under the tree from which slowly comes smoke...if that smoke is missing what’s the use of the house, the lake and the tree'. There are a lot of villages on the banks of backwaters. Inherent Uncertainties throw natural challenges to life, for example the most common transportation is via boats, rather unpredictable and dependent on weather and light. Yet you will still feel the charm of life in these villages and warmth of love in the villagers. I would say it is a matter of experience that we allow ourselves to cherish. Long canals, some man-made and some natural, flow through villages, lush brownish green paddy fields, well grown banana and coconut lagoons sum up breath taking scenery.

Favourite spots:
Sunset over Lake Vamband
Sunset over Lake Vamband
"God's own country", some of us possibly have known this southern Indian state of Kerala as. A two hour drive from Kochi international airport, will already give you sneak previews of what can be expected further. Kumarakom welcomes you with lush green banana plantations, paddy fields some green and some gold based on the life cycle, coconut lagoons and the clean water lakes are in deep blue color. It is not about sight seeing, it is an experience of pleasant feeling. We allowed ourselves to enjoy the nature's beauty in all possible ways.

What's really great:
Think of night in that setting
Think of night in that setting
The most important thing while visiting the backwater splendor in Kerala is to stay in a house boat. We spent a day on the house boat (by lakes and lagoons co.) and it is really a great experience. The staff is as courteous and friendly, you feel secure, comfortable and refreshing. The boat steadily sailed through the lakes, canals and villages for an overnight stay in a lake. Imagine a night stay in a beautiful lake surrounded by paddy fields and coconut grooves. The crew in the boat also made the stay memorable with great food freshly cooked on board, keeping the boat clean. The bed room (air-conditioned!!) is very clean and the bathroom is spot less. There are a lot of boat companies offering such services and some of them offer great luxury as well.

A view of the meandering pool villas
A view of the meandering pool villas
We stayed in Kumarakom Lake Resorts during our stay of 5 days. Service is simply next to none, food is awesome. Meandering pool villa, the room where we stayed has this excellent pool running through the villas, that makes your back yard a big swimming pool. It is expensive but worth for such a great experience. A unique thing that I noticed in the staff, a very friendly smile and greetings when they see you. It is not a marketing smile that we are generally used to, a smile so refreshing that the next best thing that you can do is to smile back. I really felt at home. State of Kerala is also very famous for Ayurveda, the ancient medical science. The resorts also has a well maintained Ayurveda centre for all types of therapeutic massages and a decent health club as well.

Ettukattu Restaurant
Ettukattu Restaurant
I can not close this report without a mention of food. Ettikattu, the restaurant has pampered us with its great menu. It was very difficult to resist and even more difficult to decide when to stop. Again, the staff is at their best, serving you with passion. Vembanadu, the sea food restaurant overlooking the excellent lake is yet another great place either for a lunch or dinner.
Both these restaurants are part of Kumarkom lake resorts though.

Other recommendations:
Tea in making
Tea in making
When you are in Kumarakom:

# Drink local tea in glass
# Eat banana chips fried in coconut oil
# Try all the local delicacies
# Stay on the houseboat
# Take a walk in the nearby villages
# Enjoy Kerala coconut water

Published on Saturday September 30th, 2006

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Sun, Oct 01 2006 - 12:44 PM rating by marianne

Nice report and photos. I suppose five days was too short. I loved the deepfried banana rounds and made them at home. Very easy, and why did we (westerns) never think of doing this.
It would be nice if you could write more about your recommedations for Kumarakom.

Sun, Oct 01 2006 - 07:05 AM rating by gloriajames

Nice holiday destination! Liked the pic of the villa with pool. Looks like you had a great time! 5*

Sat, Sep 30 2006 - 12:34 PM rating by mrscanada

This part of India sounds so restful. This was a very interesting review.
I don't fry my banana chips in coconut oil because it's bad for you. I use coconut milk when I make my fresh fruit morning milk shake.

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