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Nileshwar - A travel report by Kiran
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Nileshwar,  India - flag India
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Experience tranquility

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A little town on the Malabar coast (state of Kerala) in India and an exquisite resort called Neeleshwar Hermitage, could not get on to your travel map, unless explicitly told.

sea, lake and the palms
sea, lake and the palms
Nileshwaram (aka Nileshwar) is a small town on the Indian coast of Arabian sea. Just like any of the beautiful places, it takes some effort and planning to get there, only to forget all the strain but to simply unfold yourself to tranquility. Long, clean and beautiful beach, arabian sea at its best, long stretches of coconut groves, quiet backwaters describe the place, the best they can. Description of Nileshwar is not complete without a mention of Neeleshwar Hermitage (google it to know more), wonderful resort that packages the beauty of Nileshwar.

Favourite spots:
Clean beach and good waters happen to be the most interesting spot. Peace and quietness bring about the real beauty of the location. Most of the locals are also spotted on the beach but they just mind their business and let you have your privacy.

Adjacent to the resort is a small lake of fresh water extended from the backwaters. Water is fresh and clean too. A Patch of soft beach sand separates the lake and the sea, and thats quite a view in itself to sit there for long hours doing nothing.

What's really great:
Neeleshwar Hermitage
Neeleshwar Hermitage
Neeleshwar Hermitage brings the best of the place and really packages tranquility, as they claim it. About 15 cottages, built in tradition style amidst lush green surroundings. You could simply stay put there for weeks and also not complain. The location being next to the beach and the lake is an important aspect.

Countless hours of swimming pool abetting the beach will be just normal.

Confession: Although I keep referring the resort, it is natural since we liked it a lot, but that does not mean there are no other places in Nileshwar.

Bekal fort
Bekal fort
Fort: We visited an old fort in Bekal, overlooking the arabian sea, about 1hr drive from Nileshwar. It is a well preserved and maintained heritage site. Bekal also has a very good beach that attracts a lot of tourists.

Caves: Another excellent place to visit is the Ashram of Swami Nityananda near Kanhangad (pronounced as Kanjangad) that unveils 45 caves of religious importance.

Nileshwar travelogue picture
Ofcourse, we stayed in Neeleshwar Hermitage so I could not have all the information of other possibilities. However, Nileshwar, Kanhangad, Bekal have lot of resorts and homestay possibilities.

Other recommendations:
When you are in Nileshwar

#have unlimited peace

#enjoy nature

#relish kerala coconut water

#take a walk on the long stretch of the beach

#visit backwaters for houseboat experience

#visit caves and bekal fort

Published on Monday October 18th, 2010

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Tue, Oct 19 2010 - 06:46 AM rating by adisidh


Mon, Oct 18 2010 - 05:20 PM rating by horourke

very interesting report opening up the possibility of real leisure through meditating and relaxing in quietness anywhere

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