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Amanda's Travel log

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Hi, it's all about the adventure... ((*_*))

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Feb 22, 2009 10:00 PM Part 2.....

Part 2..... Being in paradise and not knowing what to do is my new dilema. The idea of cycling down a volcano in the sounded like a really good idea; but as this holiday was more about resting then physical activity, I had to tie my hands behind my back so that I wouldn't sign up for this activity. I love cycling so much that this is probably something that I will regret for the rest of my life, as teh pictures of the area look just perfect. I was going to use Haleakala Bike Company as it was recommended, but all plans changed so the best way to experience paradise was on the beach or in a hot tub.

Btw - the picture used isn't mine.

Feb 21, 2009 10:00 PM Maui Gold!

Maui Gold! I’m told that this refers to their pineapple, but it could also refer to the sandy beaches that are available on Maui.

This place seems to be the play ground of the rich and famous, with activities of golf, the pristine beaches, you name it; you could probably do it in Maui. Maui is a prime spot for whale and dolphin watching, but I didn’t do it, snorkelling, canoe/kayaking, submarine tours, fishing, and of course surfing; however I didn’t do anything but end up on a beach somewhere, before heading to Wal-Mart.

Feb 20, 2009 10:00 PM Stepping back into history

Stepping back into history The day before I left Tobago, Pearl Harbour with Ben Afleck was on TV, and I watched the attached. That kind of set the scene for the day; I headed to Pearl Harbour to get a first hand view, and it was quite moving. I took the naval launch out to skeleton of the Arizona where over 1900 service men died in the attack on one battleship. As I stood watching over the ‘casket’ I saw the oil floating on the surface of the water and it was like coming full circle of where started in October and visiting Hiroshima.

Feb 19, 2009 10:00 PM Ahola, hang loose man, Aloha!

Ahola, hang loose man, Aloha! My first view of Honolulu was last night as the airport shuttle took me all over Waikiki Beach, visiting all the hotels. There is a number 19 bus (cost $2) that takes about an hour from the airport but they will not let you board with luggage. This shuttle turned out to be operated by one of the major Hawaiian tour companies – Robets Hawaii and cost around $15 return. But as you enter Waikiki the buildings get taller and the density of hotels increase. But it really seems like a happening place to be. I was so happy that I opted for a beach hotel and didn’t end up in the city.

After dropping my bags at the hotel, I went in search of dinner and the place was really buzzing. Quite a few of the shops were open including ABC Stores, which is probably on every street corner that offers souvenirs for sale as well as general supplies. I was really bad because in the end I didn’t fancy sitting in a restaurant so I ended up in Mickey Ds; sometimes it is nice to see the local various and this included a spam sandwich as well as Maui gold – pineapple.

Feb 19, 2009 10:00 PM Oscar's Weekend

Oscar's Weekend Ok my first trip for the year and yet again I feel very privileged.

I'm heading to Hawaii and have a layover in LA and this is only my second visit to the West coast of America. I've got five hours so I decide to head of Hollywood and take in the atmosphere of the Academy Awards. I got a bus from the airport - well two to La Brea and Hollywood Boulevard, and it was total chaos. The boulevard was blocked off to road traffic and there were so many different television companies there doing links, interviews and rehearsing for the big day. The excitement was magical and even though I had no plans of watching the event on TV I was so please to be in the middle of all the hype.

Feb 06, 2009 10:00 PM When in paradise

When in paradise I was initailly planning a four day vacation on Hawaii to celebrate a brithday, but a little birdie whispered to me that I should try cruising. Now I will try most things at least once, I thought I can't knock it untill I've tried it.

So now instead of spending 4 days I am spending 9 with seven being spent on the ship. The idea is to visit 4 of the main islands over the seven day. But it was recommend that I should spend some time out side of the cruise to really enjoy the islands.

Checking out some of the cruise websites, I noticed that people were flying in to Oahu then going on to another island ie maui, then flying back to Honolulu to set sail. I didn't have time before the cruise so I added on at day at the end to continue to explore Honolulu. (As it happens I wish I hadn't, becaust after the cruise I was ready to head back and for some reason spending time in Honolulu just appeared like if I was stalling.) I will be traveling with NCL and have read some nice blogs about people's experiences so I feel quietly confident that it will be a great journey. If all goes well, in a couple of years I will cruise the caribbean.

Jan 31, 2009 10:00 PM Two weeks and counting

Two weeks and counting Hmmmm LA, proved too much for a man....

Well something like that.

Carnival in Trinidad is in two and a bit weeks and you would think that I would be here to enjoy the festivity, but alas I will be flying of to the good ole US of A. So instead of 'jumping up in a band' I will be seeing the sights of Hollywood again.

Jan 30, 2009 10:00 PM Where in the world next?

Where in the world next? I've been watching the Australian Open and it got me thinking of where in the world I should go this year. I'm a little undecided but thought Australia would be nice - but I can't get away until June which will be the beginning of their winter; so maybe that is out of the question.

Bearing in mind that last year I had some plans that I couldn't complete maybe I should put them back on the list for this year. However, with the economic conditions it may not happen, but here goes: USA, Russia, Thailand, Veitnam, Cambodia Brugee and Switzerland. But these are all subject to change. I hope things changes and I can get most of them done.

Jan 29, 2009 10:00 PM Raining cats and dogs

Raining cats and dogs It started around 5am when the heavens opened, it rained like the monsoon, constant and heavy. I woke up and just watched it fall, but then began to worry 'how are I going to work today with all this rain'.

I decided to venture out, so got a drop to work instead of waiting for the bus; I had already got caught out yesterday, having to run for cover. But when I got to school it seems like most people didn't turn up. I suppose this is equivalent to 'pulling a sicky'.

I alwasy wonder how people could justify not going to work because it is raining and this is meant to be the dry season.

I only taught one class today and by lunch time it was over. We were allowed to go early - now that's the beauty of working in the Caribbean.

Jan 05, 2009 10:00 PM Last Lap - taking an extra week

Last Lap - taking an extra week There haven’t been many students out to school so far and I’ve been informed that the parents usually take an unofficial extra week. I was completely disheartened to hear this. As I’m thinking if my child is a slow learner then they need all the time they can get at school; and the more they go to school the more of an opportunity they have of learning something worthwhile, instead of being underfoot at home; but I’m not a parent, really not even a teacher but just an assistant.

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