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Amanda's Travel log

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Hi, it's all about the adventure... ((*_*))

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Apr 28, 2009 08:00 PM Last ditch

Last ditch Well for the last, I have to head to a few beaches, but the new trend is to charge an entrance fee. There used to be only one beach on the island that had an entry fee, but now there is at least two others, I headed down to Canoe Bay, which was a lot quieter than Pigeon Point and the water was lovely and claim unlike Store Bay. It only cost TT$15 entrance fee which is around £2, but it does mean you have changing facilities, toilets and a bar. What more can you ask for.

Apr 27, 2009 08:00 PM Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point The last lap of the Jazz Festival was held in Pigeon Point, which used to be a private owned beach, but it appears the governemnt have bought them out. I don't know but I suspect that things came to a head a few years ago when a local fisherman was killed by a security guard. To be honest I forget how this it happend, but the people was up in arms and said that the company was taking things too far as fisherman have always been allowed to enter the resort without paying.

Anyway for the most popular beach on the island it really made sense to be owned by the people. But the funny thing is that the cost has now gone up to TT$30 entrance fee when people thought it would be free.

Apr 26, 2009 08:00 PM It's over and done, but the heartache lives on inside

It's over and done, but the heartache lives on inside Well all things must come to an end. I finished up at the school today, and have a couple of days to sort things out before returning to London.

I enjoyed myself tremendously and was really moved when a few of the children cried as I was leaving. I'm so proud of the effect I had on them and I really home they will remember me in years to come.

Now it is time to head to the beach...

Apr 24, 2009 08:00 PM Beach Jazz Fest

Beach Jazz Fest The Jazz Festival was postponed indefinitely this year, so the THA decided to hold a Beach Jazz Feast, where up and down the length of Tobago they have organised different events. I love the way with jazz festival that most of the artists that perfrom don't really do jazz, but it is so nice hearing the music. I also like how they have have mixed in steel pan to add a local favour. Tomorrow we are meant to be going the Pigion Point to experience Jazz on the Beach, they have George Benson headlining, but we will see.

Apr 23, 2009 08:00 PM Second to last day

Second to last day Today was meant to be my last day at work and I really pumped up, but owing to missing the ferry from Trinidad the last night all plans changed.

The ferry left Port of Spain at 6.30 but it was after ten that we got into Scarborough. I mean the journey usually takes two and a half hours; but today when I need to get to school early it was running late.

So instead of being there at 9am I rolled in at 12pm, as before I arrived I had to stop at the grocery to buy some ice cream and cones, a cake and soft drink for the teachers. I didn’t want to make too much of it, so I thought this would round off my time at the school nicely.

All the work that I’d planned to do went out of the window as they had planned a lunch for me. Funny thing with surprised, I ended up have two, because I ate my lunch before they told me what they had planned. But it was so nice to see the effort that was made. After a grand lunch the children sung some songs, danced and played instruments in my honour. I must admit I felt really special. I was presented with a plaque that included the picture that they took on Tuesday and some presents.

After ice cream we all went home, but because that after noon was taken up with festivities, I will have to go back on Monday to complete my outstanding work. You know what, I really don’t mind as it has been a great experience.

Apr 22, 2009 08:00 PM Nothing all day

Nothing all day I chose to spend the day at home today, which was quite nice. It is amazing as ordinarily I would feel very clastrophobic and need some fresh air, but when you live on an island and you can open the windows and doors to hav the breeze rushing through, it actually feels really nice. Tomorrow is another day!

Apr 21, 2009 08:00 PM Wrapping things up

Wrapping things up Oh no, plans have changed; tomorrow I have to take off so I want to complete the news letter today. I’ve been given the final articles but I’m a little unhappy with some of them. I think I need to take some time to go through them; but just I was about to do that, two students wanted to have a lesson and I just couldn’t refuse. It is so nice when children are keen to learn.

Apr 20, 2009 08:00 PM So many things to do so little time

So many things to do so little time I'm wrapping up things at the school this week. I've got two major projects to complete. I have to complete the July Newsletter and the a few reports.

Today we took a photo of the entire school which will serve as a keepsake. I really feel like I will be missed.

Apr 19, 2009 08:00 PM Let’s go round again!

Let’s go round again! This is the beginning of my last teaching week and I’ve been looking forward to seeing the children again.

Apr 18, 2009 08:00 PM Same ole, same ole

Same ole, same ole Early Sunday morning I decided to watch a bit of tennis and see the finals of the Monte Carlo Masters, but was completely bored after the first set. I know Rafal Nadal is great but it is a foregone conclusion that he is going to win so I need not waste my time watching it.

As I started surfing, I stopped on a local channel which was highlighting the Heads of Government Meeting taking place at the Diplomatic Centre in St Anns, Port of Spain; this is the official residence of the Prime Minister. I watched as PM Manning arrived, I could only wonder if he lives there where did he sleep last night? I also watched as the left handed US President arrived, in the ‘Beast’, from the opposite direction the only head of state to do this.

As far as I’m aware, I believe this will also be the venue where the official photo will be taken as well as the ‘Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain’ will be signed later today, but the news reports suggest that a few nations will not sign it on the grounds of Cuba’s omission. But we will see!

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