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Uluru The most expensive place on earth 
The heart of the former British Empire and a world centre for finance, London is an incredible city.... more

Uluru London for free (well, almost) 
All of the big museums in London are now free and surely there must be something for everybody, even... more

Uluru The Magnetic Metropol(e) 
Most foreigners arrive in London via one of 4 major airports, of which London Heatrow is the biggest... more

Uluru A tourist in my own City 
The best time to be in London is during the summer; the problem is that as a Londoner I never found... more

Uluru London - many Places, little time 
The best way to get a view of london is to get on the 'London Eye', the World's largest ferris-wheel... more

Uluru London for the Unpretentious Goth 
I spent a week in London on business, so my time wasn't entirely my own, but I did as well as I coul... more

Uluru A few days in London 
I had only been to London one time before prior to this trip and that was only for one day. But this... more

Uluru Too big for only a few words.. 
London started on a swamp and was infested by mosquitoes, yet these few hundred years ago, who would... more

Uluru Harry Potter's London 
As a fan of the 'Harry Potter' series by J. K. Rowling, I was estatic when my equally obsessive frie... more

Uluru Comfortly London 
For an American doing a European tour package as a first trip abroad, London was like a trusty old p... more

Uluru whirl wind tour of london 
seeing as i only really had a week in london, i would get up very very early and make sure that they... more

Uluru Spiritual London Walks 
Stayed at a very reasonable (about 100US dollars per WEEK) boarding house in the Bloomsbury area- wa... more

London Tourist 
London is a vibrant and alive city. There is nothing you can't do, find or see! The city tour busses... more

London - The Root of Your Heritage 
Walk down the streets where many armies marched, where kings walked, and where many world-changing d... more

Living in London 
In 2000 I went to London for a semester of school. I shared a flat with 5 girlfriends, and it was an... more

Uluru A quick stop over in London 
On my way from Perth, Australia to Germany I did a free stop over for days in London. There is so mu... more

London - a home away from home! 
A whole lot of history all rolled up in one place. From ancient Rome to Red Dwarf... the sushi isn't... more

Uluru London - Nothing else needs to be said 
My impressions of London vary greatly. I have been there twice - once in summer and once in winter.... more

city of wonderful people 
Capital of England and stands for everything that is British. It's a city of the world with such an... more

Too big to discover 
If you've never been to London I could only say poor you. This city if that big and that interesting... more

Bustling city. Very busy with lots of traffic. Strikes are not uncommon. Be prepared to walk if the... more

London - City that never sleeps 
I have mixed feeling about London, I love it and I hate it. I love the history, the pace at which th... more

Destination: London 
I don't think I could live there, but I had to see it at least once. It's very crowded and things se... more

Salsa in the city! (Sound Leicester Sq) 
A view to the Salsa hotspots in the capital. Although there is a lot of information on the web it is... more

London, U.K. 
Very nice city with a lot of history and excellent museums. Very good club scene as well. And decent... more

Living in London - 1999 onwards 
I've been living in London for the past 3 years, origianally came to travel but the place grew on me... more


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