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Uluru Traveler Goes To 'Frisco 
The San Francisco Bay Area is know as The Bay. One of the best things about San Francisco is that yo... more

Uluru The Golden Gate City 
I remember the opening credits of Three's Company, with the trams going up the hills, the characteri... more

Uluru I have my heart with San Francisco 
Surround by water on thee sides; the city charms its residents and visitors with magnificent views,... more

A few days in Frisco before hitting the road down to LA. These are all MUST-DOs: the Powell-Hyde Cab... more

Uluru San Francisco (July 2005) 
San Francisco is a very picturesque city with many distinct and interesting neighborhoods. The weath... more

Uluru San Francisco: You'll want to live here! 
Ever San Francisco neighborhood has a different personality, so a weeks time would be perfect to get... more

Uluru San Francisco 
San Francisco is one of the most exiting cities in the USA. In 2000 I've been there a couple of days... more

Gorgeous and golden San Francisco 
I love this city! From it's windy streets, to it's rich history, to it's beautiful coastline. There... more

You'll never forget this city!!! 
I stayed with my host-family in the Grant Hyed (or something like that) I had a wonderful view over... more

The most beautiful city in the world? 
San Francisco is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Probably it... more

Fun in San Francisco 
San Francisco was great, the seals on the wharf were the highlight as ive never seen so many in one... more


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