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lysdor George Town - A travel report by Tiina
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George Town,  Cayman Islands - flag Cayman Islands
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lysdor's travel reports

The West Indies... water activities Paradise!

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George Town travelogue picture
Why this island? I wanted to have a safe, relaxing and tranquil vacation and enjoy sweeping white sand beaches and hot sunny weather as well as snokeling trips in clear blue waters. That is why I chose Grand Cayman which belongs to the British crown colony of three lush tropical islands that total just 100 square miles in area. The Cayman Islands have an attractive mix of Caribbean charm and American efficiency and It's just a 70 minutes fly from Miami! True story?!? Legends of Cayman's occupation by pirates during the 18th century, including treasure caches left behind by Edward Blackbeard Teach, Neal Walker (in Little Cayman) and Henry Morgan, continue to be a romantic but historically questionable part of the folklore of this Western Caribbean country.

Favourite spots:
George Town travelogue picture
Visit (lol) STINGRAY CITY ääääääThis has nothing to do with a regular city tour. You have to take a boat and do some snorkeling if you want to see and touch (feels like rubber!) these magestics animals - quite scary I must say but a marvelous experience I wouldn't have missed! In Grand Cayman, these fascinating and marvelous animals can be easily found, and hand fed in the water, on regular dive and snorkel trips run to Stingray City In mathematics, a 'ray' is a straight line extending away from a singular point, not unlike a ray of sunshine. In marine biology, a 'ray' is type of broad, flattened, cartilaginous fish closely related to the sharks. Southern Stingrays have white underbellies and slate gray, brown, or black upper surfaces. Wingspan can reach six feet (2 m) across on large individuals, however males are noticeably smaller than females. And if you want to know how to feed stingrays check the website below... Website:

What's really great:
George Town travelogue picture
Some History Columbus discovered Little Cayman and Cayman Brac during his fourth and last voyage to the New World, on May 10, 1503. While sailing from Panama to Hispaniola, severe winds pushed his ships off course west. The ship's log reported ... we were in sight of two very small and low islands, full of tortoises, as was all the sea about, insomuch as they looked like little rocks. Consequently, Columbus named the islands Las Tortugas after the abundant sea turtles sighted. The islands were later named Lagartos, meaning alligator or large lizard and finally, the name Caymanas was applied around 1540, derived from the Carib indian word for marine crocodile. This name, in a modified form, has remained since the late 16th century.

George Town travelogue picture
You can go to Hell and then come back with tales of a blackened and jagged rock formation that gives this little district in West Bay its name. Hell's intriguing weathered rock formation is over 1 1/2 million years old and resembles the charred remains of a hell fire. Hell's own post office was opened in 1962 for tourists who wanted to send postcards from Hell.

George Town travelogue picture
Ghost hotel :-)
Holiday Inn
... on the 7 miles Beach but it does not exist as it was anymore. It was torn down a couple of years ago to make room for the new Ritz Carlton project. Sorry about that!! Picture is from that OLD Holiday Inn which was right on the beach!

George Town travelogue picture
The turtle Farm
On the way there you will notice road signs with a TURTLE picture on and the text 'Turtles crossing'

Sea turtles are an important part of the history and culture of the Cayman Islands, and the Cayman Turtle Farm, founded in 1968, has worked to insure the growth and re-population of this endangered species in Cayman waters.

George Town travelogue picture
All sorts of water activities especially snorkeling are to be tryed out.
I went everyday (several times a day!!!) for a snorkeling swim and found MY SPECIAL SPOT. Unfortunately there was also a beautiful colored tropical fish with whom I shared the area. This fish was very territorial and as soon as I arrived on top of him he became very nervous - swimming faster and stopping underneath me to have a better look who was disturbing his peace!
As it was FLAT he had to tilt on its side to see me - that looked truly funny but as he kept on doing it several times I got the message and left HIS SPOT for that time but I must admit I had to go back there every day to see my *pet-fish* even if he had a different opinion about my presence there!!

George Town travelogue picture
End your day by a romantic dinner under the stars!

Other recommendations:
George Town travelogue picture
Take a walk along the 7 miles beach and stop for a cold drink

Published on Sunday April 25th, 2004

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Tue, Apr 27 2004 - 01:08 AM rating by downundergal

I really liked your report, I was chuckling as I read it!

Sun, Apr 25 2004 - 06:45 AM rating by britman

Really good report - I did enjoy reading it and some great pictures. Thank you - you made me want to visit!

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