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lysdor Turku - A travel report by Tiina
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Turku,  Finland - flag Finland -  Lansi-Suomen Laani
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My University Town

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Turku travelogue picture
It is here in TURKU that I got the chance to start my University studies and spent 7 wonderful years! ..... Turku is only 175 KM from Helsinki which is a 2 - 2,5 hours drive by car or bus. ...... Nowadays my only reason to come to Turku is my dentist, who's a VERY good friend of mine - he is extremely gentle :-)! But once here I'll try to visit some of my other friends at the same time. And beside, driving here gives me plenty of time to get scared before my dentist appointment...LOL!

WebSite of TURKU:

Favourite spots:
Turku travelogue picture
MUSEUMS Here is a list of some of them: * LUOSTARINMÄKI HILL is located behind Vartiovuori Hill and due to that, survived the great fire of Turku in 1827. This handicraft museum with its buildings has defied the centuries but will the art of crafting manage to do the same? The area was awarded the coveted international Golden Apple prize in 1974. * ABOA VETUS & ARS NOVA Exhibits in this museum are not confined inside glass cabinets. You'll have the chance to feel the history all around you when walking along a genuine medieval street. The depths of the museum and the excavations have revealed fascinating remnants that tell us about life long, long time ago. This tour you can make again and again - without once getting bored! Where ABOA VETUS looks back to yesterday, ARS NOVA is ahead of its time. Changing exhibitions take us along the various phases of contempory 20th century art. These two museums received the European Museum of the year Award in 1997!

What's really great:
Turku travelogue picture
RUISSALO Being located close to the centre of Turku (4 KM), Ruissalo has been a popular recreational area from historical times! The Ruissalo island harbours the largest broad-leaved forests of Finland. Nearly 200 years old oaks are common on the island, and other wood species on the island are birch, alder, pine and spruce. There are beautiful old wooden houses built in the mid-1800s', the botanical garden, a health SPA-HOTEL RUISSALO: , a camping and beach. The oldest rock-festival in Finland (30 years): RUISROCK: is also held there every year (dates for 2004 are 10.- 11.7!)

Turku travelogue picture
* THE ANGEL RESTAURANT * RAVINTOLA ENKELI: Good food and a divine atmosphere. You'll be met with the arrows of Cupid, the mischief of cherubs, artwork, decorative chairs, angels and the cosiness of an old house. Live music is performed evenings at the Angel Restaurant.
* HESBURGER: After a night out dancing at KÅREN - a popular student place, we used to walk back to the campus and stop at this hamburger kiosk (it was a smaller kiosk at that time) and order the one and only -KERROSHAMPURILAINEN: This chain is typically finnish and started in Naantali town near Turku!
At that time I had a lot - way too many of those double-deck hamburgers (very cheap for poor students!!) and can't really eat any of them anymore :-)!
But still, if I ever have to choose between any other brands I'll go for Hesburger.
* Restaurant FRANSMANNI: At Fransmanni you can enjoy French country cooking in a cosy atmosphere.

Turku travelogue picture
Hotels I've stayed in:

* Scandic Hotel Julia ()
* Scandic Hotel Marina Palace
* Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs

Turku travelogue picture
Amarillo, Eerikinkatu 15, tel: 250 2800
Börs Night Club, Kauppiaskatu 6, tel: 337 381
Down Town, Linnankatu 17, tel: 469 1141
Forte Night Club, Kristiinankatu 8, tel: 469 3333
Kilta, Humalistonkatu 8 A, tel: 469 0570
Kino, Kauppiaskatu 8, tel: 469 3433
Marilyn, Eerikinkatu 19, tel: 232 2111
Metropol, Aurakatu 10, tel: 278 0800
Mocca, Eerikinkatu 30, tel: 234 3010
Old School, Aurakatu 16, tel: 040-835 1953
Prima, Aurakatu 14 b, p. 232 3711
Bar57, Aurakatu 3, tel: 276 5700
Royal Club, Kongressikatu 1, tel: 651 111

Turku travelogue picture
Arnold, Kupittaa/ols station, tel: 250 5272
Cosmic Comic Café, Kauppiaskatu 4, tel: 250 4942
Dublin Irish Pub, Humalistonkatu 7, tel: 336 1292
Erik Public House, Eerikinkatu 6, tel: 231 6550
Hunter's Inn, Brahenkatu 3, tel: 233 3143
Kipparin Tuoppi, Kristiinankatu 4, tel: 232 7422
Koulu, panimoravintola, Eerikinkatu 18, tel: 274 5757
Kultainen Noutaja, Eerikinkatu 19, tel: 251 3713
Kåren, Hämeenkatu 22, tel: 469 0361
Music Bar Shadow, Humalistonkatu 6, tel: 251 3003
Olavin Krouvi Musicbar, Hämeenkatu 30, tel: 232 3135
Old Bank, Aurakatu 3, tel: 251 5700
Old Havanna Pub, Kongressikatu 1, tel: 651 111
Pub Port Arthur, Puutarhakatu 35, tel: 253 5178
Pub Mr. Brown, Yliopistonkatu 30, tel: 251 5412
Uusi Apteekki, Kaskenkatu 1, tel: 250 2595

Turku travelogue picture
So many but I'll list my favourite ones:
* WANNA GET BACK TO SCHOOL? I certainly would... as KOULU (School) is the largest brewery restaurant in Finland and the most specialised of Turku's pubs with a wine house and good restaurant.
* Restaurant FOIJA (Aurakatu 10): This restaurant brings so many memories! After a major test, I used to go celebrate with my girlfriends to Foija (Aurakatu 10) as it is located in HansaKortteli-mall right in the city center!
All students are poor and we only could afford from time to time one glass (12 cl) of wine and the famous KANAKORI (Chicken basket with french fries).
They still serve that same dish!
Turku university is situated about 2 KM from city center except for the translation school - where I studied - which was right in the center!

Other recommendations:
Turku travelogue picture
There are 3 sights in Turku that should not be missed by anyone: The Cathedral, Turku Castle and The Public Toilet pub (Puutorin VESSA) at Puutori-square!

Short History:
* The great fire of Turku in 1827 started right here at Puutori!
* 1933: Puutorin VESSA is built to relieve bus drivers' and passengers' need while the bus terminal was at Puutori-square!
This round building was found ugly by Turku people and was sarcastically named * the Mausoleum of Sutinen (the architect) * in accordance with Lenin's Mausoleum!
* 1986: it is closed to the public but still served bus drivers
* 6.6.1997: The Public Toilet is reopened after complete renovation AS A PUB!
It receives its own Mannekenpiss statue, offered by a finnish EuroParliament member.
It's not a big pub and people come only to have one-two drinks in a very unsual settings: toilets.
You may even have your beer served in an authentic potty!

Published on Tuesday October 21th, 2003

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Sat, Jan 01 2005 - 10:59 AM rating by davidx

I@ve only stayed in Turku a night at a time on the way from/to the boat or Helsinki. I thought it deserved longer. Now I know!

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