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lysdor Oranjestad - A travel report by Tiina
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Oranjestad,  Aruba - flag Aruba
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Oranjestad travelogue picture
The famous Divi Divi tree (called WATAPANA) is Aruba's natural compass, always pointing in a southwesterly direction due to the trade winds that blow across the island from the north-east. An interesting observation is that attempts to plant this tree in other parts of the world have proved futile - it seems the Divi Divi is most comfortable in Aruba. SPANISH EXPLORERS arrived in Aruba in the 15th century and eventually colonized the island. But in 1636 the Dutch took over, and Aruba has remained Dutch ever since. In 1986, Aruba became a separate entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, while prior to 1986, Aruba was a member of the Netherland Antilles. ORANJESTAD - The capital city named after the Dutch Royal House of Orange, has been the island's charming capital since 1797. Dutch and Spanish architecture co-mingle in Oranjestad, as did the town's early settlers.

Favourite spots:
Oranjestad travelogue picture
Located on Aruba's picturesque southern coast, Oranjestad is the historical Dutch capital city where the tall multicolored houses of Wilheminastraat combine carved wooded doors and traditional Dutch tiles with airy open galleries and sloping, Aruban-style roofs. Along the wharf, merchants come to sell fresh fish and produce right off the boats every morning. All of Aruba’s government buildings and main offices are located in the capital city.
* Place Your Bets at Aruba`s many Casinos and have some FUN -I DID- and I even managed to win back my 50$!

What's really great:
Oranjestad travelogue picture
The beaches curve like an Aruban smile along the western shores, soft and white and fringed with palm trees, sloping gently toward the calm, transparent turquoise of the Caribbean. The waves of the Atlantic crash like incessant thunder against the northern cliffs, carving high, arched coral bridges and deep, dark, secret limestone grottoes.

Oranjestad travelogue picture
* Natural Bridge: Caribbean`s highest and most dramatic coral structure and the largest of eight on the island, which was carved over the centuries by the pounding sea and forms an arch measuring over 100 feet long standing 23 feet above sea level.
Can you see the people on top of the bridge?

* Experience Sand Dune Hiking!
* Doll-Like-Houses in the center of Oranjestad
* The harbor
* Sunset & Divi-Divi tree

Oranjestad travelogue picture

Highrise hotel with 481 ocean view airconditioned rooms, three restaurants, four bars, casino, shows & entertainment...
...well all goodies one can want from a luxury hotel but most of all the convenient casino and easy access to the beach, lol!

J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 77
Tel: +(297) 864 466
FAX: +(297) 868 217


Oranjestad travelogue picture
One of my favorite dining place on the island was at that time (1991) - The Old CunucuHouse - and is still there!

Under that link below, there are several other restaurants to choose from!


Other recommendations:
Oranjestad travelogue picture
Between the two extremes, in a desert landscape where the cacti grow to the height of a man, great building-sized tumbles of boulders stand like the legacy of some ancient, angry god. Winding roads lead to rocky passes and hidden coves, or sometimes to nowhere at all. Green parakeets call to their mates, and troupials flash billiant orange against the deep blue of the Caribbean sky.

This is not the Caribbean as usual. This is Aruba!

And, if it's true that opposites attract, then this could well be the most attractive island of them all.

Published on Tuesday October 21th, 2003

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Tue, Feb 21 2006 - 10:50 PM rating by ehs1193

Nice pictures. I like the neon sign

Tue, Apr 27 2004 - 04:27 PM rating by britman

Love the report - didn't think much of Aruba when I went though- reading the report you make it sound really nice - I ought to go back and rediscover it!!

Tue, Oct 21 2003 - 12:34 PM rating by cycleboy

Hi Tiina
Very good writing, nice pictures and full of information. And there is passion between your words, it seems you love this little caribbean island!

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