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lysdor Munich - A travel report by Tiina
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Munich,  Germany - flag Germany -  Bayern
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Munich travelogue picture
VIKTUALIENMARK: For breakfast try a weisswurst (THE white sausage) that should be eaten with Suesser Senf (a sweet, grainy mustard) and brezel AND NOTHING ELSE. Did You Know how ""It"" started?????? WELL it was a mistake. One night in February 1857, Stepp Moser’s restaurant in Munich’s Marineplatz was overwhelmed with patrons demanding wurst. When Moser ran out of the standard sausages, he hurriedly stuffed some thin pig intestines with a pale mixture made mainly of veal and parsley. But he goofed and overfilled the casings. A glance at the puffy links told Moser that if he friend them, they would burst. But the shouts of hungry customers range in his ears, so Moser plunked the fat white links in hot water and simmered them until they were cooked through. And what did his hungry customers think of the new sausages? They adored them, and because of this fluke, the quintessential Bavarian culinary experience—wei-sswurst—was born.

Favourite spots:
Munich travelogue picture
* JODLERWIRT (In the corner of Diener Strasse and Altenhof Strasse): a typical bavarian beer house with a rustic interior close to Alter Hof. Upstair there is a pub with a local trubadour performing joddling and telling nasty jokes in drastic bavarian dialect! If you thought you can understand fluently german you must see and hear this 'show'. * UNIONS BRÄU (Einsteinstrasse 42): Start your evening by a beer pubs' and winehouses' tour. The true specialty of the house is the naturally cloudy, unfiltered beer. This microbrewery is located in Haidhausen. WebSite: * HOFBRÃUHAUS AM PLATZLs: I like to come here listen to Bavarian music and have a drink. Touristical place? Maybe, but if you're in a hurry - come and enjoy the sillynesss of the place! But once inside you can't stop having a smile on your face, raise your glass and join in a cheerful shout *ein, zwo, drei - zuffraa! Dont' miss it, don't skip it even if told so! WebSite:

What's really great:
Munich travelogue picture
WEINHAUS NEUNER (Herzogspitalstrasse 8): A relatively small weintube on the left side and a much bigger good quality restaurant on the right side. I just had a glass of excellent Wurzburger white wine from Franken region and did not eat this time! * WEIN PROBIERSTUBE (residenzstraße 1): If you prefer german wines as I do, there are many 'Wein Stube' where you have the opportunity to sit at a shared wooden table, take part of a current discussion and taste one of the local wines-. You can choose from trocken wine:'dry', never contains more than 9 grams of residual sugar per liter, often less or halbtrocken:'off-dry-', may have not more than 18 grams of residual sugar per liter. FUN TIME GUARANTEED even if there are no beers - ONLY WINES but you will make friends!!

Munich travelogue picture
* Restaurant LENBACH (Ottostrasse 6): One of the most appealing restaurant in Munich occupies the grandiose premises of a 19th-century palace (the Bernheimerpalais am Lenbachplatz).
This stylish emporium of food, wine, sensuality, and conviviality evokes hip New York or Los Angeles.
The decorative theme revolves around the Seven Deadly Sins and the bar is the longest in Munich.
Adulterys represented by a provocative large-scale pre-Raphaelite painting behind the bar. The theme within the ultracomfortable drinking lounge is Sloth
Vanitys represented by a catwalk, illuminated by tricolored strobe lights, where you'll promenade, fashion-model style, high above other diners. Even the toilet is accessorized with jailhouse bars and manacles, to represent - cool indeed!!Wrath
Gluttonys difficult to resist in this culinary temple Other 'sins' await your own discovery.
Try some food items: 'seven sins platter incl. foie gras, lobster, carpaccio of beef and mozzarella tarts or Sushi.

Munich travelogue picture
Restaurant HAXNBAUER (Sparkassenstr. ): The MUST HAVE here is the formidable Schweinhaxn. This whole pork knuckle is spit-roasted to give outstanding crackling.
The knuckles can be seen roasting on a spit in the window, a sight that reflects the establishment's typically Bavarian attitude: For example, when asked which vegetable he preferred, a local notable is reputed to have replied, More meat makes the best vegetable.

Try also Munich’s local dishes which sound more like something you have tried before, try the Rippchen (ribs) or Schweinebraten mit Knödel (roast pork with dumpling).
* Restaurant LÖWENBRÄU (Nymphenburger Str. 2 ): Typical local food
* Restaurant LE BOUSQUEREY (Rablstr. 37): This is my favourite FRENCH restaurant.
A tiny place with a changing delicious menu written with white shalk on a big blackboard.
The wine list is huge especially for french red ones!
It is recommended to reserve your table even on week days.

Munich travelogue picture
* Restaurant WERNECKHOF (Werneckstr. 11): A rustic FRENCH restaurant with a sophisticated menu
* Restaurant LE FAUBOURG (Kirchenstraße 5 ): A very small FRENCH restaurant with a changing menu written on a shalkboard!

Munich travelogue picture
* Restaurant SPATENHAUS (Residenzstr. 12): a typical bavarian style restaurant located in the city center just opposite the opera.
The ground floor serves bavarian specialities such as pork and sausage dishes.
Please remember not to eat 'weisswürst' (white sausage) after 12am!
The first floor serves international kitchen with bavarian flavor.
* Restaurant WEISSES BRÄUHAUS (Near Marienplatz at Tal 10): The atmosphere is always bustling in this legendary Munich restaurant. Home of the famous Schneider-Weisse wheat beer. Typical Bavarian dishes are served in a crowded dining room. It’s customary and fun to join a table of strangers if a chair is free.

The oldest hefeweizen in existence, is a magnificent, spicy-fruity-peppery flavour bomb. And somewhat amazingly, the Schneider Weisse offers all of this while still maintaining a refreshing character. Truly, a great beer, tasted at the Weisses Brauhaus in Munich.
* Restaurant Fuchsenstuben (Perusastrasse 5): german

Other recommendations:
Munich travelogue picture
Almost everything you have heard about Munich is true. First of all, Müncheners are delightfully jolly, they eat hearty food, and they drink beer with breakfast. Then, when it comes to funny hats, Bavaria leads the world: Mid-afternoon, you'll see respectable middle-aged men in the beer hall wearing Alpine hats with what looks like a huge shaving brush sticking up at the back. And, yes, they do sway to the music of the oompah bands, and they do clash giant beer steins together. In fact, for once, everything the tourist board has been telling you is accurate.

Published on Tuesday October 21th, 2003

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Tue, Aug 07 2007 - 07:10 AM rating by dreamergirl

hey! liked your article on munich, interesting to see the tourist point of view ^^ no seriously, ive been living here for a while and since when exactly do we drink beer for breakfast ?!

Tue, Nov 02 2004 - 09:40 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii tiina,
nice report again by you,well i have heard so much about munich from hindi movies in which munich is a common spot for shooting songs.

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