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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Nov 27, 2023 10:00 PM Dancing in the ocean...

Dancing in the ocean... Atlantic is more rocky roday, but in the evening in the different corners of the ship (at least 4) the music plays anthe people are dancing on the dance floor - no time to be bored! We hanve also good - quality Broadway-style shows. Let's enjoy!

Nov 24, 2023 10:00 PM By bus to Candelaria...

By bus to Candelaria... Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I have been here many times, bit each time I was to discower something new... My new Italian friend from the ship - Mario gave me good advice: go today to Candelaria. After disembarking at 9 am I took a walk to Estacion de Guagua (bus station) and took the city bus 122, baying to the driver 2,35 euro for the oneway ticket. Soo it departed. We were climbing coastal hills to the west with the nice views. After the bus turned from the highway - down to the coast, to the little fishing township. This is Candelaria! Hidden and very cosy. The main attraction her is the basilica of St Mary of the Candles. It was built pn the coast and there is huge square in front of the church. On this square along the wayerfront there are statues of 9 Guancho kings. Guancho was aborigine tribe living on Canary Islands before Spaniards colonized them. I photographed the statue of the Virgin, bot also the landscape of the green hills and color homes on the coastal streets. Then I bought a ripe papaya for only 1 euro on the local market. Do you remember my invention: rum in papaya? It will be celebrarion tonight! :) .Next 5 days we will spend crossing the Atlantic. Sorry, no free internet on the ship... Be patient!

Nov 23, 2023 10:00 PM Captain Ignatio

Captain Ignatio Day at sea..
Our captain invited most loyal passengers for captains coctail. I dressed up and went there on time. Captain Ignatio.was staying in the door with ship's hotel director welcoming entering people. I inrtoduced myself and ask him difficult question: - Captain, did you ever have onboard the passenger who visited all countries of the world? - -Hmmm. I don't think so... -Sonce today the answer will be "Yes, I did!" He congratulated me, somebody took the picture and the hostess guided me to the chair in the first row. We were drinking champagne and listen to the good music. The ocean was completely flat... Tomorrow we will see the land again!

Nov 21, 2023 10:00 PM Barcelona in the sun!

Barcelona in the sun! Blue sky, strong sun.... We are in Barcelona loading the fuel and the rest of the passengers. Two other Costa ships are also here getting ready to cross the Atlantic... I took a walk to the Rambla, where artists are ready to make your caricature for just 10 euro... A lot pf people are strolling around. Our next stop will be on Canary Islands and then we will jump over Atlantic...

Nov 20, 2023 10:00 PM From Warsaw to Marseille

From Warsaw to Marseille Oh, yes - it is so good to have old friends in Warsaw! Asia and Jurek invited me to spend the night at their house before early flight. I am flying low-cost wizzair to Nice for pennies. Something strange happened - the day before they invited me to make online check-in, but when I tried I got a message "online check-in not available". Idiots! At 5 am at the airport they wanted to charge me extra for airport checkin. Fortunately I had a screenshot with fatal announcement. OK. I am waiting at the gate for boarding. The plan for today is precious: in Nice I have to catch the bus to Marseille and to board the ship before 4 pm. Please keep the finger crossed for me!
Warsaw, minus 1 deg Celsius. We boarded the plane on time. Then tha captain said that our flight will be delayed due to long line to the ice cleaning of the plane. We were waiting 1.5 hour. Then 2 hours 20 minutes flight. I disembarked in Nice in terminal 2. There is a free tram to Terminal 1. Opposite T1 there is a stop of the bus 620 going slowly to Cannes. It costs 2,5 euro. I disembarked that bus at Antibes station to catch the train to Marseille. (Express TGV - 35 euro) it was to late (4 min to departure) to buy the ticket in the ticket office. I bought it on the train. Is seems I will be in the port on time anyway!! :)

Nov 19, 2023 10:00 PM To South America again!

To South America again! I just got back from the Caribbean and I'm already flying back to the warmth! November in Poland is a sad month: rains, cold and short days. And the sun will shine in Argentina and Brazil. It will be a sentimental journey. In 1984, 39 years ago, I made my first trip to South America. I wrote about it here. Now I'm going again to Argentina and Brazil to visit old, well known places and once again look at Iguazu - in my opinion the most beautiful waterfall in the world. Please keep your fingers crossed!


Nov 15, 2023 10:00 PM Cloudy Florida

Cloudy Florida When our ship docked in Miami it was warm byt cloudy. November is a hurricane season in thes region so I was not surprised. We disembarked ship at 9 am. Janusz, my friend living 70 kms away was waiting on the parking place - he visited Wojtkówka last summer and it was nice to see him again... We drove via tunnel to the downtown Miami and used free little train (peoplemover) to go around the center - it is good method to see the skyscrapes of Miami. Then we took a walk along tourist eaterfront full of souvenir shops and drove to Miami Beach to see art deco architecture. And... 20 minutes later it was alredy raining. On the way to the airport we tried to find Little Havana, but very little of the cuban-style decor remained there till now. In the Miami airport we said goodbye to my friend. Thank you Janusz! The low- cost Norse airline do not allows to check-in on-line so we were forced to wait on the line with our carry on backpacks. No, they do not check the size and weight of your small luggage... There is free internet in the waiting hall of MIA airport. We departed at 6 pm lo land 9 hours later in Oslo...

Nov 12, 2023 10:00 PM Sailing north...

Sailing north... Relaxing day at sea. There is still enough to do. I suffer from the lack of internet connection. Well, a on the ship they offer connection via satelite but it costs a lot. In the evening we have another great show. Gymnastics were the best. I was happy to hear that rwo of them are from Poland. We should reach Miami on Wednesday morning!

Nov 11, 2023 10:00 PM Ayayayai Puerto Rico!

Ayayayai Puerto Rico! San Juan de Purto Rico! 30 deg Celsius, humid air and blue sky. We was waiting half a day for US border control. Shame! Finally I jumped into the vibrant, Spanish speaking crowd.
I have been here already 3 or 4 times... San Juan is worth it! I took my companion first to the Columbus monument, then to San Cristobal fort (entry 10 USD to two forts) no cash! And then we went over the infamous La Perla district to the big Fortaleza El Morro. Great views! Color houses in the streets, tourist stalls and lovely fountain on Paseo Prinsessa. Great atmosphere, Spanish music, cobbled streets, tropical flowers. Adnr a secret worth a foutune for backpacker: free internet access is around La Casita bar on the coastal street. Till 11 pm we will be enjoying the night in San Juan. Tomorrow we will be at sea on the way to Miami....

Nov 10, 2023 10:00 PM Tortola to Virgin Gorda

Tortola to Virgin Gorda What a blue sky over British Virgin Islands! Early morning we docked in Road Town. Just 300 m left from the port there is ferry dock. When I got there they said that next ferry to Virgin Gorda - "Speedy" will be departig at 10. 40 am. The one way ticket cost 15 USD, 10 USD for seniors. Bravo! If you need transfer from Spanish Town to the Baths on Virgin Gorda add 5 USD each way. Lovely 40 minutes ride with the great views of the islands! It took me 45 minutes of walk in the sun to get to the Baths Park gate. They charga here 3 USD entry fee and you can go into the paradise of huge boulders on the beach or lying on the hills. Shaddy path will take you to the little, lovely Devil Bay where you can swim in a blue, crystal water... What a day!

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