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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Jan 31, 2024 10:00 PM African Uber - very good solution!

African Uber - very good solution! Shame on you NCL! Already at 6 am they were calling passengers to disembark the ship - it was still dark! I did not care, first I went to the self-service restaurant to take a solid breakfast, then I went to the exit on deck 4. Imagine that they control if the passenger paid his bill! I did, but I saw crying lady who has problem with her credit card - it is better to bring two - just in case!
Then on the pier it was shown how NOT to organize disembarkation process. We have to went out the port in the buses. Initially there was no bus. When it appeared a crowd of the passengers with their all luggage taken on the pier.... No information... They took us to the distant cruise terminal. And disloaded. My God!
So what I am doing here? Well, the organization on NCL is poor, but the route of this cruise was unique... It is over...
I conected to the wifi in the mearby Victoria Wharf shopping center and called Uber. The driver appeared soon. But before I was forced to give them my credit card number. 15 min driving to the pension on Salt River cost me 50 rands - like 3 dollars. After morning stress I have a chance to relax and make laundry. From the balcony I see old colonial houses. It is windy today. For tomorrow they announce 38 deg Celsius. Welcome to Souh Africa!

Jan 30, 2024 10:00 PM Under Table Mountain

Under Table Mountain We passed Cape of the Good Hope in the night. In the morning, after 19 yaars I saw again famous Table Mountain. Our ship docks in the commercial port and they provide free bus transfer to Victoria Wharf - elegant shopping center opened in the former storages of the old port. It is sunny day, but the temperature is moderate.... Beware of changing money here in the banks or exchanges - they apply hefty commission 6 to 12 percent. It is much better to pay everywhere where possible with your credit card! Cape Town look much nicer than years ago...

Jan 29, 2024 10:00 PM Mossel Bay. South Africa

Mossel Bay. South Africa In the morning we reached this little port on the Indian Ocean, the last one before we will turn around Cape of the Good Hope to Atlantic
Mossel Bay lives from fishing and tourism. The port is too small to receive big ships, so we were forced to tender. Not easy task, because port authorities gave us too little space at the pier to dock more than one tender at a time. Tenders from the ship were waiting in the line to disload passengers...
Mossel Bay is a resort town with nice beach and the tourist office on the main crossroad. Shame - this office doesn't provide for visitors any wifi connection. You have to walk to flea market to have free internet. Then I took a walk along the coast to the lighthouse on the Cape St Blaize - the path is well maintained... Great views from the lighhouse gate but to climb to the top of the tower you have to pay 100 rands - drink included. Nice, sleepy town. 27 deg Celsius. But where is the sun?

Jan 28, 2024 10:00 PM Port Elizabeth - South Africa

Port Elizabeth - South Africa I woke up at sunrise - in the middle of the piles of containers. This is important port Port Elizabeth, founded in 1820, when first British settlers landed here.
Our ship is badly organized - we were waiting on the pier 40 min for the first bus wishing to take us off the big port (authorities do not allow to walk across the port). They disembarked us at the Campanile tower - near the highway - just steps from the old city center. I was lucky to meet there Cania - the student of turism. As a practice students in the red T-shirts offer their guidance in the city. I like it! We took the steps to the beautiful Market Square with Victorian Library and elegant city hall. The Library is worth to see inside. I remember this nice building from my first visit in Port Elizabeth. Then we were climbing uphill passing Opera House (poor in comparison to Europe) and great, stylish Edward Hotel (see picture) to Dunkin place - the park near lighthouse and huge flagpole. Tourist office here offers maps and free wifi. The other attraction to see is Little Fort Frederick, built by Brits - with the nice view of the port. Nice place, but the giide warn you against bag snatchers and pickpocketing. Africa!

Jan 27, 2024 10:00 PM Memories of Zululand...

Memories of Zululand... It is day at sea, but everybody remember yesterday's visit to Zulu Village. Dumazulu Village exist to preserve the traditions of Zulu tribe. There are round huts to visit and several demonstrations of the weapon and shield making, weaving, traditional medicine preparing... Zulu man can have many wifes, but each one will cost him 11 cows (or nowadays equivalent in cash paid to her parents) he is also obliged to built separate house for each wife. We had also a chance to see Zulu's traditional singing and dancing. Drumming was very dynamic and the warriors were jumping high. It was very interesting day - we returned to the ship only at 6 pm.

Jan 26, 2024 10:00 PM Richard's Bay. Africa

Richard's Bay.  Africa It is my first time in Richard's Bay - little port in South Africa. We were waiting an hour until authorities deliveresd port pilot by... helicopter - due to rough sea. For the first fime I saw such a operation. Then the ship entered narrow canal heading to the bay. There are few piers - all for coal and other minerals. We docked between them. Ugly place! Small team of immigration officers of SA arrived aboard to take passport control - it took hours and hours, keeping passengers in the long lines. Fortunately I was booked for the excursion to Zulu Village and they gave me priority. The bus took us some 70 kms away. Road was passing through the eucalyptus forests and sugarcane plantations. Finally we stopped in front of the wooden gate where Zulu warrior in traditional outfit was waiting for us. Welcome to Zululand!

Jan 25, 2024 10:00 PM Zulu Land on the course...

Zulu Land on the course... Day at sea. But I wish to see such a view every morning when I open iny inside cabin my "window" - the monitor showing the view from bow camera. Sun and navy-blue ocean. I spentpre than an hour sunbathing on the open deck. The ice cream on this ship is free and unlimited. We are waiting for the afternoon music and evening's show of the illusionist in the theatre. Great day. Tomorrow - Zulu Land!

Jan 24, 2024 10:00 PM Outside decks closed due to strong wind!

Outside decks closed due to strong wind! It is sunny day, we are sailing south the Mozambique Canal experiencing strong head wind. They were planning the acrobatic show in the theatre for the evening, but since it is rocking too much it was replaced by other production.
It is hard to predict, how will be the weather tomorrow. But for sure on the day after tomorrow we will reach our first port on South Africa - Richard's Bay.

Jan 23, 2024 10:00 PM Exotic Madagascar...

Exotic Madagascar... Early in the morning we landed using tenders in Nosy Be in Northern Madagascar.After civilized Reunion Nosy Be gave me the taste of real Africa. I have been here many years ago, taking out the image of very poor bur friendly country. Not much changed. The old colonial buildings are still in a very bad shape. The only new thing is Lemuria Park established on the outskirts of Hellville- capital of the Nosy Be island. Yellow tuk-tuk took me there from the jetty for just 5 USD. The last 2 kms is terrible, muddy country road. Once in the park you can see different lemurs, crocodiles, chameleons. There is also ylang-ylang perfume factory/museum to visit with a local guide. Friendly Canadians took me back to the town through thee mud and congestions... In the city a colorful marche - market full of basketware, vanilla, cinamon and other spices is the must. People are friendly, but beware the street money changers - they know, that you do not know the rate for local ariary...
Fantastic day!

Jan 22, 2024 10:00 PM Landing in Diego Suarez cancelled...

Landing in Diego Suarez cancelled... In the morning I saw the land on the horizon under the cloudy sky. Everybody was ready for landing in Antsiranana, but the bad message arrived through loudspeakers before the breakfast: the wind is too strong to enter the natural port and the weather will not change in the next few hours. Today's landing is cancelled. Bad luck! What to do waiting for the music in the late afternoon and evening? You can eat (the food aboard is very tasty - see my picture with our chef - he is from India, you can drink (but not too much, please! And you can sleep... Let's hope that till tomorrow the weather will improve!

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