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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Jan 10, 2024 10:00 PM Three flights one by one...

Three flights one by one... In the morning we found ourselves again in the Abu Dhabi port. Lovely, sunny morning. Breakfast with a view of the slyline of the city. At 9 am they opened the ship and we disembarked. There is browm both just opposite the terminal - the stop of the city bus - you can go to the center and take the A2 bus heading to the airport. But my travel companion decided to take door-to-door taxi - the cost is just 90 dirhams. In the huge departure hall of terminal A there is good, free wifi. I made the online check-in for the flight to Belgrade, to Copenhagen and to Gdansk. Unfortunately they do not issue online boarding pass - you still must go to the check-in desk to get one. Let's hope that all flights will be on time. Otherwise our budget itinerary could be broken... Please keep your fingers crossed! :)

Jan 09, 2024 10:00 PM Lovely day at sea...

Lovely day at sea... No, it is not a boring day - there are a lot of activities aboard. Some passengers also need a break - - just a time at leisure after six days of excursions an crawling the bazaars. I was happy to see the lively show "Paris after dark". We had also the moovie at the theater and the performance of the magician. Finally in the evening wr were invited for the captain,s cocktail - listing to the good music and drinking champagne... It was already the evening when I started to pack-up my stuff. What a pity that it is already the end of the cruise pn this cozy ship!

Jan 08, 2024 10:00 PM Sultan's opera and the Grand Mosque

Sultan's opera and the Grand Mosque The port Muscat has very picturesque location surrounded by the mountains. I enjoued this view many times. But I didn't have a chance to see the opera hall built by the previous sultan Kaboos on the outskirts of the city. Acces is easy by taxi. Expect to pay around 15 dollars per cab housing 4 people. Then you have to pay 3,15 omani rial for entry. But it is worth. The building is elegant and ornate. They play here the operas, ballets in the big hall and concerts in the small. Interesting, that Kaboos was here only once, ant the new sultan ruling since 4 years haven't been here during the reign (but before - yes).
Further on by highway there is free to visit before 11 am Grand Mosque presented to Oman by Sheikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi. Wow! The grand hall is huge and very ornate, the smaller ladies hall - poor... Ladies to visit the mosque must cover arms and heads. Rental service works at the gate. Enjoy!
I spent the afternoon wondering the alleys of the Mutrah Souk - Omani People are very nice.
Tomorrow we have day at sea on the way back to Abu Dhabi...

Jan 07, 2024 10:00 PM With birthay cake to Oman...

With birthay cake to Oman... Yesterday at dinner the delegation of the crew arrived with the birthday cake and the bottle of champagne. Happy birthday to you! I was very happy indeed.
Today we are docking in the peripheral Omani port of Khassab. Picturesque mountain around. Inreresting micro port where they load to the small boats goods to be smuggled throu the strait to the Iran. The ship offers for 11 euro bus transfer to the township (4 kms) but I decided to walk... Very nice local people smile and wear national costumes. There is an interesting old fort to visit... I like Oman!

Jan 06, 2024 10:00 PM Sunny Dubai

Sunny Dubai We are docking in Port Rashid in Dubai with the nice view of Dubai skyline. It is far from the city center but there is a method to get out of the port: once you go out of terminal turn right to the parking of "hop on" buses. There is also stop of Merkato minibuses taking people for free to Merkato Shopping Mall on Jumeira Street - just 2 blocks from the free, guarded beach - it is ideal solution for budget travellers. In addition il the a/c mall there is reliable, free internet! Ask the friendly driver for the today timetable - they operate according to the demand. And enjoy! Do you know it is my birthday today? :)

Jan 05, 2024 10:00 PM Meeting the captain

Meeting the captain I have been invited to the Captain's Coctail organized for the frequent travellers of MSC line. I met there our captain Vincenzo - very nice and very big man (see the picture). He was surprised that he has a passenger who travelled solo around the world 13 times! There was a good music, champagne and a great show in the evening. Our shop is not so big. But very cozy and I like ot since the first day aboard. The weather is excellent...
We are sailing to Dubai...

Jan 04, 2024 10:00 PM Sir Bani Island

Sir Bani Island It is new destination for the cuose ships - I never been here before. Imagine narrow, 2-km long island connected to the mainland only by the causeway. On the island there is new ship pier, beaches, little tourist bazaar, chairs, bars... Kayaks to rent...
Cooks from the ship serve grill lunch...
Pedestrians are not allowed to leave the island - you can make it only in the group. Paying for the excursion on safari bus/jeep or bike tour. The tours go to the wildlife reserve on the mainland
You pay minimum 69 euro to see antelopes, giraffes, peacocks and other birds - it is worth and I did it! Sunbath in the afternoon.

Jan 03, 2024 10:00 PM The most beautiful mosque?

The most beautiful mosque? On the outskirts of Abu Dhabi they built brand- new, huge white mosque. Emirates have enough money! Bus 94 goes there or if you are in the group you can go there by inexpensive and efficient taxi. All taxis here are metered - no need to bargain... Expect to pay around 40 dirhams one way.
At the beginning you must register yourself via internet (possible on a spot but come early to avoid long lines)
Ladies must covered their bodies and heads..
And you are free to go...
Yes, it is beautiful mosque and regarding the size - 3rd in yhe world - they say... There is a marked trail to the ornate gate and prayer hall. Then you can visit also small garden. Miracle!
In the afternoon I will be boarding the ship... Ahoy!

Jan 02, 2024 10:00 PM Warm evening in Abu Dhabi

Warm evening in Abu Dhabi It was raining in the morning in Kutaisi, but few hours later in Abu Dhabi the big, orange sun was welcoming us after landing. If you have a travel companion it is worth here to prebook the inexpensive taxi airport - city. It will be like 15 dollars per head to the door of your hotel. After check in in the hotel ot was already dark. We started a long, 5-km walk along the main First Zayed street, ending at the Cornish. Fountains, palms and a wall of illuminated skyscrapers...Memories... Pleasantly warm... Tomorrow we will be boarding the ship...

Jan 01, 2024 10:00 PM I fly to... Georgia

I fly to... Georgia There are direct flights from Poland to Abu Dhabi, but not from Gdansk...
Instead going to Warsaw or even further south I decided to fly on a cheap to Kutaisi - Georgia (it cost less than ticket to Warsaw) and continue tomorrow to Abu Dhabi - also on the low-cost.
The weather in Gdansk is cold and foggy - just a good time to escape...
Our airport looks great - they opened the new wing for flights outside EU. I hope that the flight will be on time. And I consider 3-hours time change...

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