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There are no strangers in the world, only friends that we haven't met yet.

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Joined: Jan 08
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Travel writing

Posted: 2008-03-13 05:45 AM   
Hi Kerrie,

Thank you for your compliments! I have been writing travel stories/reports from my travels to my friends for about ten years. So, I am adapting them for GLOBO, where they need to be shorter.

All my travel stories, written for a trip rather than for a specific place like in GLOBO, are available from my personal website.

Kindest regards


Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2008-02-03 06:29 PM   

I'm not sure whether you like trekking, but visiting Nepal was a great experience even outside of that.

The people are so friendly that it surprised me and after being in India, I kept on wondering 'what do they want from me'; but they were really genuine.

I've always wanted to trek to Everest base camp but I'm not nearly fit enough, but hiking up Sarangkot was a good introduction and you never know.

I hope you make it there, it's a good choice.



Joined: Dec 04
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Cheer us northerners up a bit.

Posted: 2008-01-26 01:17 PM   
Hi Kerrie
You are very quiet these days. We have just had the wettest January for years - there must be widespread vitamin D deficiency for lack of sunlight.
Some messages from summer would be welcome.


Joined: Aug 06
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Hi Kerrie

Posted: 2007-12-07 09:43 PM   
You are as lovely as the pictures you took....i wish i could meet you if ever you visit the Philippines....Take care my precious friend.....


Joined: Dec 04
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Setti Fatma

Posted: 2007-12-01 08:52 AM   
Thanks, Kerrie - I've uploaded a few more today that show a different side of the area.

I didn't realise at the time just how lucky I was getting a walk through the residential part and being the only visitor there when the road was pretty crowded below.


Joined: Sep 04
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Good information in your new album

Posted: 2007-11-29 04:00 PM   
well done
Very interesting look at Canberra


Joined: Dec 04
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Setti Fatma - thanks

Posted: 2007-11-29 09:58 AM   
Hi Kerrie
Thanks for the comment.
I'm still looking forward to those home reports you mentioned.


Joined: Jul 06
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Kerrie, my DownUnder Friend

Posted: 2007-11-15 01:20 PM   
How is life in Surfer's Paradise? Good to see you surface. In the meantime, I have got addicted to Globo, at least, until I get a job.

I have moved to Savannah. So I LOVE the weather - so much better than Seattle. I am looking forward to exploring the East Coast.



Joined: Dec 04
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Hi Kerrie

Posted: 2007-11-15 10:26 AM   
Thanks for your comments on my reports. If I go again to Morocco, Fez is the place that would appeal but it's so much more expensive to get there.


Joined: Jul 04
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Hi Kerrie

Posted: 2007-11-15 04:30 AM   
Hi Kerrie,

thank you for rating my report on Malahide.

Seeing the seals in the harbour of Howth was a nice surprise. I don't know how frequently they visit, but the friends I was visiting hadn't seen them before. There were about 6 or so, showing off right by the quayside.

all the best


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