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You are welcome to sign my guestbook :)

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Joined: May 10
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Posted: 2010-05-25 08:51 PM   
appreciate your visit to my fledgling page. cappadocia is amazing, you will absolutely love it. frankly, however, i have been chastized by another member for having the temerity to put 6 images on the site in five days, far too many according to this person for a new member. i have also been chastized by management on an entirely different issue. so you will be doing it without more of my pictures and info for sure.

do allow me to suggest you visit soganli, off the beaten path, 40 km from goreme thru incredible landscape, and passing the amazing unvisited roman ruins of sobesos. the highlight of our trip. ciao. n.


Joined: Aug 04
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43 places

Posted: 2010-05-24 10:30 AM   

So true, the weather was great this weekend. I like so many other had to have a barbaque and it was really perfect.

I used to use 43 places, but really can't be bothered now. I've had to take a couple of weeks off work and thought I would sort it out then, but as you know, one can always find something else to do. Especially with this great weather.

Hey one of these days I will get around to it.

How's the arm coming along?



Joined: Aug 03
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Posted: 2010-05-20 04:40 PM   
I actually do appreciate the comments - when we were out on the desert of Egypt in the oasis, I ran into the same thing. We went to open air cafes in the evening and I covered my head, wore long pants, long sleeve shirts, and sat at tables on the edge. I was offered beer a couple of time but they seemed genuinely happy that I refused. I seemed to be okay as long as I was respectful and in the company of my son but it really is an issue.

I don't think you need to change a thing - I was just sincerely amused at the comments which are so very true! As westerners, we aren't always sensitive to those types of cultural differences.

Great report - leave it just as it is!



Joined: Dec 05
Points: 13399

Hi Krys

Posted: 2010-05-17 10:31 AM   
Good choice I am more than sure that you will love both destinations (Albania and Macedonia). They are both different but extremly interesting.
So...... there is a lot of buses during the day from Skopie to Ohrid, every hour from main bus station in Skopie. Buses are cheap and comfortable. Bus station in Ohrid is bit far away from centre, a lot of people is offering private rooms on the bus station.
Albania, from Saranda to Fier - I took the bus to Vlora (I left in the middle of the road in Dhermiu) and I don't remeber if there are direct to Fier .... sorry, I think yes but I am not that sure. Buses/Furgons from Saranda are quite frequent every one/two hours. Furgon is taking around 10-15 persons. From Fier to Berati furgons are leaving when are full and are quite frequent. From Berat to Tirana buses are every 30 minutes and journey takes 3 hours.
And I am not that night party master so I won't be that helpfull with budget for partying :) Hope that it will help.


Joined: Mar 06
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Thank you!

Posted: 2010-05-13 10:03 AM   
Hi Krys!
I'm glad you liked it! :-)
warm regards


Joined: Aug 09
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Posted: 2010-05-13 08:37 AM   
Tanks, I was suprised!!!

Kind regards,


Joined: Aug 03
Points: 19539

Thank you!

Posted: 2010-05-12 08:46 PM   
I was truly surprised - I thought you had a couple of great reports posted this month. I enjoyed Bootlega's Paris report as well.

On the plus side, I'm glad to see Guatemala get some attention. It has been hurt by reports of hold-ups and robberies but I've never had a problem on three trips. I find it charming and it is a cheap place to travel - there are some real values!



Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15174

Thank you

Posted: 2010-05-12 11:49 AM   
Hi Krys!

Many thanks.

I had some great 'models' to help me win this award. ;-)

all the best



Joined: Jan 09
Points: 6151

Summer Travel!

Posted: 2010-05-11 07:08 AM   
Hi Krys, my sight problem has been a real pain since last June and have had to cancel a couple of trips + the accident a few weeks ago that gave me a total of 16 stitches in my forehead! We hope to go on a 5day trip to Rudesheim & Koblenz at the end of June if the doc gives me an ok, Christl & Petra may be interested in a mini Globomeet for one day if it is possible. we will be based in Kamp Bornhofen and coach tours from there, fingers crossed!my guidewife will look after me:-) Keep Well, Regards, Tony.


Joined: Jan 09
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Posted: 2010-05-11 01:07 AM   
Hi Krys, many Brits of my age group have never thought of Berlin as a place to visit, I think it has a lot to do with the lousy weather that we have here and a travel break is a way of getting some warm sunshine, I still meet people who go to the same hotel in Spain etc year after year, Bravo! all the 'real' travellers, Warm Regards, Tony.

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