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ardelia Bangkok - A travel report by Ardelia
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Bangkok,  Thailand - flag Thailand
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Some bitter sweet memories..
If I were to start about Bangkok,my eyes would be sparkling. My first time to Bangkok was when I was only 19, It was one of the memorable time I have had in my entire life.

We took an overnight train from Kuala Lumpur and it stopped at Butterworth,Penang early in the morning. As my hometown is Penang, I went across the island side and had a good breakfast first and took some friends around, (Maz and Zhariff) before our next train departed at 2 to Bangkok. Some chaos happened there at the station when me and my friends left our luggage in a small police station just near the railway and when we came back to get it, the policemen in charge had gone out for lunch, not somewhere close but, on the island.It was so crazy, Mum was upset...managed to get our bag,if not,would be doing a whole lot of shopping there in Bangkok.. The train ride was a long,smooth one, train was quite clean, as cleanliness has always been an issue.
When we arrived Bangkok next morning, we checked in and freshen up to visit the Grand Palace. The palace was so big and there were a lot of people around. We also went inside to have a closer look at the palace..took a lot of pictures.

Favourite spots:
Chao Phraya River, Floating Market,Chatucak,Pratunam,Emporium,a big grand mall with almost everything much cheaper than they are in Malaysia,is also a nice place to shop. Jim Thomson is where i bought most of my Thai silk..extremely gorgeous.... Also some precious stones..they're all very reasonably price and unless you're not into stones,you won't go crazy over all these..

What's really great:
I love the boat ride especially..especially during was so soothing and relaxing, it's like,so quiet as compared to daytimewhen it's jammed,busy with boats and ferries passing by...also especially in love with the Oriental Hotel, by the Chao Phraya river..

I also love the floating market,had some of the most wonderful momemts in my life ther,ejust sitting there and looking at the world go by,it makes my heartbeat pound faster. You can by anything and everything here in Bangkok but the floating market is another whole wonderful expereience.When passing by some houses by the river,do take note that they're so poor that they bath there,clean themselves there,use the water to cook and eat from the river,wash clothes by the banks while the small ones jump and splash happily and still,they're not complaining,It struck me there and then, why am I always complaining ?


Do be courteous to people around you and greet them nicely, never look back when people stare at you,they're just amazed when they're looking at you, not because of something else...

Bamboo bar at the Oriental is a very nice place to wind up,with live jazz band..also. at the WSheraton Imperial, there was Riva,at the basement of the's decorated as an underwater world...Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok is extremely crowded and loud...


I fell in love with this one seafood restaurant, I can't remember the road name but it states 'If it swims we have it..

Other recommendations:
When shooping around Patpong or Chatucak or Pratunam,be extra careful with your belongings. That's one. Another,do bargain and try to knock the price to as low as you can cause usually the price are put up higher purposely,for us.

Tuk tuk or the cab over there is worth a try but they drive like mad and the more you showed them you're scared, the more he is going to press the accelerator.If language is a problem what i would do is to ask someone from the hotel to write down where you're going,it's easier.Once it took me half an hour to tell him where I was going,with the help of another 5 cab drivers..or tuk tuk....

Published on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

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Tue, Sep 07 2004 - 03:49 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii ardelia,
i read your report,infact the moment you uploaded it,its very well written ,why dont you put some pictures inside.

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