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ardelia Geneva - A travel report by Ardelia
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Geneva,  Switzerland - flag Switzerland
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ardelia's travel reports

I loved Geneva!

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Arrived Geneva from Amsterdam. Flew from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam via KLM. Had a very unrestful night all throughout the flight.Geneva was a quite chill and when arrived at the Geneva aiport, there was a long Q

I had to wait for my aunt who was supposed to arrive the same day as we took a different airline. WHile waiting having a cupa of coffee, then I realised my English is no longer powerful. They're all speaking French..I did try though. We then checked in at the Novotel Hotel.Later took a wlak to the station called Gare CFF. It was about a 5 minute walk to the from the hotel. Planning to take the super effeicient train tomorrow to Montreux and Lausanne by passing by Lake Leman. Saw some familiar signs like I can find here in Malaysia, like BATA (shoe store), Pizza Hut (duh!), Mc Donalds..(where won't I find one?) and also a kebab shop. Had dinner in a restaurant, was thinking maybe that was going to be one of my most decent meal as I'd start backpacking later on. The temperature was a bit cold for someone who has just flown in from Malaysia.Having the jet lag,slept at 7 in the evening since it was already too late back home in Malaysia.

Favourite spots:
Lake Geneva,the bridge connecting the old part of town which is the Southern part.It took a complete 15 minutes to walk across it.Then there was this fountain, a 200km/h fountain shooting up straight, worked by a turbo engine.I sat at the Jet d'Eau to watch the 140 meter high fountain shoot up. people wouls be running,jogging,rollerblading,taking a stroll..feeding the birds..gooses and ducks..At the Rue de'Mont Blanc, there is a train service that is able to take you around the lake for elderly especially.Then there was this big floral clock. I thought it was a big one but no,it was quite small,just by the roadside (almost miss it) near the traffic light,just in the Jardin Botanique...The garden is a beatiful and a nice place to sit down and relax..

What's really great:
I love especially the lake and the train ride..I love trains and staying there for a few days make me feel at home, the train are too efficient..

I would suggest visiting Montreux and Laussane-the hills and lake make a good combination with big, lavish mansions on the hills...branded stuff especially at Lausanne and what's more. Bally the famous brand is from Switzerland

It's fairly expensive in Geneva, so I stayed with my aunt who had something going on at thta time, but some budget hotels are quite reasonable and the people are all too civilised,it's a very safe city to be in..

Didnt go to any


There was this one kebab shop near the Centre of the Geneva town, where all the shops are located, ..they even have Smirnoff Vodka in small bottle by the size of Coke and it shocked me cause usally it comes in a big bottle..
Restaurant Pizzeria in Montreux,at 1820 is not so bad, the tiramisu is superb!!
In Lausanne, do try to go upstairs to this hidden restaurant called Chez Mario at 1000,Lausanne.The restaurant is decorated with writings all over the wall and the cook came out to me coz I was explaining to the waiter i want something but as a Muslim I cannot take pork,so please don't put anything like that in my meal. The spaghetti was so delicious, had Coke with that.

Other recommendations:
What I would suggest now is to buy a few Swiss Army knives since I bought only a few, I didnt have enough to give it to people as souvenirs. Also watches, they're wide collection of them and quite cheap if you know how to bargain in French. When walking along the shopping area, I note that people here loves dogs. They love it so so much, as opposed to Malaysia (where I am from) and they hug and kiss, carry them and also bring them along while shopping, Actually most European countries are like that,I guess.

To not miss other smaller cities such as Montreux, Clarens, Territet as they're quite close by already and they're worth visiting.

Published on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

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Mon, May 16 2005 - 12:49 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

excellent report

Thu, Jan 20 2005 - 03:09 AM rating by nedkelly

I think your words paint pretty pictures!!! I belive I detect a great sense of humour too!!! hehehehe keep up the great work Ardelia!!!

Tue, Sep 07 2004 - 01:05 PM rating by bootlegga

Again, another good report with info to intrigue me, but I'd still love to see some pictures.

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