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ardelia Siem Reap - A travel report by Ardelia
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Siem Reap,  Cambodia - flag Cambodia -  Si«m Réab
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ardelia's travel reports

The Angkor Beauty

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I spent 3 nights in the city last December 13, having flew in straight to Siem Reap from Kuala Lumpur. The city has so much to offer,quiet and still very much recovering from the war that gave the whole nation tremendous effects.Love to go back there!

This is my favourite Angkor Wat picture taken.It has all the five minarets.
This is my favourite Angkor Wat picture taken.It has all the five minarets.
Siem Reap has a lot of cheap hotels and the more expensive ones just like anywhere else.I stayed at the Star Royal Hotel and it was for USD 50/night. It was quite near the Wats and that explains the pricey hotel rate.They drive on the left hand side but they ahve cars from Thailand which are of course right hand and it's funny how they drive around, honking each other, without getting into much trouble like bumping into each other. The National Road 6 is their main highway that we took to get to the War Museum, Landmines Museum, the Killing Field (this is a different one from the one In Phnom Penh) and also a big pagoda, which I foudnt to be very dusty inside. I have no clue why until today.Angkor Wat has to be seen,to be understood and appreicated. It was simply out of this world.Moving around can be easily done by taking the Tuk tuk or taxi,if you can afford it. You may rent a bike but not allowed to ride it,as you can hire a local to carry you around. This is due to some accidents that happened to foreigners a few years ago.

Favourite spots:
Me at The Bayon
Me at The Bayon
Angkor Wat was everything that I dreamt of.Words can't describe, pictures may explain.I stood long in front of the Wat, so majestically beautiful, located just a river away from where I stood. It was so amazing and serene.We went also to watch sunset as we climbed brethless ly up the hill, at 515 on the same day we arrived.The Wat is famous for their gorgeous sunset, overlooking the Angkor Wat and also the jungle surrounding it, Monkeys are said to be there too,but I didnt see any,as stated in some books.Sharp stones and sloppy hills didnt stop us from climbing up.Some Khmer were playing their traditional music at the base of the hill.The Bayon was so incredible when we went early next morning on day 1.It has almost everything-smiling faces carved on over 200 large face with slightly curving lips, eyes placed in shadow by the lowered lids utter not a word yet for you to guess much.The Baphuon was under a major construction and we didnt get to see the whole temple.

What's really great:
I loved all the temples/Wats and especially Angkor, Bayon, Ta Prohm and Ta Keo.I like the old Market Place for shopping is quite fun there,although it's much better to buy stuff from the native at the Wats so that we can help them. The old Market Place is quite happening at night,with many pubs and restaurants mushrooming all around the area,French,western,-Khmer food but,I found it hard to enjoy my fine dining or rather my expensive meal,when people around me (locals) are living on the street,to poor to even wear slippers and a small kids carrying another smaller kids.It's a sad scene and they are begging everywhere.Tuk tuk(motor taxi) is easily available there,also massage parlours,though you can get cheaper in Vietnam by comparison.For those craving for rice,there are small diners called Little India and The Tandoor-but the price you have to pay to have rice outside Malaysia is something I'll never forget! Western Food and liquor are quite cheap and they're quite a handful here& there

I recommend you NOT to miss the Wats area, of course, that's why everyone is is there in Siem Reap anyway.And the boat ride along the Siem Reap River or the Stung Siem Reap the Khmers call it.The Old Frech Quarter Area is where the FCC Angkor is, the POst Office and also the Angkor Market.I don't find the Cultural Village interesting and they charge quite a sum to tourists just to go see something I can see without having to pay in Malaysia.The Khmers are the one who likes going there, not tourists,I was told and they don't have to pay that much.

Walking in Angkor Wat
Walking in Angkor Wat
The cheaper range hotels are called Guest House and most of them are located near the Red Light District.But if you're in a group,there shouldnt be any problem. If you're a woman traveller or a group of women, maybe it's more advisable to stay in town itself, as it's so much safer.All the hotels/guest house,should provide breakfast, buffet or not is totally depending on how much you pay but they should be getting at least a baguette and a cow cheese! And a cup of coffee or tea.Some really nice hotels are like FCC Angkor which has very nice restaurant that you can go and eat even you don't stay there, Le Meridien, The Sofitel, The Grand Hotel D'Angkor and many more. The Red Piano Guesthouse and the Mandalay inn are more for backpackers....

Near the night market
Near the night market
Many clubs along the Old Market Area, the Buddha Lounge offers some very tasty pizza although communication is a big problem to us, Red Piano was nice, two floors and alfresco,like many other bars, and always crowded with people. Angkor What? Bar was quite cozy, the Temple Bar was nice too, you'll be spoilt for choice and if you have more than 3 nights like I did, you'll be happy spending your holiday here, I am sure.

A bright colourful pub but people on the street will really mess-up with your mind,at least,mine!
A bright colourful pub but people on the street will really mess-up with your mind,at least,mine!
Pubs and clubs are all along the Old Market Area and the drinks are actually quite cheap here...

I enjoyed my meal at the Little India and Tandoor although they're a bit pricey here. Buddha Lounge plays good music and they have a pool table-for free. The food is OK, the pizza is not too bad.

Other recommendations:
All smiles
All smiles
Now that I have mentioned everything, I have no idea what else I might have missed out. Angkor Wat area, the War Museum, the Landmines Museum, Boat Ride along the river, only if you're not planning to travel by boat anywhere from Siem Reap, like me,I took the boat from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, so I think it's a waste of money to pay for the boat ride.To all,have a good time there..

Published on Monday January 10th, 2005

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Mon, Apr 07 2008 - 04:16 AM rating by littleindia

hi dear my friend thank for comming to my little india restaurant
we will see u soon
i enjoy lot reading ur report
lille india restaurnt
siem reap cambodia

Mon, Jan 10 2005 - 02:42 PM rating by esfahani

...some pics please!!!

Mon, Jan 10 2005 - 01:33 PM rating by mistybleu

Nice report, but needs some pics. You are very lucky to have visited this area. Misty

Mon, Jan 10 2005 - 07:41 AM rating by magsalex

More keen than ever to visit this area! Do you have any pictures of the Angor Wat to add?

Mon, Jan 10 2005 - 07:34 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

nicely written report

Mon, Jan 10 2005 - 06:58 AM rating by britman

I enjoyed reading your informative report. I wish that you had taken some photo's to add to your report and I'm sure you would have achieved 5 stars. I always reserve 2 stars for photographs added to a report. As it stands it is quite comprehensive and a great effort.

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