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ardelia Melbourne - A travel report by Ardelia
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Melbourne,  Australia - flag Australia -  Victoria
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ardelia's travel reports

Great Ocean Road

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I moved from the fast moving city to Melbourne thinking that this old fashioned-European like town will at least give me some impression of how Europe is like ..

Qantaq Air flew us from Sydney Airport to Melbourne and when we arrived, we straightaway went to chekc in into our hotel. We later went walking around the city and took the tramp, which was similiar to the one we used to have in my homeland in Penang during the colonial days.We went walking all around the city, stopping to eat ice cream,hopping back onto the tramp and bought more food to munch. Yarra River is a very beautiful river. I stood there on the bridge looking at some modenr building among some old one. Also visited a university, called Mlebourne University and I went inside its law library, was amazed at the collection of cases and books...wondering if only our reference in my local uni could be like that! Me and Maz ad a friend we made at the seminar earlier in Sydney,he took us around, Melbourne including the uni,where he was studying. I can't recall his name now.he is about 2 years younger than us and he is originallu from Hong Kong,an Autralian Chinese.He feels very at home there in melbourne thought he wish one day he could just go back to his homeland and meet some of his relatives there. Living wasn't that easy for him and his in Melbourne,not as comfortable as we thought..

Favourite spots:
I love most the Great Ocean road.The whole journey..we stopped to feed some parrots, to a vineyards to wine tasting and plaed with the owner's dog named Bimbo..who wanted so much to play 'catch'. The we wnet to this place with a very scenic view and the guide stopped to let us snap some pictures from there. We joined this tour for the Great Ocean road sicne we decided not to drive by ourselves. (me and Maz) The 12 Apostles are incredibly lovely and also the London Bridge (they call it) I love the koalas and the wombat and the kangaroos which I fed and they're all so hungry, felt so sad for them...Kangaroo are so soft but can box you if you stepped on its tail...I was nearly kicked and me and Maz,we had some good laugh about that.Wombats are smelly but they're so cute, at least I like them so so much, was feeding milk to this one orphan wombat,her parents was hit and run by a speeidng driver. I love the wombat,a friend later went to the same centre and said the wombat has grown so fa!

What's really great:
I love especially the Penguin's a must for anyone visiting Melbourne and it is especially cold during winter..I love it when the penguin formed a line when they came out from the cold freezing water and walked in one straight line, before splitting when they each went looking for food... I also love the whole trip at the great Ocean was so me,persoanlly.the ride was a bit tiring cause we rushed back on the same day but worth all the trouble..

Churches, the old building, city hall..everything looks so ancient and old and yet it's a city that has everything..

I staeyd in this 3 star hotel,located right in town,have to check some info on that, will update this soon

didn't go to any, there is a big casino though, owned by a Malaysian Chinese, near Yarra River

Didin't go to any

There was this Nasi Padang restaurant which I went to satisfy my Malay tastebud since i was carving for rice, being a typical Malay,who have at least one meal of rice a day! It is right in the middle of town, greeted me in Indonesia language (quite the same as Malay language) but after that, all his Australian accent started coming out when I asked him whether they have Rendang or Dendeng ( Different types of cooking)

Other recommendations:
Spotted a few adult houses and nearly went in when we wanted to ask for direction..It was a stupid thing to do... :p

Published on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

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Mon, Sep 12 2005 - 09:24 AM rating by nedkelly

Hi again, I love your reports Ardelia, they are written with fun in mind....thats so much more important than pictures!! Write some more about Aus... I love to learn..Cant wait to get there!! Ciao Bella

Wed, Sep 08 2004 - 05:39 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii andrila,
nice to read so much about australia but why dont you upload some of the pictures which you might have taken there..

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