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Rafal's Travel log

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May 23, 2009 06:00 PM From lakes to the mountains

From lakes to the mountains Switzerland is expensive, so we decided to sleep in Mulhouse in France, where hotels are much cheeper than in Basel. Having a car, from the early morning we went to visit some parts of northern Switzerland. We started with 23 meter high and 150 meters wide Rhein waterfalls close to Schaffhausen. We took a walk around the aterfalls and river and then we bought a short boat trip close to the waterfalls (costs was 6,50 CHF per person). From there we went to Schaffhausen city with lovely old town and Munot castle. Unfortunately most of the stunning churches in the city were already close. From there we went to St. Gallen. We both were surprised how lovely this city was. Huge cathedral, famous library and lovely buildings are making this place a interesting stopover for a moment. We finished this day in Appenzell, which matches exactly my imagination about Switzerland.

May 22, 2009 06:00 PM Unexpected journey

Unexpected journey I wanted to go for this weekend to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - to Lviv, but unfortunately I had to postponed the trip... So in unexpected way I found extra cheap flight from Warsaw to Basel and I am goingt to Switzerland :) I would like to see during this short trip Basel, Bern, St Gallen and maybe Lichtenstein. I hope that good weather will help me to fulfill the itinerary.

Mar 08, 2009 09:00 PM Home again

Home again After 15 hours in the planes and the airports I am at home again. Full of new inspirations and ideas, as well as the photos. But still need little bit of time to submit something on Globo.
It was a great trip. The Philippines are wonderful country. I had a chance to see some of the highlights there, but I know how many great places I missed. But it will be good reason to go there again. If you will visit this country someday do not miss Palawan, one of the greatest places on this Planet. And me, time to concentarte on the work and prepare new voyages.

Mar 07, 2009 09:00 PM Only two hours flighs and two different worlds

Only two hours flighs and two different worlds That was my last day on Philippines. Time to make a resume - maybe not yet. I am still full of impressions, al those beautifuls views landscapes and friendly people are still in my head (I made more than 1 000 pictures). But the beauty has the second face - enormous poverty. I slept in Manila in hostel located in rether good area, but I saw so many people slept on the street with small childrens... only two hours flight from Manila exist other world - Hong Kong, where I am now. That was a pleasure to walk on Nathan Road in the evening, but do you know how hard is to find an internet cafe here ....

Mar 06, 2009 09:00 PM Time to say goodbay to Paradise and go to infernal Manila

Time to say goodbay to Paradise and go to infernal Manila I had to left El Nido. The last thing I've done here was a coffee on my terrace. I never thought that place where electricity is only from 6pm to 6 am and two hours during the day can be so wonderful and cute. Almost all thing here were great - islands, location (El Nido is surrounded by huge rocks), food, people .... Only fried bananas were better in Tagbilaran. Also I meet so many nice travelers here.
Again 6 hours in packed minivan, on the bumpy road before I reached Puerto Princesa. It was incredibly hot - about 35 degrees so I didn't walked with my heavy backpack around the city, only had a nice lunch in local eatery, some time in the internet cafe, and to the airport. My plane to Manila was on time and I could watch the island from the air during the sunshine.
First thing Manila was an argue with a taxi driver, who cheat me ... I really have no luck with this city. Two weeks ago they robbed me here, now taxi driver cheat me.
It is good that all country is not like Manila

Mar 05, 2009 09:00 PM Archipelago Bacuit part B (or C)

Archipelago Bacuit part B (or C) The best way way to see Archipelago Bacuit is to do island hopping. I chosed for today variant C - we started in the morning and went to the bay located in Matinloc Island - much better snorkeling than yesterday and more colorful fishes and corals, then we went to Matinloc shrine (chapel on the inhabited island) from where are the priceless views. From there we went to Tapuitan island for the lunch. Again fresh fish grilled on the beach with the view for the crystal clear sea. From there we hooped to Secret beach. To get there we had to go (dive) through the hole in the rocks, inside is natural bay surrounded by rocks with white beach. I must admit that our guide was the best, because in all the places we have been the first ones, like in the Eden's Beach, when we docked there we have been the only ones, after 25 minutes came 4 boats and the place weren't anymore so charming. After we went to Helicopter Island (the shape of the Island gave it the name), and then come back to El Nido.
What a day - even if I am red (my sunscrean wasn't the best one) I feel really happy.

Mar 04, 2009 09:00 PM Archipelago Bacuit part A

Archipelago Bacuit part A I took a trip by bangkas. You have three possibilities, three different roads. Today I saw Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Shimizu Island and 7 commando beach. I can't find the words to describe these places. Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous is not enough. Also during the trip we had a lunch. Simple one, but I will never forget the taste of it. Grilled (on the beach) fish, rice and vegetable salad, bananas as a dessert. Simple but with priceless view. This was the best restaurant in my life. During the evening I am enjoying El Nido and a simple spending time on my terrace. I just can't wait to share the photos from this place with Globies.

Mar 03, 2009 09:00 PM Painful road to the paradise

Painful road to the paradise Because in my opinion El Nido deserve such title. It is paradise lost at the end of Palawan, surrounded by high and spectacular mountains, white beaches and Archipelago Bacuit on the horizon. Even if in the city electricity is twice daily and in my hostel (Gloria's Pension - 900 pesos per night) there is no water I don't regret any second of the painful road here.
There are two ways to go directly from Puerto Princessa to El Nido - you can take a local bus (9 hours) or minivan (5-6 hour, depends on drivers fantasy). I took the minivan, half of the road is ok, but the second part is paved but very, very bumpy. Our driver had a lot of fantasy, so after coming here I couldn't feel lower part of my body :)
My hostel is another subject - located on the beach, from my terrace there is an sea view, also I can see first islands of Bacuit archipelago and dozen of bangkas. There is nothing better than drink a coffee in such place.

Mar 02, 2009 09:00 PM Sabang - first of Palawan highlights

Sabang - first of Palawan highlights It is easier to book a trip to subterranean river from the hostel. The price is 1500 pesos per day (everything included), when you are trying to organize yourself the price will be similar. We went in the early morning to see this famous place. Road is throgh scenic mountains where somewhere (as our guide said) is still primary forest. Then when we arrived we took a bangka to small beach and then to the entrance. Trip is about 45 minutes and we could see fabulous rock formations inside the caves. After we had a lunch on the beach and as a drink we had fresh coconut milk :)
I really liked the place, but I don't think that it deserve to be subscribed to the new 7 wonders of the nature (as local authorities want). For me round trip, lunch and bangka trip were more interesting than river itself.
When we come back in the city were parade (I don't know what was the ocasion) but there were at least 10 platforms and at least 15 queens.

Mar 01, 2009 09:00 PM Welcome to the cleanest city in the country

Welcome to the cleanest city in the country That what i read when I landed in Puerto Princessa, Palawan. But if the Puerto is cleanest - I would be scary to see rest of them.
Today I visited Cebu in the morning. Bustling city, I slept in older part of the city - downtown (Hotel de Mercedes 730 pesos - can be noisy if your neighbour has a guest), but it is loaced with a short distance to see some highlights of the city - cathedral which is renovated right now, Basilica Minore de Santo Nino has very interesting interior, outside also is a beautiful building and finally Fort San Pedro - which turns to be very, very small fortress with closed museum (it was monday), for more I haven't time because I had my flight to Puerto Princessa. I could see Philippines islands from the air - magic experience. In Puerto I had a little problem with hostel, but very helpful lady in Banwa Pension helped me to find another one (Rengel Hotel 480 pesos air con). Puerto itself is not very interesting - only cathedral and kompong area (houses on the water) are worth to see. In the evening I went to highly recomended Kalui restaurant. Food was really delicious - but anybody can tell me how to eat the shrimps with fork and spoon (they are not using knifes here) ......

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