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Rafal's Travel log

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Feb 28, 2009 09:00 PM Tarsiers - treasure of Bohol

Tarsiers - treasure of Bohol I didn't wake up in the morning as I wanted and I failed with my plans for today. I took short walk to see again the chocolate hills in the morning light and then walked with my backpack to the bus stop. Again, 40 kilometers in two hours. then I bought a nicket for the evening ferry to Cebu and I was trying to catch up delays with my plan. I went to see Tarsiers, tricycle ride costs about 250 pesos return. There is a small sanctuary in Corella village (entry fee 20 pesos, including guide). And honestly there is very short walking there just few hundred meters. I knew that Tarsier is a very small animal, but I haven't thought that is so small like half of my fist, without guide it would be impossible to find them. This is one of the cutest animal like I have ever seen. Then I negotiate with my guide and he agreed to go with me to Loboc (old spanisch church from 1605, very impressive, try to visit museum if you have a time) then Albuquerque with also pretty church and finally to Baclayon (with the oldest church in Bohol and one of the oldest in Philippines, dating from 1595). And during the journey I could admire wonderful Bohol landscapes.
Finally waiting for my ferry I found little restaurant in the port, serving excellent fish and stewed bananas - yummy

Feb 27, 2009 09:00 PM Why people humiliate other people

Why people humiliate other people As I supposed it was quite hard day, first night bus to Manila, then flight to Cebu (both on time). Then in Cebu I took a taxi to ferry terminal. There is a lot of boats to Tagbilaran, because I wanted to reach Chocolate Hills today I took a speed one (525 pesos - 1.5 hours, 11 ferries daily). When the ferry docked to the pier I was a witness of sad scene (according to headline). There were poor children on bangkas (local boats) begging for the money, and the people from ferry throw the 1 peso coins to the water that the children could dive for them - it was really humiliating like in a zoo, like with the animals. The most sad thing was that people from ferry were very proud of them.
I took a bus (local one with booming music) to Carmen - 40 kilometers in two hours for 50 pesos, then is only 10 minutes walk to the hostel located in Chocolate Hills (800 pesos per night - completely overpriced). Next to the hostel is view point over the hills, very stunning scenery, hundreds of hills up to the horizon line in the light of sunset ...

Feb 26, 2009 09:00 PM Banaue rice terraces - Ifugao testimony

Banaue rice terraces - Ifugao testimony The area of Banaue is full of rice terraces, most spectacular one are in Batad, but also very scenic are in Banaue. I took a tricycle from Banaue to view point (5 kilometers outside town for 200 pesos). Those in Banaue don't have stone walls as those in Batad, but they are also very impressive. I ask my driver if there are another view points and he told me that there is another 5, so on my way back we stopped at each of them. On the stops I meet people from Ifugao tribe. Old people posing to pictures for money in their traditional costumes. The Ifugao people are also the authors of the rice terraces. I read in my guide book that in the past they were fearful headhunters ....
Now I am relaxing in the city, writing my travel log and waiting for the night bus to Manila (8 pm - 8 hours 450 pesos with Florida lines, 415 with Auto Bus lines, Florida has much better buses). It will be again very hard day, bus to Manila, then flight to Cebu, then ferry to Tubigon and another bus to Carmen. But I am sure that morning in the chocolate hills will reward me all this inconveniences :)))

Feb 25, 2009 09:00 PM There is no paved road to the village

There is no paved road to the village I came to Banaue at 5 am and was completely dark outside, very tired and dirty after the bus trip (during the road we lost 1 passenger - in one of the stops :))) I was dreaming about bed to sleep. But the electricity was shut down... One boy helped me to find a hostel and woke up the owner (People's Inn 400 pesos per room).
Next morning I found a guide and took a trip to Batad rice terraces. It is known as one of the most beautiful places in Philippines, there is no transport because there is no paved road to the village (honestly there is only a path). So I took the tricycle to the Batad junction, then 40 minutes up to Batad saddle, then 1,5 hour with paved path to the Batad village. It is really hard to desribe the place - hidden in a high mountains, there are terraces with stone walls. Most impressive (very green) are before the harvest in June, now was the time of cleaning and planting the rice, but still views were breathtaking. Close to the village are TawiTawi waterfalls, but it was to late to go see them. I spend 2 hours in a village and 3 hours way back to Banaue. If you will be there, please fixed the price with the guide carefully, we fixed a price 650 pesos for return trip, but after all my guide wanted more money for guide services, he told me that it wasn't included in the price ...

Feb 24, 2009 09:00 PM 150 kilometers during one day

150 kilometers during one day It was really hard day. I wanted to go initially from Vigan to Banaue, there is one direct road but everybody advised me to not take this route via Cervantes, because there is a risk of clash between Army and Partisans. So I had to go via Baguio - there is dozen direct buses to this city (*Partas has almost every two hours - ticket 270 pesos, 5 hours), then in Baguio should be a direct bus to Banaue in the afternoon, but unfortunately there was only KMS bus at 9pm, coming to Banaue at 5 am next day. So I bought a ticket for it (415 pesos) and having the afternoon I went to see Baguio. It is not very interesting city, without interesting architecture, very crowdy. I spent this afternoon writing notes in the internet and booking fly tickets for the rest of my journey.
Bus to Baguio wasn't the best one, dirty and quite old. Bus staff was drunk, I am not sure about driver, but probably, he wasn't.

Feb 23, 2009 09:00 PM Vigan - I am not sure is it in Asia

Vigan - I am not sure is it in Asia When I came at 5 am the city was still sleeping. I found quite quick the old part of Vigan and my hostel - Grandpa's Inn (730 pesos per double, shared bathroom without breakfast). They agree to make an early check in, but I paid 300 pesos plus...
Vigan is wonderful and charming. I had to rest little bit after my all night trip, and then I went to see the city. It is surprising place, old colonial houses built in spanish style, cathedral and kalesa (horse drawn carriages), it cost only 15pesos, but gives a lot of fun. The next thing that impressed me a lot were jeepneys and trycicles. Every owner is trying to make its car unique and different. So on the streets is full of this art cars :)

Feb 22, 2009 09:00 PM Manila - what to think about it .....

Manila - what to think about it ..... It was a strange day.... I came into Manila at midnight, I took a taxi (they are already metered taxis in front of the airport)to reach my hostel. I stayed in Manila City Bay Hostel, in Roxas Boulevard. The hostel was hard to find, doors were locked and nobody picked up the phone. Finally some guardian opened me the door. I didn't get the room that I reserved - so I took a bed in dormitory (350n pesos per bed, 1 USD - 47.50 pesos). Thanks to my ear plugs I slept all night - there was construction site just next to the hostel, also the windows were on the road side - very very noisy.
In the day I went to see old part of the city called Intramuros - interesting with old buildings, cathedral and interesting Saint Augustin church. Then I went to look for the buses to Vigan. There is dozen of companies close to EDSA train/metro station. I found the Partas company and I took a bus at 9 pm (700 pesos one way, tickets are not selling in advance -30 minutes before departure, journey is taking 8 hours and everybody should take something warm because air-con is working non stop.
Manila is a strange city - interesting, bustling, noisy and ....... unfortunately very dangerous. I am happy to leave this city.

Feb 21, 2009 09:00 PM Woman republic

Woman republic I came to Hong Kong at 8 am in the morning, my plane to Manila is at 10 pm so I have all day in the city. I left my luggage in the airport (55 HKD per one day) and went to the city. The best way to reach the city is to take bus E11 (21 HKD one way) or A11(40 HKD one way), both are going to Hong Kong Island.
Unfortunately it wasn't best weather to see the city - it was a foggy day and the city panorama from Victoria Peak wasn't so spectacular. But it is still nice experience to walk around the city. I was in Hong Kong before, but never saw the district "Soho" - it was the first time and I really like it.
I observed something interesting today. I know that each society are guys and girls, but today in Hong Kong was like 80 % of woman and 20 % of men. I was wondering why ....

Feb 20, 2009 09:00 PM airport, plane, airport, plane ....

airport, plane, airport, plane .... I always wanted to make a bigger and longer trip, as for example Wojtek Dabrowski is doing. But now I am limited by time, so very often I have to cut my travel plans. This time I am flying from Warsaw to Hong Kong (via Paris). The planes were full no to much place for legs, and almost 18 hours in planes with jet lags makes me completely tired. The only advantage is that I have a time to read more about Philippines, it is very intriguing and fascinating country.

Feb 19, 2009 09:00 PM Ready to go

Ready to go I am tired but happy. Tomorrow I am going to start a new adventure. Even if I am still at work and my backpack is not packed yet, my minds are already there - on Philipinnes. I am going to spend two wondereful (hopefully) weeks there. My plan is to see some green part of Luzon, old spanish architecture and fabulous islands. I would like to see also the small monkeys on Bohol island and have diving training.
But tomorrow - I am going to Hong Kong, how I am missing this city ....
Keep your fingers crossed please.

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