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daniserralta Krabi - A travel report by Dani
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Krabi,  Thailand - flag Thailand -  Krabi
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Kho Phi Phi. The overcrowded but still nice island.

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Krabi travelogue picture
Kho Phi Phi Don is a little nice island in the middle of nowhere lost by the Andaman sea. Is a great combination of clear blue water, white sand, colorful corals, jungle cliffs and hills plenty of exotic flowers and animals ... one of the best asian islands i've ever visited. The only town there is Tonsai now plenty of resorts, hotels and bungalows and developing a big touristic infrastructure with pubs, restaurants and tour operators ofering coral diving, shark view excursions and all other leisure offers. Don't expect to be alone there cause is usually overcrowded with young travelers or family tourists. If you want a little of privacy go out Tonsai to other areas further as Long Beach by the long-tail ships. Despite the damage of the overcrow, the island is changing fast but is still a little paradise in Thailand.

Favourite spots:
Krabi travelogue picture
In front of Kho Phi Phi Don there is another island much little, Kho Phi Phi Ley. Usually is a one day tour from Tonsai. This tour by a long-tail boat starts at Tonsai an goes to the Viking Cave, continues with a one beutiful snorkelling to see the colorful corals and strange fishes there. After that you can visit the amazing Maya Bay. A semi-closed beach where the famous movie The Beach where done. Is a little amazing beach with clear water, white sand, a little jungle and all between big cliffs envolving it. You will continue to the monkeys beach and some other islands as the Kho Yung with amazing corals and the Bamboo island to finish again at Tonsai. For me visit that two islands was great and the two of them where my favourite spot.

What's really great:
Krabi travelogue picture
What i like special there was an amazing sunset and sunrise from the top of the pointview hill at Tonsai east side. Is a long way up, not so hard but sweating cause the hot wheather and humidity. After an hour way up through the jungle, palm trees, colourful flowers, etc... you will arrive to the top. There are a rock formation from where you can see all the island and also Kho Phi Phi Ley. There, just enjoying the sunrise or the sunset just hearing the sounds of the strange birds or the monkeys ... so far from home, so far from everything in a wonderful island ... that was special.

The best sights are go treking through the island going further the Phi Phi Pointview, take a long tail boat to visit the island or the other one, Kho Phi Phi Ley, enjoy the night life, the sun and the beach, do scuba diving, snorkelling, canoing or go to see sharks for the most adventurous ones.

The accomodation in Tonsai is generally expensive.
The bungalows, rooms, cabanas, etc are around 500 to 1.000 Bahts per night.
Anyway going out the Tonsai center the prices go down and you can find cheaper accomodation.
Some little tour operators offer also little rooms over their travel agency and are usually for 300 Bahts.
Much further there are little comunities out of Tonsai, 30 minutes walking east from the pier by the beach, and find also bungalows at the beach for 250 - 300 Bahts with their own restaurant, beach area, and all services.
Obviously there are also big resorts for thousands of Bahts and all included.
Anyway the best is wake up in the moorning and the first view is the beach and a great clear water. Just for relax and enjoy the peace of a little paradise.

Krabi travelogue picture
There are some good ones as the Reggae Bar where you can see some Thai Kickboxing for free every night at 22:00. I also love the Apache Bar at east Tonsai, with an indian decoration open till really late with good music, cheap drinks, nice beach views and funny parties.
At the beach sand there are some locals where you can stay on some kind of blankets with pillows under the stars and the moon drinking your bier with your girl/boy-friend (If you have one) with a candle lights ... so romantic.
And there are also fire shows where some guys play with fireballs in a chain moving it in circles around them.
But there are lot of other places to enjoy the night or to eat some banana pancakes or drink a papaya shake (Never combine booth of them!!)

Some restaurants are located inside Tonsai, the best ones are inside the city cause are not so overpriced as in the beach coast line near the sea.
You can find nice ones with special sea-fish dishes ... shark included.
You can also find chicken or some other kind of meat but is usually much expensive.
DonĀ“t forget to taste the pancakes and the milk-shakes i specially like the papaya shake!! what an experience!!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! ;)

Other recommendations:
Krabi travelogue picture
There are only one ATM in all the island and is in front of the pier, one postal office inside the town, one hospital and not so much more services.
Internet is really expensive and can only be found at some hotels or travel agencies.
From the Pier you can go directly to Phuket (2 hours), Ko Lanta or Krabi (1'5 hours).

Published on Tuesday December 3th, 2002

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Fri, Aug 20 2004 - 10:21 AM rating by gentleherbsman

Hey Daniel, i'm setting off for Thailand in September and i'm looking for some information on tips on locations, prices, hostels etc. Your report sounds great and exciting, and i'd appreciate any further information you may have. we arrive in Bangkok on October the 1st. See Ya

Fri, Oct 10 2003 - 01:25 PM rating by kathmandukitten

Great pictures... what am i doing back in the UK?

Sat, Sep 20 2003 - 06:56 PM rating by kcheepv

Good Report!

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