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nedkelly Milano - A travel report by Matt
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Milano,  Italy - flag Italy
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Confused.... the police were!!!

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So ,setting the scene. It was while I was living in the Netherlands that I found a Dutch rugby club who wanted me to come on a tour of Italy with them, they were paying........... so that was the quickest dessision I ever made in my entire life.

In any normall situation its a long bus ride from the netherlands to Milan, but this was a rugby tour, there is absolutly nothing normall about 30 grown men drinking and singing rather lude songs across half of Europe. I could go into more detail but being a gentleman ..... I will spare you those. If you want to know more ,you know how to get hold of me. We did have a stop over in Switzerland but due to the fact that they are not a Euro currency country it was decided rather unanimously that we would buy more beer in a country that did accept the Euro instead of going through all the rigmorole of changing currency to and fro just for a beer or 100. So Switzerland looked like a beutifull place to go and visit when your sober and not having your underpants pulled over your ears. We dully arrived in Milano early the following afternoon somewhat desheveled and in dire need of the three S'S ( theres no way Im gonna go there on this respectable site!!!)

Favourite spots:
Suprisingly I did manage to squeeze in a cultural visit to the Cathederal there ....Twice!!!! once in the day to get up on the roof and then I managed to steal myself away during a bar hop (by using the excuse Id just seen some hot Italian lass giving me the eye so I wanted to chase her...hey it worked ,dont judge me!!!!!) to see the cathedral at night and that was just amazing. Also theres a bunch of Big lakes just north of Milano we popped to lake Garda or something , its hectic big very picturesque but with the company I was with it wasnt exactly the best time to mention the beutifull flowers and trees. ( I went through an incredible amount of underpants for being the token English man as it was I didnt want to add to the underpant expendature.)

What's really great:
The people were awesome we were shown every courtiousey everywhere we went, all the resteraunts we went to despite our rather boisterous behaviour were all wishing us to return.

With regards to the title , it was after leaving one of these reasteraunts and our captain wanting to see me climb something after I told him I teach climbing that the police stopped me from hanging off a building. When the police man asked where I was from and what I was doing the poor fellow got so confused and just let me go........ hehehe.

We were expecting to be put up in these rather classy wooden huts but instead were decieved into staying at the Olympic Caravan Park just north of Milano. We did abscond with a few souvenires as a jesture of or protest. Again ,wont go into detail.

Many in the centre and if you see a green rugby jersy with Grasshopers written on and signed by all of us, you will know we were there. We gave one to all the good pubs we went to.

So many , these places in the sidestreets are awesome.

Other recommendations:
So Milano usually a very cosmopolitan city, suffered the touring Grasshoppers with dignity. A great city and I would love to go back and do it properly. The lakes in the north were lovely and there was definatly some scope for stunning hillwalks with stunning views. Go !!

Published on Tuesday August 24th, 2004

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Tue, Sep 12 2006 - 05:31 PM rating by mrscanada

You took a few souvenires. Nauty lad.

Wed, Oct 26 2005 - 04:50 PM rating by toribio


Tue, Sep 28 2004 - 01:20 AM rating by ardelia

This is so funny, I wihs you could write more, i was there myself for a few days, about 3 days, shopping for shoes like crazy and having the best tiramisu ever in my life...I love the place, the loud,friendly people and above all that, I love the sexy Italian language. As a woman travelling alone, I got a lot of whistling from people but I think it's a safe place as long as you avoid the dangerous area. :) Nice writing....

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