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nedkelly Recife - A travel report by Matt
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Recife,  Brazil - flag Brazil
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Surf with Sharks or a trip to Porto de Galinhas?

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Ive surfed in many places in the world and this is the first place Ive ever come to that the authorities made it ILLEGAL to surf here. You can go swim , paddle bathe but wo betide you should you have the inclination to go surf there.

Apparantly the fishermen overfished the area and so as the natural food source for the sharks disapeared and they decided to chomp on us surfers instead..... more meat I supose ,although with all the chemicles the boards are made from I wouldnt immagin that we would be that tasty. Ah well , beggars cant be choosers I supose. So I jumped on a bus and travelled 60 km south to a place called Porto de Gallinhas , man what a gem!! Its a surf town with many surfshops and ........ strangly enough .....surfers. It is also a resort town for the rich Brazillians ( dont get me started on that topic.) They pay local boatmen to take them about 500 yards out to a reef that has rockpools with fish in. This place has a cool fusion thing going on where the rich mix with the surf rats and It seemed to work.....well It did while I was there.

Favourite spots:
Maracaipe beach is where they hold surf contests often and its slightly funny (not Ha ha, just a little strange.) to watch how emotional they all get . Cupe is the other Beach on the left as you look out to sea. Best surfed early in the morning......hey, where isnt? If your there with yer girlfriend theres plenty of deckchairs,parisoles-,coconuts and stalls selling stuff to keep her ocupied while you get wet. Better still would be to leave her hear and you take a jog up to Maracaipe...... even better than that find a girlfriend who surfs too !!!! hihihi!!!!

What's really great:
Theres a surfshop called Bali and a fella in there called Macio hes the coolest kid there, anything you want to know about currents,rips n tides hes all over it. There was an awesome small surfer town vibe here..... Ill definatly be back next time Im that way round.

Some of the best sunrises in the world, some of the nicest people in the world and some of the hugest smiles in the world.

Many Pousadas, take your pick but make sure you view the room first!!

Theres one or two there but many locals just seem to buy a whole bunch of beer or whatever park there huge trucks with music blarring outside the house and party untill the early hours. I would pass them still partying sometimes as I went out for my early morning surf session. Its easy to get an invite but make sure your girlfriend is up for it too...... theres a lesson there somewhere fellas.

Theres Pubs all over the place here and you will here em before youll see em.

Because of the richies there are some absolutly Amazing resteraunts here that will suit Every budget and hey after 3 months ruffing it, its nice to treat yourself and the long suffering girlfriend to a great meal once in a while isnt it. Only once in a while though...hehehe!!

Other recommendations:
Stay here dont go anywhere else.

Published on Tuesday August 10th, 2004

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Tue, Sep 12 2006 - 05:38 PM rating by mrscanada

I'm scared of sharks so I wouldn't dive any where. My son has his PAD and likes to dive in the Philippines

Mon, Oct 31 2005 - 10:46 AM rating by etelka610

Did you know that sharks actually hate the taste of human flesh, the only reason they ever attack is because theyve mistaken you for like a turtle or something, which you do look kinda similar to from underneath.

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