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nedkelly Sheffield - A travel report by Matt
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Sheffield,  United Kingdom - flag United Kingdom
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Beer n' Grit ! Yup, another report by Nedkelly

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This time my report is on that other Great Northern town of Sheffield!!! I am determined to get you lot out of London..... London is a terrible place to visit... it stinks, its busy ..and its full of southerners. Come up here..were right friendly we are!!

Sat having a meal in a rather exclusive resteraunt in Paris, I glanced down at the cutlery and yup,as I suspected, Made in Shefield embossed proud as brass along the side of this elogant knife blade. Renouned the world over for the quality of its steel, Sheffield I imagine, has the opinion of being a rather Grey City, situated in the Industrial north of the country I dare say that in the hight of our Industrial Revolution it was a little on the smokey side. However after the millions spent on urban re-developement over the years Sheffield is one of the more renound Cities outside of london. It boasts a wealth of both sporting and cultural facilities, some architecturaly important buildings and probably the key feature for me, is that directly out of Sheffield is The Peak District National Park.... They do say location is key.... If there is an ounce of adventure surging somewhere in your body you will realise the importance of the park. Within only a relativly small area we have some of the worlds greatest single pitch climbing ( Rock climbing you do in one go without having to stop.) And for those who remember my Leeds report, this is Gritstone... so even if you never touched rock in your lives before if you get to give a piece a feel you will notice how Grippy it is (like the Technical term there all you rockies???) Also there are Caves and Potholes , Cliffs to jump off (preferably with oversized kite attached, but that is optional!!!) hills to ride down ...or up...if your daft enough!! Horses to ride,water to sail on The Peaks has it all. ....... and Beer!!!!

Favourite spots:
Sheffield Ski Village is the Largest Dry Ski slope in Europe!!! Official!! There are nursery slopes and ski jumps into pools of water, Moguls, slalom,plain downhills and larger downhills. Check out for all the info... You can see this place all over Sheffield and in the winter when it gets snow on too... cor chief!! it rocks!!! Devonshire Quater in Sheffield, its where all the boutiques are and all the trendy people go ....but then all the people like me like to hang out there too... to look and laugh at all the trendy people!!! hahaha but there are some very cool eateries resteraunts and clothes and a cool music shop called Noise Annoys its on Howard Street it has the coolest staff in there and they have EVERYTHING...and what they dont have they can get for you... ask for Mozzer!!!! Meadowhall was and probably still is one of the largest malls in the U.K. worth a visit. Museum of Fire and Police The sports Stadiums.

What's really great:
Get out of the city...Road A625 straight to Hathersage, shop called OUTSIDE..... this is the centre of all the hubub of all outdoor freaks in the area...It has an awesome coffee shop upstairs, and you can get the best information on where to go, when to go, how long to go for, weather conditions, rock conditions there are maps and directions and one of the best outdoor shops I have ever been to in the world. The staff are all local legends and offer a wealth of experience... and the chocolate tripple chip brownies are to die for... I only eat chocolate in here!!! Best rock crag, Stanage, others in the area include Burbage valley and Millstone Edge with Stoney Middleton, Curber and the legendary Froggat further down the valley. Place called Castleton, They have blue john caverns and a castle and Winnets pass very picturesque. Best place in Sheffield The Edge Climbing wall Im there every Thursday... if you wanna try rock climbing Ill take you up for free 01142758899 The Edge.

Sights.... yeah...theres a couple!!! Na .. get out of the City and head to The Peaks.... it is among some of the most beautiful landscape in the whole of the U.K. I would say that the summer months are lush and green, but the most beautiful time to go is in the winter when the snow capps the hills and as the sun drops in the early evening its magnificance captivates even the hardest of souls.
Some of my most pleasent memories of the U.K. are of climbing here in the evening and reaching the top of a climb and sitting there ,legs dangelling over the edge just sat watching the sun go down accross the valley, the birds returning to roost, shaddows lengthening until we find ourselves gazing in ore of the beauty and the colours that is a Peaks sunsett.

There are a miriade of Hotels here for further info on that asspect try But do yourself a favour..... get out of the City... get some fresh air in your system. ...... and some beer!!

There has been a huge influx of students to the area and Sheffield reverbarates till the early hours pretty much every night of the week. Im sure if you ask in the pubs or just keep your ears open you will find loads .

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Pubs.... are you kidding me... No ..Sheffield doesnt have any pubs at all................well... theres one or two...I shall give you a list to take your pick from.....all are guarenteed to carry at least 4 local beers as well as your generic brands.... Bar coast, Rsvp Bar,Forum Bar and J.D. Weatherspoons oh and the Halycon bar, are all the trendy sorts of bars in the Devoshire Quarter, so give them a miss and head for the Yorick instead Traditional pub...lots of propper beers. There is a bar called The Walkabout Inn, (Bloody Aussies get everywhere) ((You know who you are));) However....... Da da daaaaaa, The pub to which you must visit is called The Frog and Parrot. This pub hosts the legendary RODGER AND OUT which is reputed to be the strongest beer in the world at 12.9% . It is only served in a third of a pint and you may only consume 3 glasses and yes, certificates are available!!!
Other Pubs of noteworthy mention are, The Cavendish, Flares 70's

revival Bar, Foundry and Ferkin, Scruffy Murphys, Champs Sports Bar, Fox and duck, All Bar One................ and yes..... just because it wouldnt be the same without one.... an Irish Bar, Oniells.

For food, you really are spoilt for choice, Santinos Ristorante Italiano, Cafe Rouge, Nonnas Cafe, Caffe Uno, The Mad Greek, Bistro Cassablanca but my favorite is again in the Devonshire quarter, its called K passa..... the Best traditional Mexican eaterie outside of Mexico ...that I have ever found anyway.... Holly ned they do it good and hot here....get some down ya!!!

Other recommendations:
One spot I think should be visited that I hav'nt mentioned yet isChesterfield Parish Church .... It has a crooked and twisted spire. The spire is 228feet tall and has been stood for 700 years. Not suprised its gone a bit limp. Worth checking out though .. Chesterfield is only about 15 mins due south of Sheffield.

Published on Tuesday November 1th, 2005

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Tue, Sep 12 2006 - 05:33 PM rating by mrscanada

I guess we don't agree on London. I've never been here so I can't compare them. A few of your letters/numbers are stuck together at the bottom of your review.

Thu, Nov 03 2005 - 04:45 AM rating by bhairavee

Hii Matt,
Very brief and informative report ,Sheffield is very famous world wide for its iron works

Wed, Nov 02 2005 - 08:16 PM rating by isaacmolina


Wed, Nov 02 2005 - 06:35 PM rating by miguelmarchi

very humoristic and pleasant to read

Wed, Nov 02 2005 - 06:04 PM rating by delfster

a very determine northern-exposure report. with a special mission: off london. the place almost like a dizzy montage... at least through the eyes of your words. wish there're pics.

Wed, Nov 02 2005 - 01:51 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi


Tue, Nov 01 2005 - 08:42 PM rating by rangutan

Great inside information without pictures but well described pub life there.

Tue, Nov 01 2005 - 02:34 PM rating by etelka610

And that is cliffs to jump off (with oversized kite) not to fall off (without) ;)

One of the guys I work with raves about K Pasa, i sooo have to get myself down there.

Tue, Nov 01 2005 - 02:20 PM rating by toribio


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