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Adam's Travel log

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Welcome to my travellog. Here you can read about my journeys day by day.

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Jun 09, 2013 08:00 PM Cave town and Stalin museum

The weather in Tbilisi was awdul in the morning - when we got in a shared taxi it was raining heavily and we got soaking wet. A shared taxi to Gori costs 5 lari per person. As there were only four of us in the taxi we negotiated with the driver to take us directly to Uplistsikhe cave town for 10 lari extra, which means we had a private taxi from Tbilisi to Kazbegi for 30 lari only (it's ca. 100 kms). It took us almost two hours to visit this interesting place and the weather was good. Admission is three lari. On the way back we took a marshrutka to Gori where we visited Stalin museum. Actually it's not a museum but rather a propaganda site telling only the positive aspects of Stalin's life are shown. We were back in Tbilisi by 6 p.m. We found an excellent local restaurant Racha located on Lermontov st in Sololaki district. A sumptuous dinner of several dishes with wine cost 25 lari for two. Our friends left for Kakheti region and will hopefully join us back in two days for the trip to Kazbegi.

Jun 08, 2013 08:00 PM First time in Caucasus - Georgia

After almost one year since our last journey we are travelling again. When a low-cost airline Wizzair opened service to Kutaisi in Georgia we decided to visit this country. The journey will be ten days only but we hope to see the capital city of Tbilisi, some sights around it and the mountains.
We got up at 4 a.m. to catch the 6 a.m. flight. At the airport we met the friends of our friends and we decided to go to Tbilisi together. A marshrutka from the airport was 10 USD per person and the journey took us 4,5 hrs.
In Tbilisi we are staying in Formula 1 guesthouse that is conveniently located close to Rustaveli str. We pay 39 USD for a double room with shared bathroom. In the afternoon we went for a dinner to the Khinkali Center serving local specialty dumplings called khinkali. We tried all the varieties and a huge dinner with wine for four was only 23 lari (15 USD).

Aug 18, 2012 08:00 PM At home after 5 weeks

We landed in Frankfurt on time. The 13-hour flight wasn't very comfortable - there is little legroom and the seats are quite narrow. Well, it's economy class... Food was rather lousy and looked terrible, the service was however impeccable, with cabin crew offering water and juice many times at night and snacks available all the time.
In Frankfurt we visited a duty free shop to stock up a bit and then boarded our flight to Warsaw. BTW - there's free wifi at Frankfurt airport - you just need to register and have 30 minutes to surf.
Our flight landed on time, but we had to wait for the luggage for the long time and my bag arrived as almost the last one.
Unfortunately this is the end of this wonderful journey. It's time to make plans for the next one!

Aug 17, 2012 08:00 PM Last day in South America

It was our last day in Buenos Aires. We were greeted by rain in the morning, so our only activities were to pack our backpacks, stock up on facturas (sweet pastries) and drinks and leave for the airport. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 4:40 p.m. but we left the hotel as early as midday to be sure we don't miss the flight. The airport is far from the city center and the public bus no. 8 gets there in two hours or more if there are jams. We wanted to catch the bus at Av. Rivadavia (be careful - there are other buses with the same number that DON'T go to the airport). Finally our bus arrivied but it turned out to be different than the rest of the city buses - much more comfortable, more like a coach. It turned out it costs 25 pesos instead of two, but we happily paid the fare and took our seats (in the normal bus we would probably be standing for most of the trip). The trip took only 1 hour and the route was much strighter than the normal bus. The normal buses still go to the airport, through. After arriving we took our boarding passes from the machine, dropped the luggage and went to McDonalds for lunch.
The flight left on time.

Aug 16, 2012 08:00 PM Rainy Buenos Aires

Today it was raining almost all the time and the rains were heavy making it impossible to walk around. At midday we met Edytka´s friend, Santmer with whom she shared a room when she was here four years ago on a student exchange. We spent nice two hours chatting in a cafe.
In the afternoon we had dinner at Buenos Aires Grill - we liked it yesterday and we didn´t want to change and look for another restaurant in the downpour. This time I ordered bife de chorizo. This was my last time given to steaks - I didn´t like them because the meet seemed too chewy. But this time the steak turned out to be great and I really enjoyed it.
In the evening we went to Teatro Colon for a concert of Wagner. The hall is great and there are 6 or 7 circles above the ground level. We bought the cheapest seats (standing tickets are even cheaper) for 80 pesos at the upper circle but then they let the people go to the groundfloor since there were many empty seats. So by paying 80 pesos we got seats that are normally sold for a couple hundreds of pesos. The concert was great - there was an orchestra plus a couple of soloistis including one of Asian (probably Japanese) origin singing in an Argentinian theatre in German (since it was Wagner)!

Aug 15, 2012 08:00 PM Wandering around BA

I felt much better in the morning and the weather wasn't that bad - at least it wasn´t raining - so we decided to do some sightseeing today. We started with Recoleta cemetery. It was really interesting to see big tombs there where the most prominent portenios are buried. We also found a tomb of Polish emigrants there.
Then we stopped at atmospheric La Biela Cafe and continued to walk around the city looking at its magnificent architecture. There are many places to visit and to see. Its enough to walk around and stop at places you find interesting. Among them was Teatro Colon, where we bought tickets for tomorrow´s concert. They will play Wagner - we want to listen to the music and to see the grand interior of the theater that has recently been restored.
We had dinner at Buenos Aires Grill which is located next door to El Ateneo - a bookstore housed in an ex-cinema with great interior. The Grill serves decent food. Regular prices are midrange to high but their set menus (4 to choose from) offer good value (50 to 70 pesos for the main course, drink and dessert).
In the evening we went to Freddo - a great ice cream parlor. They have many locations around the city and sell excellent, but pricey ice cream.

Aug 14, 2012 08:00 PM Arrived in Buenos Aires

The bus was late almost two hours (arrived at 10 a.m. instead of 8:10), but we didn´t complain. We could sleep longer and the weather in Buenos was awful in the morning it was raining heavily. Moreover check-in our hotel was from 1 p.m. and we still had to wait a bit.
We are staying at Alma del Plata Hotel in Montserrat district. The hotel is conveniently located - close to underground station and there are a few bus stops nearby. We pay US $50 per night - booked in advance via
Unfortunately it turned out I have tonsilitis so I bought antibiotic to treat it. No sightseeing today - I was resting. Hope for better tomorrow.

Aug 13, 2012 08:00 PM Bird´s eye view of the falls

We spent this day on the Brazilian side of the falls. In the morning we took an 8:10 bus to the Brazilian falls (50 pesos return). After arrival we checked helicopter flights over the falls with helisul company. The price wasn´t very steep - 215 reals (or US $110) for a ten minute flight in a small chopper (4 pax plus captain). It´s possible to pay with a credit card and the price is the same. We had to wait a bit (around 30 minutes) as there was a small queue and there operate only one helicopter. Our company was a nice couple from Kiev, Ukraine. I had a front seat (next to the captain) and Edytka a window seat behind him. The flight itself was great (it was our first chopper flight), but the views even better. We took many pictures and shot a few short films. However the flight could have been a bit longer (at least 15 minutes).
After the flight we entered the national park paying 41 reals for admission (no discounts for students). The fee indcludes a bus ride from the entrance to the falls. There is less to see here than on the Argentinian side, but you get a broader view of the falls here so it´s worth going to both sides.
In the afternoon, after returning to Puerto Iguazu, we took a night bus to Buenos Aires. It was a comfortable tutto letto (lie-flat seats) bus that featured prived video on demand system. The food served was quite good and alcohol was offered too (wine, whiskey, champagne), but I didn´t try it. I got cold because of yesterday´s suddent weather change and was taking pills. The company we chose was Via Bariloche, and we can recommend it.

Aug 12, 2012 08:00 PM Iguazu falls

We have one and a half days for the falls, so we decided to spend the first day on the Argentinian side since there is more to see here than on the Brazilian side. We took a 9 a.m. bus to the falls. It costs 50 pesos for a return trip and the ride takes approx. 25 minutes. Admission fee is 130 pesos (no discount for international students). There´s a lot to walk and to see on this side. First we did the upper circuit to have some general view of the first part of the falls (excluding the most powerful waterfall - Garganta del Diablo). Then we went for the lower circuit to get a bit wet a have a close-up of the Iguazu. It´s power is amazing and it´s much more impressive when you see it live than on any pictures or videos.
Later on we went by a train (included in the admission fee) to see the grandest fall. It´s power is unimaginable and difficult to describe. There is a viewing platform allowing you to see the falls from above.
In the meantime it got quite cold and it started raining. We had very light clothes and almost got frozen. The weather changed rapidly and we weren´t prepared for such conditions especially that the weather forecast showed sunshine and 30 deg C during the whole day.
In the afternoon we went back to Puerto Iguazu by bus and had very tasty dinner at Colors restaurant located close to the terminal (they offer 10% discount if you pay in cash - but probably only for those who were hesitating browsing through the menu displayed in front of the restaurant).

Aug 11, 2012 08:00 PM Back to Argentina

The bus terminal in Asuncion is located around 5 kms from the city center. We took a taxi to get there. Unfortunately taxis are relatively expensive in Paraguay. They charged us 50,000 guaranies for the trip (in Bolivia or Peru it would be three times cheaper).
We were lucky and after arriving at the terminal we caught the bus that was departing to Ciudad del Este, a city located in eastern Paraguay, close to Brazilian border. The ticket cost 75,000 guaranies in a cama bus (three seats per row) and the trip took 5 hours. From the bus terminal in Ciudad del Este we took a bus to the border (8500 guaranies) from where we caught a passing bus to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina (10 Argentine pesos). It requeres to pass through Brazilian teritory to reach Argentina, but it´s a transit bus - there is no embarking and disembarking in Brazil and we didn´t have to go through Brazilian immigration.
We arrived in Puerto Iguazu before 6 p.m. (local time, it´s one hour ahead here compared to Paraguay). Here we are staying in Residencial Noelia Hostal (US $48 for a double room with AC and bathroom). It´s centrally located and comfortable.
Tomorrow we are going to see the great waterfalls of Iguazu!

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