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... always dreaming of meeting a new wife. She is somewhere in this world. I must find her!

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Jan 13, 2007 09:00 PM Thank you GLOBO staff, members and unregistered websurfers from all the world!

Thank you GLOBO staff, members and unregistered websurfers from all the world! Today my pages here at GLOBO will recieve a 1 millionth visitor!

I want to thank GLOBO, it's staff, all members and the external vistors to my pages for their interest and support. Not all are happy with my contributions so sorry that my pages and my remarks are not always correct and somtimes perhaps a bit over superflous.

As I get older I hope my patience and tollerance improves. Also I am sadly changing now fast from a traveller into a tourist & "couch potato" but will never be a "back-seat driver"!

:-) Love

[10:35 It happened! The 1G visitor was either "bertison" (Thorston), "yeti" (Bernd) or an external surfer]

The next members to 1G are "britman" Brit and "spaceout" VK end of February.

The most popular member in December was "jorgesanchez" Jorge who was clicking 132K/month more than anyone else. Him and "mistybleu" Amanda are sure to top the GLOBO charts eventually behind our guru DavidX. I am retiring soon.....

Jan 10, 2007 09:00 PM The Extra "s" in Picture Titles'sss

The Extra ... hard to describe, so for the Error Forum I have placed this screenshot here.

When opening all the pictures, the system shows “[Title] 's by [member name]”, that apostrophe and the extra "s" are erroneous.

Eg: "Footpints's by Amanda"!


Nov 22, 2006 09:00 PM Rating a Series of Pictures

Rating a Series of Pictures A cold dull day, good for web "surfing" and contemplating!

I was wondering why some members rate nearly all reports and pictures as ***** best? There is a scale! Specially, when there is a series of pictures of the same object like those today of Edmington. They are all very good images but is one not better than the others? A member rated them all 5*! Then when a REALLY specially pictures is presented, those members then (quote) "I wish I could rate this ****** " or even 7*s! Also, This is very VERY unfair for those reports and pictures that the member never rated!

I like the rating system as it is at GLOBO, it just must be used properly. I help others indicate what is bad-fair-good-excellent quality they deliver and THEY all show me too what the community WANT and what they don't like. I prefer this to a private homepage where I can do whatever I wish because I would like share my experiences and photographs rather than keep them secret or hide photos in a closet! I want that members learn from both my good and bad experiences and I from them. Since I love photography and to experience the BEST scenes in travelling, the rating system at GLOBO is important to me because it sorts out quite well the best from the mediocre. This is important for popular destinations where there are very many reports, pictures and tips.....

[Tip: when viewing new pictures, rather than the "24-hour review", use the "subapp_gallery" URL offered when logging in. That has "thumbnail" pictures and a better preview.]

Aug 19, 2006 06:00 PM Stoneage, Celtics, Romans...

Stoneage, Celtics, Romans... My nephew was very interested in antiquities and specially swords and survival tools. On hearing this we were sent to the local hobby archaeologist who delightfully showed us many ancient sites on the "Högl" and told us many stories and history of this special place. After the “stone age” and “bronze age” evidence shows that the Celtics ruled here first. I thought the Celtics came far from the British Islands but now read that that Celtic history started only 60km from here in the Salzkammergut (Salzburg) region!

No wonder then that the stone cross found in the valley at Jechling while cleaning the brook was found. Our friend said that because of ist age it was most likely transported there by a glacier that was present in that time and really originated much further south in the Alps. I wish I had taken the picture at a higher resolution to read the script but on that day my digital cameras memory of only 128MB was nearly full and took only low-resolution pics, now have ever cheaper 2GB so that doesn’t happen again! The stone cross looks new because in was found in slime and had no weathering. The cross has members of equal length. I was told that only Christian crosses have the longer bottom member but searching archives I see that the classical “Celtic” cross is a Christian cross with a circle around it forming 4 holes which look like a “four leaf clover

Our local “archaeologist” proudly also showed the motivation of his research being a bronze-age or Celtic sword found while digging a trench for a cable on his land. The sword was accidentally cut into four pieces by a spade. We also visited a magical and holy point where two ancient roads once crossed. That on Högl, Höglworth and Karlstein mare said to make up a magical triangle!”.

I will be passing here again and check out more info about this because my ancestors are from their. The local folk are though very shy and protective about the past. Every question is answered with a strange and brief answer, particular blank glimpse in the face!

Aug 18, 2006 06:00 PM A Day Hike in the Bavarian Forest

A Day Hike in the Bavarian Forest My dear visitor from Texas was quite keen to do a lot of hiking, a trail or even a survival trek in the Alps. He is young and fit and trim and I am old and stressed and overweight! With only a few days of window, we came to an agreement and visited relatives in Berchtesgadener Land on the foothills of the Alps. After breakfast on the “Bauenhof” we first helped to lasso a young bull in the fields that needed its “horns (balls?) trimmed” and then started on the days circular hike through the hilly forests accompanied and guided by three expert local kids who volunteered to show us the route because they wished to improve their English with these two “aliens”.

I was here when I was 4 years old on a short trip with the family from Africa and every time since, the smell of this forest reminds me of that Alpine smell, nothing like in Africa, like also the smell of baking “Lebkuchen” (gingerbread) in Oma’s kitchen then, I will never forget. The climb was slow and hard for a fat city “Mensch” like me but I new the route and my limits too. We chatted (60min) walked (30min) and hiked (3km) and climbed (300m) to the top the kids explaining each and every of their biology class notes and own experiences in their best “englisch”.

On the other side of the hill we met more relatives and a neighbour who guided us to some pre-historical sites on the hill and explained a lot about the history of the area while we continued our hike often charging off the trail to see something special, and it always was!

As planned, suddenly the forest cleared and the second last stop after 6km at an inn appeared before us where we were rewarded with either beer or ice-cream! The owners also protect deer from increasing traffic around the area which encountered us too! It was then just an hours walk home to close the circle after 5 hours and about 10 kilometres. We were exhausted and treated ourselves that evening by driving to a beer garden in Salzburg for a healthy dinner usw......

Aug 15, 2006 06:00 PM Museum Crawling

Museum Crawling A buddy was visiting from the USA and him being an artist, a hunter and a survival freak, we reserved this day to see some suitable special museum collections in Munich.

We started with the most important and eager attracting "Jagtmuseum" which was surprisingly far bigger than the generous entrance hall which we first thought was the whole display! Three levels of beautiful hunting art, even beautiful guns, equipment replicas and method displays fill every corner. A taxidermists heaven, thousands of birds, animals and trophies are displayed. Quite funny, there is also a display of many "Wolpii" [Wolperdinger, Woipertinger, Woiperdinger oder Volpertinger ] which are legendary strange animals that haunt the forests of Bavaria :-)... Two hours later we departed amazed and thirsty for more!

A two kilometre walk and catching some sandwiches and drink on the way, we followed the Isar (always a refreshing walk) to Praterinsel and the "Alpine Museum". Twenty minutes was enough time to see that small collection.

Next and quite a pleasant surprise was the "Archäologische Staatsammlung", only a 15 minute walk NW turning at Prinzregentenplatz. Hidden behind the State Museum this new modern building houses thousands of pre-historic, roman and medieval articles found mainly in the Bavarian area and hidden/protected in the earth since 120000BC and 1500AD. A bonus there was that the famous collection of artefacts recovered from Pompeii and borrowed from the Museum in Naples was on show. We had seen some of the sculptures and artwork in study books but to see them in real life was thrilling!

Eight hours on our feet! We took the nearby tram a few stops to “Chinesische Turm” and treated ourselves to a “Wienner Schnitzel und Kartoffelsalat” and washing every tasty bite slowly down with a “Mass” (litre) of cool Bavarian beer sitting under the cool shade of trees and watching an “Oompahband” play from the first [Am. second] floor of the tower untill the sun goes down......

Jul 04, 2006 06:00 PM WorldCup 2006: Aus... aus... Germany out!

WorldCup 2006: Aus... aus... Germany out! Well enough soccer for a while, hope though that outsider Portugal win later today and on Sunday?

I was looking at Dani's great pictures this evening and thought that it is so much important to shoot pictures horizontally or to present them that way eventually. I love portrait pictures but the bother at "real slideshows" screen space and now also on the net is not worth it anymore. Our screens are horizontal because we have TWO eyes, we are accustomed to cinema formats, printed magazines dwindeling in numbers and I suppose that is how the trend goes and will stay forever?

Here is an example (thanks to Dani) how a vertical "portrait" format might be converted to horizontal "landscape" form.

I know the decision is left to the photographer and I still shoot 33% vertical pics, I don’t know why?

Anyway, a horizontal picture like the version above is certainly to be considered for the homepage and PoM?

I'm still un-desided!

Jun 04, 2006 06:00 PM Padova: another religious experience

Padova: another religious experience ... somehow being close to holy relics opens the mind and for us confirmed our religious beliefs, more evidence and strange feelings made us even more attracted to the whole beautiful mystery of life. Just being hundreds of years old will make this a spectacular visit great for all visitors, specially if of any belief....

Jun 03, 2006 06:00 PM A day on the Beach

A day on the Beach Lido de Jesolo very Impressive,

- clean
- organised
- safe
- secure!
- cheap
- happy
- adventurous
- colourful
- warm
- dry
- different

Jun 02, 2006 06:00 PM Lunch in Verona?

Lunch in Verona? My wife came on to the brilliant idea that we REALLY NOW needed a day on the beach again, not on the Isar River at Munich but more "salty"! We contacted "Bennek" and grabbed one of their many bus specials to the Adria. The whole trip was a success with them again and I will be putting them up under "tip" A1.

06:30 at the pick-up, ALL 58 passengers are in time :-)
07:15 hit serious working road construction-sites in Austria around Innsbruck (why?) and long-weekend traffic made it worse - delayed us 3 hours! 13:00 saw snow capped mountains and stopped at the "Europa-Brücke".
14:00 after a fast downhill after the Brenner Alpine Pass we reached Verona for a major 2 hour stop!
19:00 secured room at hotel at jesolo
20:00 spent an hour on the beach and explored the noisy and very active party axis
23:00 exhausted, went to bed but heared party music the whole night till sunrise. That was OK, must adapt!

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