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Rudolf's Travel log

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... always dreaming of meeting a new wife. She is somewhere in this world. I must find her!

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Nov 10, 2002 09:00 PM Showing Off Salzburg

Showing Off Salzburg When I get international visitors at Munich, I also show them Berchtesgadenland and the Salzburg area.

This is always also another opportunity to show my wife the area from where half my desendants came from [other half from Czechish Brno] and what folk music and classic ballroom dancing and what all the funny european etiquette is all about.

The city Salzburg, its mountains, the people and culture, the unique senery and FOOD and WINE are just like Mozart and all of them experienced till today and never forgot!

Now also quite a lot of chinese restaurants! :-)

Feb 19, 2001 09:00 PM NASA experience

NASA experience Combining Florida and the Bahamas was a good thing. I loved seeing Orlando and specially Cape Canaveral for a third time!

My cousins young son being a computer buff (sometimes better amatuer skills than my professional know-how!) put together a rememberance CD for all of us with various pics and slideshows and music-of-the-trip too like "Who let the dogs out" and "Final Countdown". Designer label & cover too!

Feb 14, 2000 09:00 PM Tunesian Desert

Tunesian Desert After long hard work on Y2K computer solutions in 1999, this was a well earned breakaway holiday from Munich. I had never experienced a "club" holiday and really hated the kwatch but I spent a lot of time taking every day tour I could get OUT of the damn noisy luxurious hotel, away from plastic life and out to see the REAL people like I always do!

This was a follow up from my egyptiian an morrocan adventures, the desert gave me the rugged harsh adventure i REALLY wanted and need then. What a beautiful success!

I love the desert perhaps because I trained in it as a young soldier. I could live and survive in it, building a "kubitz" or "bagdad-cafe" type community is a dream of mine!

Dec 31, 1999 09:00 PM 2000 Millenium

2000 Millenium ...still dazzled and excited to see that the world survived it, we returned to our party point from the night after to discover NO destrucztion but only a LOT of cleaning up to do. We easily collected about 1000 champagne corks here for rememberance!

This is a COLOUR photograph, believe it, enlarge and see the road sign!

Dec 22, 1997 09:00 PM Corporation Headquarters

Corporation Headquarters There is no other city in the USA that has a many branches or affiliation than ATlanta, Georgia. I never heard of it untill the olympics and visiting a sister bcame to find it is the headquaters of a lot of corporations like coca-cola an CNN.

Both offer most interesting "hands-on" day tours, at CNN we appeared live in a discussion show about the "Titanic".

This picture is a dream but sadly a mockup!

Jun 30, 1995 06:00 PM Concert in the Park

Concert in the Park Like many I travelled a far way then to a city I never thought I would eventually live in but we made it happen, together with friends we shared a whole day in the olympic stadium (feeled "personally") close together with Joe Cocker, Elton John, Eros Ramazzoti and Rod Stewart. It was one of the best days of my life, music is!

Jun 05, 1995 06:00 PM Working in Munich

Working in Munich Working in the construction industry can mean traveling a lot too. Specially us young and unmarried staff were sent to all corners of the country (or world). My bosses sent me to those places the others didn't wanna go, like Virginia in the Karoo desert or Leipzig across the old iron curtain. I was lucky in 1995 to get a construction site on the main drag of Munich, only 5 minutes walk from the HofbrÀuhaus and in the most safest yet culturally diverse city in the world!

Image is a collage of 10 pictures I took from one of the cranes. This was manually stitched with a special method of mine which I still hope I can patent as a digital method when I find the correct programmer and sponsor.

Mar 29, 1995 06:00 PM First New York Experience

First New York Experience From Europe, often best airline connections go via JFK or Newwark, so I had the chance to stop for two days and see just what this "big apple" was all about. I met an old university friend who works there now and so got to see how people live, talk, eat, playand get hecktic there! To be admired, the NewYorkers have their own special way of doing things, from breakfast till nightlife!

The weather was miserable but I did get a bit experiences in Manhattan although sadly everything seemed grey and black&white after a few weeks of colourful Florida sunshine.

Time limited for towers, I chose the Empire State Biuilding first, thinking that it might be demolished one day. Still, fantastic view over the whole island and all the waterways and bridges. The Statue of Liberty and WTC where only just visible through the misty days atmosphere but all the vague sillouettes could be made out.

Forget outside, New York lives inside and the shops and shows and malls and experiences got quite colourful. Visiting Madison Square Gardens was a must for me. The show on at the time was a circus, B&B Brothers, what a show. Stageshows I had seen plenty but where also inviting.

On the way back to the hotel at JFK we were stopped at a traffic light for about 15 minutes untill we saw the president speed pass with his 30 vehicle convoy .....

May 04, 1994 06:00 PM Ramada Hotel

Ramada Hotel I worked in Leipzig for two years and helped build the "Brockhaus Zentum" including a Ramada Hotel.

I was the first one ever to use the swimming pool after it was filled for a water pressure test and after proudly exiting a foreman added saying that he was proud to have been the first person to piss in it"! :- (

Dec 10, 1992 09:00 PM Working to Travel

Working to Travel This year was hard for me, the first learning the German language and culture. I was lucky to work for a developing new renovation project. It was the basis of my experience in Europe and doors to many other opportunities. My love for nature and small animals, one thing I will never forget are the squirrels that always ran across busy roads sometimes between the axis of vehicles. Being Africa these little tricksters baffled me. A few times while driving or walking on the industry grounds, I saw them with near hits with cars and trucks screaming by! Nature vs Man's transport!

I didn't like this! Still concentrating on my very stressful job, one evening, in my own time, I built and mounted an un-official road sign that I mounted at a strategic position. Two days later the factory added it's name on top of the sign and was praised for nature conservation, all reported in the local press!

"The Squirelz Path Rulez!"

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